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Body Massage Sexy slippery women cover each other in oil and give sensual massages that of course turn into hot lesbian sex. What else did you think would happen? Movie Starring: Selena Rude Viper

Body Of Adonis Hey Guys, Adonis here, this is my first release here on AMVC, I hope it is a good one, I know the video is. I am the Star of my first gay release here on AMVC, and hope it goes well so there will be many more. With my videos, you will be assured to get only the hottest content, digitally captured and edited, with good lighting and a variety of angles, gear, and cumshots. I don't approach the filming traditionally (I don't really think about them as scenes), it all flows together nicely, one big jerk fest, with loads of cum. No crappy filler here, only the best scenes make the cut, action from start to finish, with loads of cum, sometimes multiple cumshots per scene, you won't be disappointed.

Body Of Art Body of Art: Everyone needs some culture! Watch these bodies play and you'll definitely see why it's called a Body of Art. Chiseled frames on rock hard men - a discerning viewer's paradise and more! Movie Starring: Buck Philips Chris Yeager Tanner Reeves Chaz Carlton Cody Bawduniak Paul Carrigan

Body Search It was tough enough being gay in the sixties, but being gay in the FBI in the sixties? Forget about it! So when Rick Bolton backs away from his love to pursue a promising career with the Feds, he never imagines his man will show up again, especially on America's most wanted list. Now that Rick's married with a handsome gay son of his own (also played by Bolton), his past is about to catch up with him in more ways than one. An arresting erotic drama from award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue. Movie Starring: Tom Katt Steve Regis Rick Bolton Wes Daniels

Body Search It was tough enough being gay in the sixties, but being gay in the FBI in the sixties? Forget about it! So when Rick Bolton backs away from his lover to pursue a promising career with the Feds, he never imagines his man will show up again - especially on the America's Most Wanted list! Now that Rick's married with a handsome gay son of his own (also played by Bolton), his past is about to catch up with him in more ways than one! An arresting erotic drama from award-winning director Chi Chi LaRue and screenwriter Fred Beltriam! Movie Starring: Tom Katt Steve Regis Jay Corey Johnny Rahm Rick Bolton Wes Daniels

Body Shop Paul Carrigan gets fucked. Masculine Troy Steele fucks both newcummer Jim Schortz and Vic Hall in a sizzling 3-way. Both guys cum on Jim. East Indian Carl Seer and blonde twink Donovan Cory get it on in a t-room. Carl sucks, rims, and fucks Cory. He-men Paul Carrigan and Dominic Sinclair suck and rim, 69 and then Dom fucks Paul. Tim Boyd rims and fucks Jim Schortz in a very tender scene. Paul Carrigan and Sweet Williams suck, rim, and flip-flop fuck. Facial cumshots! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Jim Schortz Troy Steele Vic Hall Donovan Cory Sweet Williams

Bodybuilder's Ultimate Revenge It's like the legendary battle of David versus Goliath, only this time Goliath is a massive busty amazon! Movie Starring: Thea

Bodybuilders Bareback There is a lot of nice beefcake to eat up in the latest SX Video. Josh Weston makes his bareback debut in Scene 1. Looking all ripped and toned, Josh shows straight guy Aidyn Michael a good time by giving him head and then spreading his jock-strapped hot ass for Aidyn's fattie. Aidyn pounds away and has Josh growling and moaning like a beast. Scene 2 starts with Jason Reed being very impressed with Alex Fresno's buff bod. The Eastern European fucks Jason's mouth to get things started. Jason then opens his ass and takes cock long and deep. Movie Starring: Josh Weston Jason Reed Aidyn Michael Adam Mansfield Alex Fresno Tony London

Bodyguards A bevy of beef and brawn make up the incredible cast of BODYGUARDS, featuring the hottest specimens of uncut talent that Europe has to offer. With BODYGUARDS, Director Roland Dane once again conjures up the perfect balance between raw man-on-man sexuality and erotic storytelling in which everyday situations unfold into real-life sexual fantasies. BODYGUARDS; men of imposing size and might are hired muscle at your service. Take a look inside their world and you will find these steamy and erotic encounters will have you longing to employ your very own team of BODYGUARDS. Movie Starring: Fernando Nielsen Enrico Belagio Orlando Toro Alfredo Flavio Valentino Nicolaus

