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Brazilian Policeman Fernsis Films of Brazil brings more of those sexy, uncut studs in this story of horny, over sexed hot cops who go further with their strip search. The coppers begin there grueling day showering before hitting the crime ridden streets of Rio. But two of the men in blue get over heated in the showers and suck on thick dicks before chowing down on some tasty butt. It doesn't take too long for one of the cops to act like a sex pig and bend over to get a hot cock up his ass. At a local hotel the desk clerk checks out a sexy stud. Movie Starring: Marcio Pitbull Joao Barbosa Iury Martins Emerson Luis Pablo Picaco Beto Ribeiro

Brazilian Seduction Popular myth says that Brazil, a melting pot of so many races, is home to the most beautiful and best-equipped men in the world. Brazilian Seduction, the second DVD in the new Blatino Gold Series from Pitbull Productions, Inc., does its bit to prove the myth is true. Here director Jalin Fuentes, fresh from conquering Rio de Janeiro, turns the cameras loose on S√£o Paulo, Brazil's largest cityĒand we do mean fuckin' huge! So hop aboard for the ride as ten of Brazil's best and biggest show us that when it cums to sizzling thug-on-thug action, no boyz beat the sexy studz of S√£o Paulo. And no fan of guy-on-guy-on-guy can afford to miss the flick's final scene, the most explosive three-way you'll see all year, as three hung and hungry dawgz cum together and make a single shape-shifting, hard-pounding, three-headed sex beast that just fucks on and on and on¶ Movie Starring: Jonathan Kawa Douglas Torres Gabriel Lear Hunter Corbin Kaique Brito Roger Moura

Brazilian Sex House 2 In Brazilian Sex House 2 Looking For Now Again! More Anonymous Hookups Of The Web, director Pietro pairs up another amazing group of sex crazed Brazilians wanting anonymous sex! First, hot stud Flavio works out while waiting for a response to his online sex ad. Sam answers Flavio's ad and tops him enthusiastically! Then, Stanley keeps his tool warm by jerking off while waiting for a response to his own ad as well. Poax arrives hungry for cock, and another anonymous couple has great sex at the old house! Next, Ricky Valenz looks for a hot top (who isn't!?), and occupies himself with a dildo just before Apollo arrives and tops him, showing him that the real thing is far better than any toy. Then, Jonathan posts an ad looking for a 3-way to make him explode! Gustavo and Andre satisfy Jonathan by plugging him with toys and performing a double penetration! Just another horny day at the Brazilian Sex House, now # 2!

Brazilian Sex House Looking to hookup on the net? These guys are! Watch as they go from typing out their fantasies to living them!

Brazilian Sizzle The heat of the Brazilian carnival season in the heart of the lush and steamy Amazon rain forest causes juices to get flowing and guys to get going after each other for hot, sizzling sex! First, Hector Henrique comes home after a trip to the festival and tops his horny boyfriend Igor dos Santos in several completely satisfying positions. Next, Igor asks about the trip and wonders if Hector was faithful. Hector stretches the definition of monogamy by describing all the temptations he initially avoided. First, Hector befriends his sexy tour guide Wagner Touro who takes him to the local festival parties but postpones having sex with him until the end of the trip when it's absolutely inescapable. Movie Starring: Julio Vidal Pedro Paulo Wagner Touro Hector Henrique Aleixo Aroujo Diogo Marques

Brazilian Straight Men Hot, straight and rock hard! These Brazilian studs show off their smooth, muscled body and gigantic cocks!

Brazilian Wood Super hot, sexy Brazilian twinks like you've never seen them before. Pau Brazil takes you on the journey, into their deep woods in search of fresh, young meat. Movie Starring: Mateus Andrade Vitor Frota Maurinho Manson

Brazillion Stallion A group of hot and manly Brazilian Stallions take a break working the fields of Brazil and work on each other. These over heated Brazilian studs explode on the screen with Latin passion. Filmed entirely on location in Brazil. Movie Starring: Christian Toledo Marcello Cabral Marcio Pitbull Marcio Rosa Roger Andrade Pedro Toledo

Break Away Chase Hunter and friends escape into your heart and pants to give you the best in all male action. Catch this one if you want to get off! Movie Starring: Vince Rockland Aiden Shaw Chase Hunter Joey Morgan Cort Jensen David Logan

Break Into My Ass UOMOTV traveled to Brazil to see if we could find some hot guys. We soon realized we were in the Garden of Gay Eden. Rio has incredible open minded guys.

Break In Steve Cody, Jeremy Foxx and humongous B.J. Slater pay the price when they're caught red-handed! That hoary old plot about breaking into someone's house and getting "caught" gets some nice freshening up here. It's just good, big-dicked, ass-stretched, beyond belief mansex fun. Movie Starring: Alex Thomas Arik Travis Steve Cody Dan Hooper Jeremy Foxx Alex Carrington

Breakdown Three excellent vignettes from director John Travis that feature sync sound (a rarity in Brentwood shorts) and very erotic action. BreakdownĚ presents traveling salesman Craig Anderson in a tryst with lovers Jack Burke and Scott Anderson, in their firstĚ three-way. The couple, riding horses in the nude, happens upon Craig in his stalled car. Rather than offer to fix his car, they fix him instead, blowing him and fucking him over the hood. The lucky salesman double-sucks the pair before all three reach large and well-filmed orgasms. Movie Starring: Rob Carter Scott Anderson Craig Anderson Jack Bruke

