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Be A Man Along with beefy Troy Punk, the so-hunky-and-hot-it's-scary Collin O'Neal graces the cover of this Unzipped Video flick, showcasing construction dudes, Army heads (both of the bathroom and flesh tool varieties), locker-room shenanigans and randy customs agents. The title reads like an order... so our retort is a simple "Well, are you?" Movie Starring: Collin O'Neal Troy Punk

Beach Ballers On the beach you'll see lots of hot cocks in and out of sweet butts and hungry mouths. Hope you can ride the wave surf's up and so are these huge dicks! Movie Starring: Chad Johnson Matt Hawks Calvin Worth

Beach Boys Filmed in high definition for the first time, Maximus Movies presents Beach Boys. Join Paulo Desanto as he makes an epic return to the uncharted territories of the islands of Brazil and discovers the native men in their finest displays of ecstasy. Movie Starring: Alan Marcelo Adam Persio Victor Manzini Bruno Stigmata Douglas Masters Wendal Max

Beach Buns For the first time, Rod Barry takes it up the ass like a man! Chi Chi LaRue spoke and Logan Reed was more than happy to oblige. These beach babies get down to the nitty-gritty on the sand and everywhere else. Movie Starring: Bryan Williams Logan Reed Rod Barry Scott Lyons (II) Luke Savage Griff Thorson

Beach Fantasies 3 The beach has plenty of open chested men and lifeguards who are waiting for their prey! See lifeguards with their, red trunks reveal big thick cocks wanting to plow a tight hole and fill a hungry mouth in swallowing a cock! The sun never sets on these lifeguards in their daily quests of search and seizure of beach goers!

Beach Fantasies A continued series of lifeguard action with beach goers who don't expect a hard-on from a lifeguard nearby! More hot fuck and suck action from lifeguards and men sunning themselves for man-to-man action after beach hours!

Beach Head Blond power bottom Dax Kelly has a hunger for surfer cock and just can't get enough of it! Dax spends his days and nights on the beach just waiting to hang 10' down his throat! Movie Starring: Sam Dixon Dax Kelly Rod Barry Luke Walker Zach Alexander Todd Stevens

Beach Volleyball Youth, sun, and sport belong together... Imagine a few young guys playing beach volleyball, sweating under the sun, and then...Eleven young sexy boys will show you how they can use their hot bodies, hard huge cocks, tight bubble butts and handle heavy loads. Nobody's asshole is in safe when they are around, and everything is wet, sweat and ... tons of fresh white eruptions will blow your senses away. You can enjoy this, and much more in 6 bareback scenes in the latest hot & sweaty from Man and Man Media production company. It will blow you... away!!! Movie Starring: Marek Petr Kamil Miguel Placeno Tomi (m) Pepino

Beached Midnight Men Video brings you some gay action, featuring some of the hottest twinks and toughest studs in the business! Movie Starring: George Conover Ty Arthur Todd Russell Scott Forbes

Beached Hunky Jake Cannon hits the beach, runs into surfer stud Drew Nolan and recounts his sexual trysts. Chi Chi LaRue directs, so you know you'll see lots of hot cocks in and out of sweet butts and hungry mouths. Movie Starring: Ethan-Michael Ayers Ethan Starr Marcus Day Troy Halston Jake Cannon Drew Nolan

Bears Jacking And Fucking Here we have a 39yo, 6'5'', furry muscle bear. Brock has one fine body and works out every day to make sure it stays that way. He says his chest is his best feature, but his ass looks very tasty. Brock talks about everything from his first sex at 19 to his only hetero encounter to his favorite positions. An intense climax and a steamy shower wrap it up. Movie Starring: Chase (m) Jack Hammer Dakota Phillips Brock Hart Mike Mack Cumslut

Beat It And Skeet It When you step to these thug out bois, best be sure they'll be beatin' some phat asses, and tearing up some throats with their big, long dicks. Best believe they're going to beat it and skeet it. Movie Starring: Peanut Mocha (m) Stash Mangus Black Diamond (m) Mask

Beat Off Frenzy 2 Six hot guys in solo action. Each getting off for your viewing pleasure!! All wanting to show you their hot, steamy, full loads. Movie Starring: Charlie Boy Jessie Corona Kelly Masters Travis McGee Jack Parker Tony Hampton

Beat Patrol A must see if you like to see guys in uniforms! Watch as these cops take control of their prisoners and make them do what ever they want! Movie Starring: Rick Thomas Mac Reynolds Alec Powers Joe Spears Eric York

