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Black Wishes Leather-clad bartender Andre Bolla comes on to patron Christopher Fleur de Lis. Christopher eagerly sucks on Andre's ten inch dick while Andre plays with Christopher's ass, putting it up on the bar where he rims it, then teases it with a beer bottle until Andre blows his load. Then Andre sucks on Christopher's dick until it's Christopher's turn to blast off. Movie Starring: Flex Gamble Kamrun Daniel West Andre Bolla Flex Deon Christopher Fleur De Lis

Black Workout 10 Black Workout has brought together the strongest, most handsome men with dicks so big you'll beg to be there! Movie Starring: Bobby Blake Ricky Parker Bam Flex Deon Bob Cat Winston Love

Black Workout 12 Peek into the gym where "workout" for these well-hung black studs means ass ripping and throat gagging. These ripped, muscle men fuck the daylights out of each other! Movie Starring: Ricky Parker Nature Boy Soloman Gregory Flex Deon

Black Workout 13 See these buff, black dawgs give each other the love they deserve! Muscles on muscles! Rippling ebony flesh glistening with the sweat of pleasure and passion. Movie Starring: Ty Thomas

Black Workout 14 The rippling black muscles and the fine glow of honest sweat gets these oh so fine black brothers all worked up. The gym workout blossoms into a sex workout in this all black fuckfest.

Black Workout 15 If you are into hung and muscular, black daddies, you need to check out this movie. Our studs are not just pumping iron, they are also pumping the crap out of each other. After a nice long and sweaty workout, these stallions love to fuck each other silly! Movie Starring: Thugzilla Neo Ocean

Black Workout 16 Pump that ebony muscle of love. These sexy brothers get the cardio going and the action flowing in a hardcore exercise that will provide the ultimate workout for even the fittest sexual athlete. Movie Starring: Thugzilla Rudy Scott High Def Sexy Back Vivid Mr. Goodbar

Black Workout 3 Joe Simmons stars in this all-black, hard-action, wild, non-stop sexual orgy. It's filled with a gang of hung, horny, muscular, black guys working out every part of their bodies! Movie Starring: Darryl Harris Ty Jones Mitch Green

Black Workout 9 Winston Love stars in this all black, hard action, wild, non-stop sexual orgy. This video features lots of hung, horny, muscular black guys working out every part of their hard bodies. 'Black Workout 9' is a great video for your collection. Movie Starring: Winston Love Andre Bolla K.J. Rogers

Black Workout Nine of America's hottest black models in a wild, non-stop iron pumping frenzy. Meet heavy-hung Paul Hanson and his equally endowed friends, Brent Stevens and Gary Tuttle. Next meet Ray Williams as he works out with boyish Brent. The two men work out with a thick dildo. Next meet Bob Young, a hung stallion and his friends, Rod Davis and David Watson. Movie Starring: Paul Hanson David Watson

Black Wrestling 3 These hot & sweaty, athletic, black hunks go for the pin in this no holds barred wrestling match. Winner takes all!

Black Wrestling Well muscled black dudes with one thing on their minds: outwrestle their opponennt & pin him to the mat! For some down & dirty wrestling, this is the series that kicks ass & takes names!

Black, Large And In Charge 2 This all-black, all solo video picks up where #1 left off - and we do mean up! This is the video that introduced to the world the incredible Bam and his 13" ramrod! You won't believe your eyes when he whips out his monster cock and starts stroking!! Movie Starring: Bam

Black, Large And In Charge Buck Johnson and his buddies go solo. Strapping, bold black men take matters into their own hands and work their slabs of meat up into ebony towers ready to explode manjuices all over their hard, dark abdominals!

