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At Your Service This movie is packed with butts, nuts, and no sluts! It's all about the guys in this steamy all male, all fuck flick! You'll love the super hot 3-some scenes. With one guy being sucked off, and another getting a hard cock rammed up his ass, this movie is great! Movie Starring: Rob Cryston Mitch Preston Alex Austin Anthony Colt Cort Stevens Johnny Rey

Attic Men 187: Pec Appeal Don't ya just love pecs. I mean on guys. That's why I put two of the nicest sets together in one film. PEC APPEAL features furry-chested, big-nippled Scott Spears with relative newcomer Boone Rosenberg, with the well-developed yet smooth chest. Movie Starring: Scott Spears Boone Rosenberg

AtticMen 102: Do The Hustler A Long Kiss Goodnight Dustin tells Brad that he'll show him what he has, and pulls out a nice, cut cock and large nuts. Brad immediately starts sucking, and sucks on Dustin for over 30 minutes, all the while Dustin seems to really be getting into this blowjob from such a stud. I ask Dustin to look Brad's naked body over and see if he wants to do anything, and to my surprise, he starts playing with Brad's cock and balls, while Brad jerks him off. Both men look very hot in this grungy hotel room, slowly playing with each other's beautiful naked body. Brad continues back to sucking Dustin's 10'' cock. Eventually Brad shoots his load on the floor, while Dustin shoots a huge load on Brad's face, lips, chest and tongue. A fucking hot movie! Movie Starring: Scott Bradley

AtticMen 125 Chrome Domes refers to the baldheads on homo hotties Chase and Drake. In the room the two took their time undressing each other, where they were excited to see all the piercing that they each had. They took turns cock sucking and ass eating, but in the end Chase rammed his beefy pierced cock up Drake's ass, eventually shooting his hot load up there, where he in turn sucks it out. Both guys, real men, each of them, had a great time. 100% BAREBACK! Movie Starring: Hunter Chase Drake Tanner

AtticMen 18: Scooter's Toys "Scooter," not his real name, is a minor league baseball player, and is a very hot 22 years-old. He allowed me to film him solo (he says he is straight) as long as he got to keep his hat on. If you ever wanted to see a hot, young baseballer model white jockeys and a black jock, this is for you. Movie Starring: Scooter

AtticMen 196: Atticmen Uncut Its a rare privilege when a director , directs a video where the actors are so much into each other there is now direction needed ... and this video was one for me. When I first met Drake I almost came out of retirement a jumped in to do a video with him , but when I saw Drake and zack hitting it off so well I knew I better take a back seat to this one (lucky Zack). The body contact and the good hard masculine sex was almost more than I could handle. When Drake picked up the flogger to strap Zacks ass it was all I could do to keep form yelling HARDER. I've never seen to guys eat so much ass ,and they never seemed to get enough. I could see the muscles in Drakes hard chest and cock tense up when Zack would push his tongue deep into his ass. Then when Drake finally gave up his load to Zack you could tell he was giving his load to a guy he actually liked and was having a blast with and blasted his load deep into Zacks throat. Watching them share the leftover of the load with each other was my climax as well as there's. Movie Starring: Zyan Banks

AtticMen 213 Film 213 stars Brady, who I have seen in the Attic before, with a new guy named Jared. Brady did some work back in the Todd Anderson days, and always struck me as a voracious top. He also has a huge cock, probably in the 9-10" range and quite thick. He isn't muscular, but has an average body and a straight dad face. I like that, but you know he's queer cause he sucks cock, kisses and eats ass like a champ. At first I was all about Jared. He is very rough trade looking, and is a very willing bottom. There is some light kissing in the beginning, but soon Brady is Movie Starring: Brady McClune Jared James

AtticMen 225: Here Hold The Camera Director/actor Jared James introduces our new Attic hottie Ethan Wolf. Derek was happy to have Jared welcome him to the Attic. This video starts out with Derek and Ethan getting to know each other in the Attic fashion. Derek found Ethan in the park looking for action so he invited him back to our shoot for a safer alternative. Jared was happy to give them a place to play! The scene starts out with some hot deep kissing and body contact. Ethan wastes no time getting his hands on Derek's hot cock As they undress there is more kissing and groping. Ethan's slim well toned body and huge cock are soon reveled for Derek's hot mouth to taste. Ethan's huge cock is a surprise for both Jarred and Derek. Ethan returns the favor and sucks on Derek's cock. Movie Starring: Ethan Wolf Derek

AtticMen 227: Nothing But Hot I knew when I put Austin and Blain together I would get a HOT video, and I must say I was not disappointed. The chemistry between these two hot guys is unbelievable. Blain takes every inch of Austin's HUGE cock in his mouth and his ass. Austin pounds Blains ass like a jackhammer and fucks Blaine so hard, he fuck the cum out of him and all over his chest. Wow, another HUGE load from Blain and a HUGE cock from Austin and that's what makes this video NOTHING BUT HOT!! Movie Starring: Austin (m) Blain

