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Asian Studs Watch these sexy Asians suck & fuck, one way, two way, group however you want it¦This video is sure to make you hot & filled with desire!

Ass Breeding 101 Any top knows that the hottest thing to do is to breed a bottom once your finished with him. Letting him know you own that fucking ass and like a dog, have just marked your territory. It's fucking sweet! Ass Breeding 101 shows novice tops how to treat a bottom by fucking him bareback and making him beg for you to seed his ass. Movie Starring: Kyle Larson Tyler Reed Sullivan Rich Wrangler Chase Roberts Bradley Wescock

Ass Destroyers Anconio, Andrey and Poax are in a Brazilian sex hotel with one dude tied up and the other two abusing him by spitting water in his face and feeling him up. They take him down and make him suck their cocks. He sucks one dude's cock while the other lubes up his ass and fucks him doggy style. Then the other dude bends over and takes it up the ass in doggy style, and sitting. Two guys shoot their cum on one man's face. Movie Starring: Andrey (m) Junior Carioca Poax Lenehan Arcanjo Amaro Joun Pablo Felix Stulback

Ass Lick Alley Hot butt holes are the main course in this Chi Chi LaRue fuck flick. Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Bruce Hill, and All Worlds Video Exclusive Tanner Hayes are just a few of the butt hungry guys who spread their man cheeks and dive in face first. This movie also has a special appearance by German sensation Kris Wolff. Movie Starring: Nicholas Clay Austin Masters Sam Carson David Bradley Tanner Hayes Zaire Masters

Ass Lickers Magnus continues its STORM to perfection with its newest title that delves into the ass licking world! Donnie Daniels continues to gain respect as one of the dominant gay producers with a stunningly beautiful cast, eye catching locations, and GREAT SEX! Each scene is packed with delicious tongue on ass action that gets our hot men ready for the main course! Movie Starring: Manuel Ruggio Jonny Feather Omar Berry Johnny Lava

Ass Pounders Catalina has your hard-core fantasy action men working for you in six sex-packed scenes of enduring masculinity. Clock in for some hard work with Buck Meadows, Carlos Campos, Rick Gonzales, Chad Thomas, Paul Dawson, Tony Acosta, Jessie Cooper, Andreas Stern, Drew Sumrock, Cliff Andrews and Chip Noll. This is the Ass Pounders - DVD from Catalina's Working Man Series. Your fantasy men. Working just for you! Movie Starring: Rick Gonzales Drew Sumrok Andreas Stern Cliff Andrews Buck Meadows Carlos Cruz

Ass Pounding Hunks 3 Nothing but the sexiest studs with the biggest boners in this collection of hunks who know what to do with them. They fuck the ever-loving shit out of some ass-pipe and then fuck it some more! These manly men with dicks of steel lay hard pipe and let the cum fly and land everywhere!!! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Clay Rider Damon West Troy Hotman

Ass Pounding Hunks 4 If you like seeing hot and horny studs getting plowed by a bunch of way hotter and even hornier dudes, then look no further. We have the guys for you. These hunks suck and fuck each other like savages. They will ring your bell like Big Ben on blow.

Ass Pounding Hunks 5 If you like seeing hot and horny dudes getting fucked by even hotter and hornier dudes, then look no further. We've got you covered like a condom. These hunks are like King Kong on Viagra. Movie Starring: Duncan Mills Drew Andrews Doug Jeffries Mondo Moore Dominic Sinclair

Ass Quest 2 Our first scene offers newly-signed exclusive Tamas Eszterhazy playing with his perfect hole. His muscled body is something to behold and his arms glisten as sweat runs across his stunning tattoos. Enter Matt Colmar, the ultimate muscle daddy. Fresh off the plane from France, Matt forces Tamas to clean his boots with his wet tongue. Matt then powerfucks Tamas into submission. Then newcomer Keanu Koxx enters the scene and eats Colmar's hole like a starving man on an island with no other food! Koxx gets rock hard and fucks daddy Colmar into oblivion with his huge, hard, black cock. Movie Starring: Tag Adams Owen Hawk Doug Jeffries Carlos Morales Troy Punk Remy Delaine

Ass Quest Ass Quest takes you into the mystic world of an underground urban sex club! Full of fantasy, black boots, cum, jock straps, voyeurism, oral sex, cum, masturbation, cum, dildo play, and of course, over-the-top anal penetration. Did we mention cum? Monster Bang brings fucking like no other video line. It's aggressive to the point of brutality. This is serious fucking, guys fucking like you get in straight porn! Movie Starring: Justin Christopher Carlos Morales Remy Delaine Tamas Eszterhazy Rick Gonzales Owen Hawk

Ass Rimmers 2 Hot as rimming studs with asses of steel and cocks of granite give it and take it like the real men they are. Sit back and jack as juicy shit-holes get tongue-shined and buffed. Every dude gets a dicking. Movie Starring: Patrick Ives Jason Frost Alan Gregory Thomas Bond