Bodyguards Mr. X's bodyguards keep security very tight at his luxurious villa. Time passes slowly for the muscle bound crew. Testosterone levels are so high most of the time, the guys are aching to pop their loads. Time to execute "Operation Hot Hands for Hot Asses"! The scent of sex is in the air and the security uniforms will be peeling off soon. Movie Starring: Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Rick Bauer Steve Hunt Rod Stevens Julian Vincenzo

Bodyrocks Have people been rubbing you the wrong way lately? Forgotten what is like to be rubbed the right way? Well, relax and enjoy the personal service available at Body Rocks. Also Featuring: Sean Anderson, Bryce Denem, Clay Calhoon, Sebastian Long, Todd Newman and Bart Wells Movie Starring: Sean Anderson Nick Stone Bryce Denim Angus Reed Bart Wells Clay Calhoon

Bohemian Summer Part 2 If you liked William Higgin's "Bohemian Summer", you'll love this behind the scenes look into the making of the movie. Go on a journey with director William Higgins into what really goes on in the making of a classic adult movie. Movie Starring: Michal Piloun Martin Novotny Kristian Dubcek Lukas Honza Vostry Viktor Vesely

Bohemian Summer In Bohemian Summer, world- renowned director William Higgins once again takes viewers on a timeless journey into the byways and backwoods of Eastern Europe where hunky men bond with each other in spontaneous moments of uninhibited passion, just as they have for thousands of years. Movie Starring: Lukas Vostry Viktor Vesely Svens Torborg Jan Munzar Michal Piloun Martin Novotny

Bombas Do Brazil Cum enjoy fantastic, top quality furious bareback fucking with a stunningly handsome cast of white, black, latino and mixed guys with some truely huge cocks on show!

Bondage Boy When Phil innocently stops at Garrett's house and asks to use the phone for an emergency, he is totally unprepared for the turn of events about to transpire. Lured to the woodshed, Phil is wrestled to the ground, tied by his hands to hang from the rafters, and then is very thoroughly sexually assaulted and forced to become a slave. Phil's struggles are to no avail; the master is relentless in his sexual attack. Finally, when the Master is satisfied with the pleasure the new Bondage Boy has provided, the boy is released and a complete and fulfilling sex scene is enjoyed by both. Movie Starring: Paul Bradley Garrett

Bondage Buddies: Military Ties Buddies Diego and Doug are two hot men in uniform. Today Doug is on top in the dungeon. Diego takes it all knowing he'll get his back, but submissive he is not! He gets tied to cell bars and milked, loaded down with ball weights, made to give oral sex while hanging upside down, has hot wax poured all over him while spread eagle on the floating bondage table and hogtied in a gas mask. Doug shoots loads of cum over Diego in that position, then locks Diego's cock and balls in stocks and milks him until he moans! Tag Adams and Doug Jeffries outdo themselves in this scorching sequel to TAG TIED! Stock Up. Movie Starring: Diego Alvarez Doug Jeffries

Bondage Dreams Randy Storm and Ted Matthews are each secretly dreaming about the thrill of being completely bound and gagged by each other. Follow Randy and Ted as they enter their own personal fantasy of erotic bondage. This flick will demonstrate some of the hottest and securest erotic bondage ever captured on film. Movie Starring: Ted Matthews Randy Storm

Bondage Hangover Newcomer Matthew Michaels has a few too many drinks ar the infamous Hole in the Wall bar. Resting outside he is approached by a very forceful Master Jason Branch, whose cock he wants to suck in the alley. Taken back to the dungeon Matthew is used hard sexually, strapped whipped and subjected to long term solo bondage. Master Branch the returns with yet another slave boy, muscular handsome Bud White. Matthew is put in the box and Master Branch and his new slave then proceed through the hottest and hardest session of bondage and domination that I have ever video taped. Also Featuring: Bud White, & Matthew Michaels. Movie Starring: Jason Branch

