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Bo On Top Bo Dean is tough, aggressive and a total man-magnet. All of these men have one thing in common- they want to get fucked by Bo. Whether it's clean-cut Alton Cox, bad boy Dak Ramsey, preppy Tory Mason, or gym rats Dane and Brock, Bo pounds 'em hard and furiously. Will these hungry bottoms be able to handle Bo on top? See how long they can take it! Movie Starring: Dak Ramsey Bo Dean Alto Cox Brock Heart Dane Hyde Tory Mason

Boat Trip On a hot Autumn days, there is nothing like a boat trip with your best bud Pavel. A couple of brews can get you going both horned up, so a blow job will hold you over til you get to your girl. Movie Starring: Pavel Kravicka Josh Albertos

Bobby Blake Vs. Flex Deon The biggest baddest boyz. Watch as two of the biggest baddest brothers square off in this no holes barred screw-fest. Movie Starring: Bobby Blake Flex Deon Ricky Parker

Bobby Garcia' Real McCoy These guys are showing the Drill Sergeant who the real McCoy's are! These proud military guys are proud to server their country and their bunkmates! Enjoy!

Body Builder Lana Once again another competitive body builder has come to the club only to learn that she too takes great delight in conquering any male who is foolish enough to test her strength and skill. Displaying good wrestling instinct and a super strong pair of legs, the beautifully muscled Lana gleefully takes Jim apart as he tries his best but is no match for the newcomer. Terrific head scissor action and wrestling dominance as long after poor Jim has given up and has begged to be released, Lana is still pouring it on. Movie Starring: Lana Jim

Body Builder Musclefuck Awesome female body builder at home cheats with a fat cock. Face fucked so hard, her jaw has to loosen. Tight abs make for some athletic fucking, so tan and bent over the sink her rectum shines at you. Then at the pool, a cheating neighbor wife sucks the dude next door, sun hitting her pink tight cunt, her clit pointing like an arrow, total sin fucked like a dog.

Body Builders In Heat 10 Hot Body Builders. Cindee wanted to do d.p. I gave it to her. Summer is a new cummer in training. Cheryl needs some more training & Logan is a very sexy personal trainer. Movie Starring: Cindee Golds

Body Builders In Heat 13 These muscled babes workout and want sex everyday! They can't wait to see what you can do for them! Movie Starring: Cherokee Devon Michaels Britney Catt Rhonda Lee

Body Builders In Heat 14 Francesca & her muscle buddies show off their muscles & their sexual skills like blow jobs, three ways, group sex, pussy & anal sex, all in a days workout.

Body Builders In Heat 15 Hard toned bodies, wet tight pussies! Join Victoria, Talita and Britney as they put you through a hardcore workout! Movie Starring: Victoria Britney Talita Perla

Body Builders In Heat 17 Toned bodies, tight muscles, pumped & prodded pussies! Its all here in Body Builders in Heat #17 body fitness edition. Movie Starring: Lori Lust

Body Builders In Heat 21 These sexy gym rats are in heat just for you! Watch these sexy body builders taking cock in the gym and at home. Don't miss these cum loving workout bitches. Movie Starring: Anita Cannibal Holly Halston Kristine Madison Leah Victoria

Body Builders In Heat 22 Watch these buff babes power fuck and suck. They pump iron all day and pump cock all night! See these buff beauties unleash the raw muscle and powerful pussy that will claim any man`s cock! Movie Starring: Max Mikita Heidi Mayne Cori Gates Sandy Joachim Kessef Rod Fontana

Body Builders In Heat 23 Muscular. Tone Brazilian bodybuilding. Buff. Starring: Jasmina, Rhylee Richards, Heidi Mayne, Agatha Ventury. Movie Starring: Jasmine Heidi Mayne Agatha Ventury (f) Rylee Richardson Dana Katerina

Body Builders In Heat 24 Hot fitness babes, and buff bitches gathered together for one fucktastic film in Bodybuilders In Heat #24! Feast your eyes on bulging muscles and pulsing clits as these monster babes get hardcore XXX workouts!

Body Builders In Heat 2 Muscles, Toned Bodys, and they Love To Fuck. Watch this DVD and you will have the workout of your life¦Body Builders¦ In Heat. Enjoy.

Body Builders In Heat 5 Competitive body builders love to fuck too. Watch as April takes on two guys at once. Athena takes on four guys and even takes it up the ass. It's all part of the training, isn't it?

Body Builders In Heat 6 Kazanna is a first-timer to the sex industry, but is a true body builder. She does two guys at once, and though a bit shy at first, she really gets into it. Syn, also a bodybuilder, has a huge clit, check it out. Then Kazanna comes back to do April. They go down and you will too.

Body Builders In Heat 7 Francesca, champion body builder of France, is back again and better than ever. She does a woman and a guy this time, too. No one does it better than Francesca.

Body Builders In Heat 8 These buff body builders will take anyone and anything on, girls, guys and even dildos. They work out all of the their muscles all the time - morning, noon, and all night long.

Body Builders In Heat 9 These Buff body builders will take anyone and anything on! Girls, guys and dildos, they work out all of their muscles, all of the time. Join these body builders in the morning, afternoon and all night long as the fuck and suck a work out. Body Builders #8 is loaded with muscle bound beauty sluts. Movie Starring: Renata Rey Kelly Francesca

Body Builders In Heat Watch these buff babes power fuck and suck. They pump iron all day and pump cock all night! See these buff beauties unleash the raw muscle and powerful pussy that will claim any man's cock!

Body Guards Fabulously wealthy Mr. X, uncommonly cute as well as rich, turns out to be a world class cock hound, too! He lives in luxury beyond imagination, protected by a fortress compound, snarling attack dogs and an army of the most handsome men anywhere. When not standing guard or training to protect Mr. X's ass, they are figuring out ways to get their dicks inside it! Well, line up boys, Mr. X not only yearns to suck your dick, he craves having it plunge inside him as deep as you can push it. Movie Starring: Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Austin Rogers Glenn Santoro Julien Veneziano Rogerio Mateo

Body Heat It's a question of temperature. 98 degrees and there's no relief from the Heat. Your body gets hotter as the sexual tension mounts. Dripping, soaking wet. Cover man Matthew Anders can cool things down, but not before the mercury rises. So, if you can't take the heat put your clothes back on. Movie Starring: Matthew Anders K.C. Hart Alex Stone Matt Easton Rusty Scott Santiago

Body Heat A steamy flick with super hot all male action! Hot sex, hot action, and hot jocks all packed in this flick for your viewing pleasures. Movie Starring: Brad Paul David Doug Will Oliver

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