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Bareback This ground breaking video is where the term BAREBACK originated. This video isnt' just another raw fuck. There are tons of totally hot "I want to be him" scenes, like when 3 guys line up to fuck a pig in the sling (each sticking his dick in the next guy) and the guy in the sling is sucking a load out of yet another guy's dick! You wonder how the fuck the sling didn't break with that much raw pounding going on. Five fuckers.... now that's HOTT!! Movie Starring: Marc Hamilton Frank Pitt Patrick Stone Mack Darwin Andy Lennox Will P. Formen

Baring It All A Day In The Life Of Chris Neal Chris Neal, pornstar/escort, has a more active day than the average Joe. After a hot jerk off in the shower, he's off to the gym, pool and finally in the clutches of what he thinks is going to be two big ol' bottoms...wrong! New comers Steve Rexx and Keycon Landis make their debuts along with porn pro Billy Cochgan. Movie Starring: Chris Neal Keyvon Landis Steve Rexx Billy Cochran Justin Scott

Baring It All: A Day In The Life Of Chris Neal: Missing Scenes Chris Neal, pornstar/escort, has a more active day than the average Joe. After a hot jerk off in the shower, he's off to the gym, pool and finally in the clutches of what he thinks is going to be two big ol' bottoms...wrong! New comers Steve Rexx and Keyvon Landis make their debut along with porn pro Billy Cochran. Movie Starring: Chris Neal Justin Scott Billy Cochran Keyvon Landis Steve Rexx

Barracks Glory Hole 3 The Marines get into hot 'n heavy lavatory action in this sex-filled bathroom romp (the third in the hit series). Who needs a bed when you've got a urinal and some hollowed out wood? Trivia buffs: this entry marked Drew Andrews first onscreen "performance." Movie Starring: Rick Rogue Drew Andrews Paul Barresi Devon J. Dolon Marcus Williams Marc Brody

Barracks Glory Hole Ethan-Michael Ayers plays a very horny marine who spends his time in the latrine jacking off and thinking about giving head to his fellow lonely buddies. In scene one of this excellent video he is naked and jacking in the stall as he starts carving his own glory hole. He soon is open for business. He gives head to a big-dicked blond, a smooth beautiful black (who reciprocates), a tattooed beefy grunt (after they had a mutual j.o. in the shower), and his drill instructor in a fantasy sequence in which the D.I. enters the head wearing only his distinctive smoky hat and a hard-on. Each of these encounters showcases Ethan's skill and enthusiasm in oral service. Movie Starring: Ethan-Michael Ayers

Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour 2 I was feeling horny, so I started this volume by stripping and jerking my huge dick for you. Next, I break in Andrew Patterson, a newbie who said he likes to bottom, but as you see, he didn't know what he was in for. He does a solo for you as well. To round things out, I brought over my friends, Romario and Riley Burke, hunky muscle boys, for a stroke session in my hot tub. Movie Starring: Barrett Long Romario Riley Burke Andrew Patterson

Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour 5 We are here in LA with our new friend Jayden. Jayden is from Detroit, full of personality, and he likes to go to the bar and have guys get him drunk and chase him around. He says he's in a relationship but it's not cheating if there is a camera filming.

Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour Come inside my playpad and watch as I bring my buddies and fresh amateur first-timers over to enjoy my big cock. First up is Taylor Blue, a never-seen before dreamy Southern boy with some serious attitude. Luke Riley, a blond hunk, and Marco Steel, a lustful Latin, join me next for a funand tantalizing three-way Movie Starring: Barrett Long Luke Riley Marco Steel Taylor Blue

Basic Plumbing 2 Chase Hunter returns to action greasing those pipes, snaking his way into everyone's hole and leaving them flushed with excitement! It's a dirty job...but somebody's gotta do it! Movie Starring: Christopher Scott Michael Lucas Chase Hunter Brennan Foster Mike Branson Logan Cox

Basic Plumbing 3 Roman Heart knows what he wants, so he stuffs his toilet with condoms and calls Basic Plumbing to unclog his pipes. They send over Ari Bond who sees the stack of girlie mags Roman's placed in the bathroom and makes quick work of them, stroking his massive cock while Roman peeks through the crack. Movie Starring: Erik Rhodes Roman Heart Chase Hunter Trevor Knight Trent Atkins Cort Donovan

Basic Plumbing Two big-dicked men Chase Hunter and "Long Dong" Sean Davis star in this story about men who can plug any pipe, fill any hole and make any fountain spurt! Learn how to clean those pipes right with this hardcore man-action. Movie Starring: Cody Foster Sean Davis Chase Hunter Tony DiAngelo Erik Houston Barry Howard

Basic Training 2 Lex & D.D. ... D.D. has one of the fattest cocks I've ever seen. It has got to be as big around as a coke can & it proved to be a real challenge to Lex. He's a real trooper though & Lex goes down on that monster cock like a vacuum on dirt. Lex & Jason ... Jason is a hot & horny young Army boy who loves nothing more then hanging out at Dink's house & jerking off. Today he gets something he didn't bargain for when Lex shows up & starts to jerk on his hard little soldier & finger his tight little ass!

Basic Training 3 Bud & Spencer...Remember that session in Basic Training #2, where we couldn't find the cum shots? Well, we've got Bud & Spencer back & we've got three cum shots that you are going to love. Patrick & Patty ... Dink lined up a session between Patty & Jamie but Jamie freaked (damn!) & left Patty hard & horny, so Dink called Patrick to fill in. This buff & pumped up Army Sgt. is straight but only a fool would turn down a blowjob!