Bondo Gods 2 This video has three long scenes of The Soldier, The Cop and The Delivery Guy. I'm in a hot scene with Italian newcomer Revilo Taylor. He plays a lost soldier in Southeast Asia. The scene between Dax Savage and Kent Larson is so hot... two tattoed muscle guys going at each other. They really dig each other and it shows. What can I say about the last scene, Niko is a fucking god. I get dizzy from watching him flexing his muscles under the ropes and swaying his hard uncut cock in the air. Movie Starring: Niko Kent Larson Revilo Taylor Dax Savage Van Darkholme

Bondo Gods 4 This video has three hot scenes: First is a hot dungeon scene in Paris where Seb and Patrick get abused by Master Axel. Second is a blow out bondage and fuck scene with Matt and Chuck. Third is a scene with sexy model type, Dylan gets in all sorts of bondage positions. In the end, he couldn't take it anymore and gives me the most incredible cum bath I Ever had in my life. Movie Starring: Van Darkholme Dylan Patrick Axel Sebastien Chuck DiRocco

Bondo Gods 5 Van Darkholme visited Sin City...Vegas Baby! This video has three hot scenes: First is a hot scene about a businessman hooking up with three fetish models in his lavish Vegas suite. Super porn star Ricky Martinez, Eon Avalon and I gave this gentleman a gangbang of his life. Second is a spanking and hot fuck dungeon scene with Jacob Slader and Eric Masters (both with huge dicks.) Third scene is with a studly uncut Lars Svenson from Germany...He gets in all sort of bondage positions with heavy cock teasing and cum control by yours truly. It just gets hotter and hotter. Movie Starring: Van Darkholme Lars Svenson Roman Kostomarov Eon Avalon Jacob Slader Eric Masters

Bondo Gods 6 "For those into fetishes, those who lust to make bondage a part of their lives, complete with ropes and latex spandex, Bondo Gods Volume 6 from Muscle Bound Productions is a definite turn-on. "Tyler Tied Up" begins with black and white footage of Tyler Bristolrock, leanly muscular with some facial hair and a partially bald head, wandering around doing his various life chores. When he goes into a parking structure to get his car, he is captured by unseen abductors. Suddenly, the picture turns to color, and Tyler is seen hanging from some ropes, stripped to the waist, tied up and blind folded. His tormentor is Van Darkholme, a muscular man of Asian heritage. He stings Tyler's body here and there with a crop. After removing Tyler's shoes and socks, he bites his crotch, unzips his jeans and gets his already-erect dick out. He licks the tip, squeezes it, goes down on it. Van takes his shirt off to reveal his muscular torso and goes to work sucking on Tyler's dick. Tyler seems to resist and not enjoy the attention. Van wraps rope around and around Tyler's penis and winds rope around his balls separately. He sucks on the head making his dick strain against the ropes, the ends of which are now tied around his waist. Van pushes Tyler's jeans down to his ankles and wraps ropes around his thighs. One leg is now tied up off, and the cord around the shaft of his cock has vanished. Movie Starring: Marco Paris Van Darkholme Chad Hunt Dividian Eric Masters Tyler Bristolrock

Bondo Gods 7 See these guys get tied up from head to cock in extreme bondage to the point where they can't move and have no choice but admit to total submission. With a cock in their mouth or up their ass, there is no place for them to go. Movie Starring: Dak Ramsey Malcolm Roberts Jeremy Steel Richie Fine Van Darkholme Omar

Bondo Gods This is video is so hot! Four scenes of sexy muscular guys struggling against the thick ropes and leather straps. All stayed completely hard the entire time! I tied up Alex LeMonde and Mark Summit and spanked the daylight out of them. Movie Starring: Alex LeMonde Filippo Romano Van Darkholme Mark Summit Bruce Marasco

Bone Thugs 3 Get ready for the hottest hung interracial man on man hardcore action. Get a lot of Bone Thugs and rod with these hung black studs. Movie Starring: Kamrun J.D. Daniels Douglas Grand Sexy Chocolate Deep Dick Gentaris

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