AtticMen 4: Reborn On The 22nd Of July Jared was on his way through town and said that he wanted to get plowed by some big dicks. So I needed said big dicks at short notice. Well, thankfully I was able to get Spence and Morgan to come over and fuck muscle boy's tight hole. Jared was looking particularly happy when he saw the two guys that were coming. The film takes off, with the guys getting quickly undressed (an Attic no-no, but I didn't say anything) and quickly get down to business. Jared quickly goes for their cocks, sucking each guys cock in turn, while Spence wastes no time playing with Jared's ass, slipping an un-lubed finger in it, and then licking the pink asshole. Morgan also starts fingering his ass when Jared starts sucking his cock. Soon Spence has lubed up and fucks Jared's ass, moaning as he slides his cock into his muscular buns. After what seems like quite a long time, Morgan lubes up and shoves his cock up Jared's ass, slamming in and out. Soon enough Spence, feeling left out, puts his BARE cock in Morgan's ass who, not expecting it, lets out a scream. Soon all three guys are fucking and the camera catches it all, with the some great, hot close-ups. At the end of this hot fuck-a-thon Jared cums first, shooting his load on Morgan's torso, which then prompts Morgan to shoot on his chest, and finally Spence shoots his heavy load all over Morgan s mouth. Morgan then slowly starts cleaning off Spence's cock with his tongue. Oh, the title? It's a play on the poster that keeps watch in the attic over this ménage-a-trash.

AtticMen 97 I had been getting requests for a multi-colored three-way ever since the classic Volume 11. So I chose Lance, whom I had worked with, and beautiful, muscular Blaine, and a newcomer, thuggish Antwone, he with the perfect pecs and cock. These guys get started pretty quickly, with LOTS of sucking, kissing and SLOW undressing. Antwone takes the lead and serves his cock up to the guys, who in turn start munching on Lance's ass. These guys do it all, with Antwone fucking Lance and Blaine, as well as Blaine fucking Lance. These guys ALL have big cocks, so the two bottoms have quite a bit of adjustment to make to accept the cocks. In the end all three guys cum, drenching our pal Blaine (the white guy) in the process. An awesome tape for fucking and sucking! Movie Starring: Lance Antwone Blaine

Atticmen 142: Daddy-Boy Four-Way This tape is hot as fuck. I took the two Brandon's and paired them with coupler daddies, including Alex Payne, the hairy muscle-stud, and Antwone McGovern, with the 10' cock and the rippled body. This tape has it all including LOTS of hot fucking, with Antwone fucking all three guys including Daddy! Brandon Aguilar fucks the OTHER Brandon and takes Antwone's cock up his ass as well. Lots of kissing (four-way kissing) as well as cocksucking, double cocksucking, rimming and nipple play also heat up this tape. The hottest moment may be when Brandon A. takes Alex's jockstrap in his mouth and then kisses Alex, with just the jockstrap between their mouths, and then he wears the jock around his neck while he fucks Brandon. The final shot is a HEAVY FUCKING cum load that Antwone serves up on his massive chest, with the other three guys swirling their fingers and mouths in the creamy load.

Atticmen 226: Shadow Austin plays the high-class hooker and Ethan plays the part of the john they start out the scene with some hot deep kissing and then just straight into undressing and some hot body kissing. Austin's slim well-muscled body and huge cock are soon revealed for Ethan's waiting mouth. Ethan's huge cock melts into Austin's mouth in turn Austin shows us his cock sucking skills by taking Ethan's cock to his balls. Austin's rock hard cock throbs for the camera waiting for Ethan's hot mouth. Austin fucks Ethan's mouth. These two hot cocksuckers swap blows back and forth¦Fingering Ethan's hole¦ Austin gets it ready for his huge cock. You can tell Austin loves the taste of Ethan's hole and he gets it wet with spit and licks it off¦ Austin taps Ethan's hole and slides his huge cock deep in Ethan's hole bare. Austin uses every muscle in his body to pleasure Ethan. Ethan moans with pleasure and Austin drills his tight hole doggie style Ethan works his cock and Austin pounds his ass. Then Ethan takes control of the pounding by mounting Austin's cock. Austin in turn pounds his ass from below and Ethan's strokes his cock, he gets close to shooting his load so they take a break for some cock worship and kissing. Austin can't resist munching on Ethan's worked hole. Austin flips Ethan on his back and slides his cock into his ass as Ethan moans in pleasure Austin kisses him and pounds his ass Ethan's strokes his cock as Austin fucks him hard. Ethan strokes his hot cock as he eats Austin's ass and shoots his huge load with his face buried in Austin's ass! Austin licks cum from Ethan's cock, sucking the last drops from his cock. Austin loved Ethan eating his ass so much he licks his own cock then lets Ethan taste it and feeds his huge load and kisses Ethan to taste his on cum in his mouth one hot fuckin' video. I know you will like it as much as I liked making it! Movie Starring: Austin Shadow Ethan Wolf

Attitudes A big hangin' 10 inch curved dick, connected to a horny blond stud, and is a mean tease for a smooth hunks! Will this big-dicked stud let the cock-starved dude suck his steaming cock? Just watch as his eager mouth and his willing ass suck it raw!