Ass Rimmers 4 If you like your asshole licked and fucked, then we've got you some fiery hot and horny man-studs who know how to not only lay the pipe but clean it as well. Strong macho men with big hard cocks who will get you licked and loaded and ready to explode. Don't forget to bring an extra towel! Movie Starring: Duncan Mills Drew Andrews Michael Vista Gino Gultier Brett Hughes

Ass Rimming Videos The hits just keep coming from the Mastermind Kyle Kravin! I bring the best of the amateur world straight to the consumer with unique niches and fetishes. Amateur Ass Rimming Videos features more of my signature couples spreading each other's ass cheeks nice and wide and sticking that wet tongue up in there! Enjoy the latest installment of my amateur DVDs! Movie Starring: Charles Hardy Bruno Style Andrew Towers Neil Sams

Ass Wide Open Sexy Buck Philips buries his face deep in Aaron Tanner's tight ass, followed by an extensive rectal massage. His fingers work on Tanner's hole until it's open wide enough to take his whole fist. Philip's persistence pays off when he effortlessly punch fucks Tanner's ass. Now that's wide open! Movie Starring: Buck Philips Aaron Tanner Ryan Lexington Michael Brandon Nate Summers Simon Cox

Asses Full Of Cum Getting their asses filled with cum is the order of the day for these bottoms. Four cum fest scenes, including a five-way and a three-way. Movie Starring: Ian Jay Diego Cruz Vincent Drake Luke Cross Jeremy Blair

Asylum All bedlam breaks loose when Erik Rhodes gets caught in the mousetrap called the Asylum¯. Exposing the truth about the Asylum¯ could be the biggest story of his career, so news reporter Erik Rhodes goes undercover to find out ” first-hand ” what's going on behind the curtain. His intention is to destroy the madness, but will the quest be more than he can handle?

At Arm's Length 2 The lights are barely on in the studio and tattooed ass-expert Moreno is already in a sling and sucking on a dildo. Matt McGrath sucks Moreno's spicy sausage with enough ferocity to make Moreno's ass quiver. McGrath feeds Moreno's hungry hole with a saber-like black fuckstick, a deep-reaching dildo that snakes up Moreno's rectum. Paul Skylar joins McGrath as they take turns fisting the eager bottom. Skylar gets Moreno good and greasy, then rocks him back and forth on his forearm. He pulls out just in time to cum over the sling-bound stud. Movie Starring: Jackson Price Rob Edwards Matt McGrath Simon Cox Eddie Moreno Boyd Thomas

At First Glance This sizzling, mouth to cock connection, serves up another great recipe dish rack. Pulsing prick is the main ingredient in this non-stop, no frills, cum-coated pud pounder. Movie Starring: Max Grand Brad Hanson Alex Wilcox Dallas Taylor Paul Morgan Drew Andrews

At Home With Eric Come and meet Eric, the master of the house. He's young, hung, horny and rich! He's surrounded by willing servants, when Eric asks for something it comes fast! When Eric asks for somebody, they're soon cumming fast also!

At The Beach With Trey Porter Trey Porter is a stellar fitness model and personal trainer. We spend the day with Trey at Muscle Beach (Venice Beach), and then in the studio for a more revealing look at his development. Following a nude photo shoot, Trey takes a hot shower. Movie Starring: Trey Porter

At The Beginning It Was Only A Conversation A simple conversation between two guys, become a sexual story about their guy experiences! It's something they share and their recount steam the erotic tension. Staring: Andrea Moretti, Federico Ferro, Lucas Braganza, Samuele Moretti, Sebastiano Castello, Taras Bandera, Valentino Marini. Movie Starring: Matteo Locati Stefano Petrelli Marco Ferrari Peter Gina Federico Ferro Sebastiano Castello

At Your Service 3 More cops! More cock! Hot compilation of those men who service us every day and then some! Hot Hollywood Sales Compilation of more cops! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Max Grand Dave Nelson Frank Taylor Scott Mann Jake Taylor

At Your Service 4 Hot! Military! Uniforms! Need I say more? Hollywood Sales compilation of our men in uniform Kyle McKenna is double penetrated by Bobby Golden & Sam Dixon in a men's bathroom in homosexual tendencies. Hung Drew Andrews drills private Shawn London in tank tops. Austin Black pounds eager bottom Kyle McKenna in their submarine barracks with Mark Pierce, Sweet Williams and one other sailor watching and jerking off loads all over Kyle in DAS BUTT. Cameron Dillon and Corky Adams are fuck buddies in Boot Camp Buddies. Movie Starring: Sweet Williams Kyle McKenna Austin Black Mark Andrews Drew Andrews Sam Dixon

At Your Service Kent North works overtime to bring new levels of four-star service to the lucky guests of Collingwood Manor. When a cast of horse-hung, muscle bound hunks checks in, North bends over backwards to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. No matter what these studs require, North is the man for the job. Check into Collingwood Manor and leave the dirty work to us. Movie Starring: Robert Van Damme Matt Cole Duke Michaels Alex Collack Kent North Thom Barron

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