Basic Training These sexy guys are going thru basic training and learning how to fuck at the same time! Watch as these military hotties get down and dirty on command. Movie Starring: Victor Manzini Thiago Camargo Felipe Todenzzo Fabio Ribeiro Marcelo Franca Alek Mendes

Basic Training Haus & Hunter come home after a long day under the thumb of their Drill Sergeant Lex. To unwind they put on a straight porno video, strip out of their uniforms, & do what comes naturally. When Haus fantasizes that a mouth would sure feel good on his dick, Hunter sees an opening to try something new. He leans over, grabs Haus' cock & sucks it into his mouth. No sooner is Hunter starting to enjoy the feeling of a man's cock in his mouth than the door bursts open & Sgt. Lex barges in screaming like any good Drill Sgt., saying how he thought something was going on between these two faggots. In a split second the tables are turned & Haus rips off the Sgt.'s shirt, & together he & Hunter strip him naked. A daisy chain of sorts forms as Hunter lays back on the couch & gets his ass & cock serviced by Haus while Sgt. Lex eats Haus' butt then sucks his Texas cock while stroking his own very excited prick (see photo above. Haus blows his load right in the Sarge's face & Sgt. Lex licks the grunt's cock clean. Movie Starring: Haus Weston

Basic Training Basic Training is filmed entirely on location in Eastern Europe is now available exclusively through Paladin Video. East Europe's finest, Now Falcon's hottest. Movie Starring: George Vidanov David Moretti Stefan Racz Stefan Stano Wolf Remulus Jason Lucian

Batalhao Do Prazer The Brazilian military will drive you crazy with their sensuality. Who says you need a woman to get you off? This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. Movie Starring: Patrick Igor (Sexxxy World Brasil) Rock (Sexxxy World Brasil) Tommy (m)

Bathhouse Exxxtasy Tommy Lima walks into the bathhouse and tours the action throughout the building before finishing himself off in the sauna. As you'd expect from an Alexander Pictures production there is no shortage of big, uncut meat, tight holes, and hot guys of all kinds. Movie Starring: Tommy Lima Manuel Lozano Oscar Blanco Alfonso Rosas Omar Juarez Armando Campos

Batter Up What better way is there to enjoy America's favorite past time than with two chiseled hunks going at it? Watch these athletes as they slide into each other's holes for a home run! Movie Starring: Steve Harper Johnny Rider Beau Lyons Brad Dodger Jason Scott Jim Decker

Battle Cry 2 Spencer bottoms for the first time! Conrad debuts! Dorian digs deeper into Active Duty with D.J., David, and Christian. Movie Starring: David Conrad DJ Spencer Christian (Pink Bird Media) Dorian (Pink Bird Media)

Battle Cry 3 Dorian, Payne and Kaden help Conrad bottom for the first time! Video contains a hot sandwich fuck with Jack, Chaz and Domenic. Movie Starring: Conrad Chaz (Pink Bird Media) Payne Kaden Saylor Dorian (Pink Bird Media) Jack

Battle Cry After some banter back and forth about their bodies and how hot they are, the talk turns to cock and Thomas starts talking about how Kaden's hot abs lead right down to his hot cock and Thomas says he's ready to taste that hot cock. Kaden sheds the rest of his clothes and gives Thomas access. Thomas wastes no time moving in and taking Kaden's cock in his mouth. I return from baking just in time to get some good shots of all the hot action as it starts to unfold. Perfect timing. While Thomas services his cock, Kaden feels all over Thomas' muscled back and admires the beauty. Thomas really goes to town on Kaden's rock hard cock, worshipping it like a true straight guy who has been starved for dick all his life. Movie Starring: David Thomas DJ Payne Kaden Saylor

Battling Boys Live 5 'Battling Boys Live' is a weekly event held at Goodhandy's, a real Toronto nightclub and sex club run by Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck. The audience is able to watch boys wrestling in underwear on the dance floor, and then the boys go up to an in-club studio where they jerk off, suck each other off, even fuck each other sometimes. The audience is able to watch the hardcore stuff on the club's big screen while it is happening, live. Sometimes audience members participate in the wrestling, and sometimes Mandy Goodhandy can convince boys to whip out their 'wee-wees' for the crowd. This series is all about reality and fun - the upstairs footage sometimes includes boys walking in and out of other boys.

Bauern Snack These horny boys from the farm need more than just a snack for breakfast. They need some big man meat to fuck and suck all day long out on the farm!

Bawdy Brazilians In Bawdy Brazilians sex-supply meets sex-demand & it's a bull market! First, Luciano Badaro plays a lifeguard who saves one or two less lives that day to follow seductive sunbather Alexandre Senna for some abandoned-building sex. Luciano performs dick-to-butt resuscitation on Alexandre, saving him from sex with just any passerby. Next, Amauri de Oliveira takes a shower & it's all wet when fireman Tiago Lemos arrives to check his pipes for leaks & he checks out Amauri's butt with his dick instead. Then, Eduardo Galisteau attracts horny sailor Marcio Pittbull, on the pier. Marcio completes an ancient mating ritual of migratory seamen by topping Eduardo in a secluded spot near the boat slip. Next, surfer Alfonso Reis lures native fisherman Sergio Apingora back to his room for a dick-up-the-butt break. Finally, Alexandre Senna reappears to pop a boner over a photo layout of Marcio Rosa. Alexandre imagines that Marcio becomes flesh-&-boner & gets topped by him on the couch! Movie Starring: Marcio Rosa Alexandre Senna Eduardo Galisteu Sergio Apingora Tiago Lemos Luciano Badaro

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