Blacker The Berry, Sweeter The Juice This all-black cast samples the nectar of the Gods and can't get enough of sweet cock and tight man holes. Movie Starring: Ricky Parker Flex Gamble Kevin Kemp Dante Franklin Mocha

Blackhattan 2: Stickin' Tha' Dickin' "Blackhattan 2 is a true story based on the cum-dripping exploits of the horny black men of New York City who get their freaks on at all times of the day and night as the city goes about its business! Clever fucks Billy Hughes. Sevyn and Nigel get into it with a mututal oral session. Then, Tygar fucks Antoine romantically. Finally J-Buck fucks Shortie in a manner of positions and heavy action. If hot hung and fierce roughneck realness gets your stick thick as a brick, director Ford and his bastion of banjee guys are a good bet. Movie Starring: Clever Nigel Antoine Shortie J-Buck Billy Hughes

Blackhattan Blackhattan is a true story based on the cum-dripping exploits of many young and horny black men of New York City who get their freaks on at all times of the day and night while the city goes about it's business.

Blacks On Tommy Lima Tommy Lima is back again and this time he's taking on some of the hottest brothers we at Alexander Pictures have ever seen. Movie Starring: Tommy Lima Pinto Gomez Adrian Correa Rodrigo Bekmann Ruy de Sousa Josue Otaviano

Black Alex Collack and Nick Piston are on their knees worshipping body builder Marc Williams. The men lick Williams from his boots to his bulging black leather jock. Piston unleashes Williams' unbelievable 11 inch cock and sucks it to the base while Collack turns his attention to Piston's twitching hole. Williams notices Collack's muscle-butt and decides to shove his humongous tool deep inside. Piston wants some of that colossal cock so Williams and Collack drag him over to a sling. Williams drives his giant hose deep into Piston's ass while both Piston and Collack jack off. Piston is the first to blow, followed quickly by Collack. Finally Williams pulls out and shoots gobs of hot jizz all over Piston's smooth round butt. Movie Starring: Nick Piston Robert Van Damme Alex Collack Kyle Lewis Mason Wyler Jason Kingsley

Blade Studs These roller blade studs thrash through town looking for love! Will they find it; you'll have to watch to find out! This film features hot man on man sex at it's most erotic! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Peter Wilder Drew Andrews Brian Daniels Jeremy Lee Luke Walker Adam Wilde

Blades Bouncy boy toy Brad Benton is the star of Studio 2000's extravaganza Blades and this is reason for his ever-expanding legion of fans to rejoice. Benton is one of the hottest stars on the scene today and is wanted by virtually everyone. Trust Studio 2000 and irrepressible director Derek Kent to deliver him to you first in The Hotspot flip-flopping with Richie Fine, then in The Scout Club getting boned by dreamboat D.C. Chandler, and now starring in Blades in two sexsational scenes. This truly handsome, all-American hunk has it all and knows how to use it. His secret is simple, he looks like a choirboy and fucks like the devil. Consider his gorgeous face, shock of blond-streaked hair, tightly packed physique, delicious dick and bold bubble butt that takes on all cummers large or larger. He can act, he sucks like a vacuum cleaner, tops terrifically, and is the bottom of every dick's dream. In short, Brad Benton is ready made for Studio 2000 superstardom. Movie Starring: Brad Benton Bobby Steele Ross Stuart Damon West Adam Rom Deacon Frost

Blak: Bruthas Live And Kinky BLAK! is the freakiest funkfest in the hood and the action is nonstop! Once the shit kicks off it don't stop until the last Brutha drains his nut! There's plenty of hardcore suckin', fuckin', group action, ruff stuff, heavy assplay ... and over 125 inches of strong, black dick! Movie Starring: Kamrun Flex Deon Nubius Squirt Peters Dawg Dixon Karamel Brown

Blake Up-Close The first thing Blake wants to do after a hard game of hoops is to relieve a little stress in his room. Next is some cleaning and stroking in the shower. And finally, a quiet afternoon by the pool allows Blake a chance to go again. Enjoy! Movie Starring: Blake

Blatino Bangees Real live actions! They are straight thugs from the hood and streets of Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Spanish, blatino, and black guys; it doesn't matter. They are as hot as they come!

Blatino Big Cocks These hot and sexy super hung black and Latin studs go at it with passion that only these exotic studs can know. These brotha's throw down and fuck the shit out of each other with their huge black cocks. Another hit by Director Ron Rico. Movie Starring: Junior Felony (m) James C. Sharp T. Malone Sam Abdul Slim Thug

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