Bed And Beyond The first installment of a new All Worlds Video series that deals with hot, steamy man to man hard core sex. This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. Movie Starring: Cameron Sage Kurt Summers Rex Ryder T.J. Davis Irish Kenny (C1R)

Bed Buddies "Mark is having the guys over after freshmen pledge week for a few brews. The guys get horny and what better way to alleviate a wad than with an incoming pledge's wet mouth and tight 18-year-old hole! The orgy breaks out and the under classmen give up poop-shoots to the upper classmen. Would you like to join these Bed Buddies?" Movie Starring: Ben Motl Rossi Stevens Sergej Ural Janek Blond Mark Marky Tom Ritchi

Bed Tales 2 In a nice bedroom horny hot boys get in, get out, meet and fuck themselves. And what a sex! Bet tell us all the new gay adventures that these wonderful boys have on it. Movie Starring: Lorenzo Murolo Marzio Angelini Emanuele Ricci Tony Rangel Diego Sierra Daniele Puma

Bedroom Break-in "Jack stops by the Adams' house while Kube's parents are on vacation. The house is empty and he slides into the bedroom only to find a horny 19-year-old ready to suck and get plowed. These two flawless young men suck and fuck like wild boars. Want to watch?" Movie Starring: Jack Samuelson Kube Adams

Bedroom Eyes The world is full of beautiful people. As gay men, we have an instinct for the appreciation of beauty, especially male beauty! All of us have turned our heads as we walk by a gorgeous man, allowing our eyes to linger a moment longer while our inner smiles beam with pleasure. Striking chiseled features, brilliant blue eyes, a chest that heaves with masculinity, a mouth framed by inviting, kissable lips, these are the things that arouse us all. Mankind is our candy store, and gay men like it sweet! Movie Starring: Francois Sagat Tamas Eszterhazy Dirk Jager Anthony Martinez Martin Mazza Alex Baresi

Bedtime Stories 2: Book Of Dreams Studio 2000's Bedtime Stories II is legendary director John Travis' follow-up to his cum-soaked hit Bedtime Stories I. Lushly photographed, this show gives you everything you have come to expect from Studio 2000 and more. Movie Starring: Tico Martin Ladislav Pekar Chico Torres Jim Slade David Chelsea Marcus Allen

Bedtime Stories Four in-your-face torrid tales that all involve a bed, two beauties, colossal cocks, bubble butts, memorable situations, increasingly smoldering scenarios, and unforgettable performances Movie Starring: Robert Balint Cameron Fox Robert Harvey D.C. Chandler Rafael Carreras Drew Larson

Beef Jerky Cum and "pop one" off with this debut flick from Pop One Productions. Showcasing five wicked-hot Czech-twink solos, these tasty little bites are like the perfect late-night snack: You're in the mood to eat something, you find exactly what you're looking for, down it in a few satisfying gulps, and go to bed with a smile on your face and slightly sticky underwear. Eat as much as you want and dig in, guys - the Pop One boyz are ready to pop just for you. Movie Starring: Camil Tucker Radovan Grunberk Russell Jones Martin Corvin Kenny Jacobs

Beef Strokenoff Joey has movie star looks and a great bod. But he also has a very seductive personality. I loved working over his muscles, sucking on his cock, and rimming his ass. Of course no erotic massage would be complete without my special cock massage techniques, which Joey appreciated tremendously. Kentucky is known for blue grass music and running horses. Speaking of horses, Jon Marten qualifies as a stallion in more than one sense. Working over Jon's big torso and blowing his thick, long cock was a lot of work. But I put all of my energies into massaging, arousing, and getting this big, straight hung off. With his throaty voice and masculine East coast accent, Sonny is a real turn on. It doesn't hurt that he's got a strong, muscular body and a big, thick cock. But, as always, what makes me hot is how much Sonny enjoys his erotic massage. He watches as I jerk his prick and he shoots his load up on to his chest. This New Jersey boy is not the quiet type! Movie Starring: Jon Martin Joey Trilliani Jake Cruise

Beefcake Daddy In Uniform These beefcake daddies are in uniforms and use their hard dicks for plowing hungry mouths and fucking tight holes with plenty of cum to shoot with their horny stud companions. Three hot uniform scenes with action of real men!

Beefcake Stories Director Jackson Ford gets these hot muscle hunks to do more than work out at the gym. You guessed it! They work over each other's stiff muscles between their legs as well. Movie Starring: Marco Paris Deacon Frost Daxx Reed Anthony Agassi Hans Ebson Chris Taylor

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