Auditions 25: Fired On The Set Lucas Entertainment proudly presents the 25th volume of our award-winning series! We showcase 11 hot guys in 5 steamy scenes for over three hours of hardcore sex! Other highlights include cum shots, facials, foot play, 69ing, blowjobs, ass eating, doggie style, cum eating, deep throating, uncut cocks, tattoos, water sports, and more! In this edition, one stud doesn't make the cut and it's caught on tape. Find out why a model is FIRED ON THE SET! Movie Starring: Ago Viara Eddie Diaz Joe Strong Sean Preston Tucker Forrest Marco Rodriguez

Auditions 30: New York Hunks Raf is a self-proclaimed twink who says he is more then ready to take Spencer. As soon as these boys shed their pants, Spencer is all over Raf's ass, licking, slurping, and spanking. Spencer starts licking Raf from dick to asshole, getting him hard and puckering. Spencer then flips Raf and they start 69ing each other's hard cocks. After more oral action Raf gets Spencer's dick all hard and hot and ready to fuck by gagging on his dick while playing with Spencer's nipples. Spencer then just lays there as Raf sits on his dick and starts riding him, sliding up and down his dick. Spencer then puts Raf on his back and then doggie style while he continues pounding Raf hard and deep. Movie Starring: Rusty Stevenson Spencer Reed Sami Damo Raf Rollin Jordan Prince Giovanni Summers

Auditions I saw Marco online, a muscle-bound, 19 year old rugby player, and told him he should come over to audition for some work. He's a beefy straight dude who's into just about every typical 'college guy' thing you can imagine. He was pretty nervous for his shoot, and I actually had to leave the room for a few minutes while he got hard. But once he got it up, the show didn't stop until he squirted out a load onto his pubes. Movie Starring: Kevin James * Derek Nicks Jason * David Marco

Aussie Dreams Join the boys down under for a delightful erotic rompon the beach, during Mardi Gras, then in the rain forest. It will make you want a plane ticket to Australia.

Aussie Pool Party Aussie stud Dylan Reece invites some of the best cock suckers in West Hollywood to take more than a dip in his pool. These dick hungry guys can't get enough of those stiff shafts. All Oral Action! Movie Starring: Mitchell Stevens Brad Davis Dylan Reece Billy Sax Austin Masters Sam Carson

Australian For Leather It's the 20th International Mr. Leather contest and Andrew Lennox is 1st runner up. He's hot, horny, hung and ready to show everyone a good time. This powerhouse stud from Down Under will grab you by the balls and show you what it means to be Australian for leather. Movie Starring: Andrew Lennox Gunnar Neilson Eric Evans Austin Masters Hank Hightower Brad King

Auto Fellatio 3 The ultimate in hand-to-mouth action is to do it to one's self. An impossible feat for most of us, but those lucky few who can are here to amaze! Movie Starring: Alex Carrington Choice Thomas J.J. Prince Mike Nichols

Autofellatio Biographies It's unbelievable; these guys can suck themselves off! Watch as they cum in their own mouth! You are definitely not going to want to miss out on this! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Choice Thomas J.J. Prince Mike Nichols Zackery Scott

Autorotic The only thing these men love more than their cars is a hard dick up their ass. Watch as our studs grind each others gear boxes and bend over for a lube job. This video will make you cum faster than a race car! Movie Starring: Drew Andrews Collin Jennings Tanner Reeves Duncan Valentine Josh Evers Casey O' Brian

Avalanche An avalanche cuts off a little village in the Swiss mountains from the rest of the country. The road is blocked, the trains do not run, and a group of horny guys are told to spend another night in their small hotel. It's no problem for the 12 horny and ready guys who had sex all night long. Movie Starring: Nick Dave Lorenzo Pimpa Robert Wild Peter Bizanci Lucas Di Fubbiano

Avi Solo Some bodies shouldn't be hidden by clothes, and Avi's is one of them. Those hard pecs, big arms, and tight abs should be shown off at every opportunity. Fortunately for us, Avi is happy to show off that gorgeous upper body and a little more, too. Once he starts pumping away at his heavy 9-inch rod, he gives us some hot views of his hairy hole, cock, and balls. He takes his time warming up, teasing and stroking himself until he can't hold back any longer and shoots all over my waiting face and tongue. Movie Starring: Avi

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