Breakin' The Rules The horses aren't the only studsĚ in the stable in this action-packed cum-fest from Csaba Borbely. When the winner of the big race isn't the predicted favorite, all bets¶and all clothes are off!! Payback involves some hard-riding, muscle pounding sex, with a cast that gives new meaning to the term HORSE-HUNGĚ! These Euro-studs get ridden hard and put away wet with cum in the most sizzling 3 and 4-way action Borbely has ever filmed. Movie Starring: Breno Lopes Dirk Jager Mad Stefano Lucien Dickson Demitri Kazakh Daryl Dominguez

Breaking And Entering Breaking into a house so you can suck your buddy's cock while the neighbors are on vacation can be a rush. It gets better when the neighbor's son comes home with his frat brothers and they take turns with you. Every room in this house has cock sucking and ass pounding. Put on your black outfit, grab your flashlight and join the fun!

Breaking Point A group of hot and hung Brazilian guys spend their day working out at the gym. In between their routine, they wander off to various part of the gym and have hot, sweaty sex. They not only work on their body, they work each other off! Movie Starring: Anthony Gallo Thom Barron Ryan Wagner

Breakthrough Watch as these hot studs fuck and suck like never before. They don't care where they are. They can be in the woods at a park, at a café, or even in the locker room they don't care as long as they get off! Movie Starring: Alex Kincaid Shawn Adams Alec Danes Jesse Skyler Marc Brody Jim Bentley

Bred In Captivity 11 hot guys, 1 sex slave and gallons of cum that will have you stroking the entire time, wishing you were there to join in. Deep down below in a hidden dungeon, cum watch this submissive bottom take the ass-pounding of a lifetime. Movie Starring: Nick Taylor Rod Stevens Tattoo Jack Dragon Peta (m) Pado

Breed And Seed Parker and Kurt are BB, ass eating fuck buds. Kurt's got the thick 9 inch dick and Parker the insatiable, cum hungry, bubble asspussy that is a match made in heaven. Kurt plows that hungry hole mercilessly, balls deep, while Parker begs for more. Besides taking Kurt's huge jizz load up his ass raw, he gets filled to the brim with a long, warm piss enema right from the tap, then Kurt pissfucks him some more. Parker also has an amazing deep throat and easily takes Kurt's massive dick down to the base, lapping up every drop of pre-cum. Movie Starring: Kurt Wood Parker Boyd

Breed My Hole Raw Ricky brings a bunch of horny barebackers back for some hot raw dirty and nasty sex. Four scenes that include deep ass breeding, hot ass felching, sticky cum eating, and nasty snowballing. That's what the viewers will be treated to in Ricky's newest bareback bonanza. It's pure raw lust at its best. Bonus features include cumshot gallery and outtakes. Movie Starring: Adrian R. Fred Mayer Jack Zomba Jake Manhole Sly Nicholas

Breeder Fever So I was really horny the other day and we had set up some time to film with Kai and Spence. Horny as I was, I started the film by taking in the absolute gorgeous site in front of me. Naked, hard, straight and equally horned up guys with no outlet to get off other than each other. I was a bit into pushing envelopes that night, too. I had the guys explore each other's orifices with tongues, fingers, mouths, and well, you'll just have to watch. It was so incredibly hot watching the guys lose that "facade" that straight guys often put on and lose their self consciousness and enjoy how good it feels to let another man take care of you. Fuck! Gettin' horny again! Movie Starring: Kai (Amateur Straight Guys) Nate (Amateur Straight Guys) Paul (Amateur Straight Guys) Skyler Dalton Rodd

Breeding Party 2 Eager mouths filled with freshly churned cream, gaping male assholes dripping with cum...that's what this massive Breeding Party's all about. Here's the second dose of spew...just for your eyes! And you're pretty much guaranteed to get your fill... Movie Starring: Devil Nick Taylor Randy Jones Rod Stevens Alfredo Castaldo Renato Bellagio

Breeding Party This is the first film from new studio White Water Productions. This film is hot and nasty with an edge. These hot, muscular, hung, Euro-studs plow their brains out delivering throbbing cum fucking/breeding action. Facial cums shots, cream pie, breeding, cum fucking and much more! Movie Starring: Joshua Rodgers Mickey Steve Hunt Enrico Belagio Julien Veneziano Marc Dievo

Breeding Season Part 2 Primal irresistible every man's need to dominate, take a man down, pump your seed deep inside him. To own him to breed him. You're mine now, fucker, and there's no going back!" From newbie sluts taking seed from that one big cock they just can't resist, to world-class cumdrops suckin' loads up their guts from a room full of total strangers this one has it all. Gentlemen, get ready to mate: It's Breeding Season. Movie Starring: Alan Gregory Brad Stevens Austin Shadow Matt Walker A.J. Long Pete Venturi

Breeding Sex Club Breed me! I want my ass juiced that's all I want! Nine gorgeous and dirty boys, having lots of fun in a steamy sex club! The action is everywhere the boys want to get plugged by big and hard cocks. Holes are wide open to receive the precious juice. There is no better feeling than having hot cum in the ass! Movie Starring: Brandon Junior Alex Arias Miguel de Sanchez Tommy Sem Leo Cooper Mark Etro

Brenden Sharpe Every once in a while I meet a man who has a magical quality. It goes beyond his looks and even his personality. It's the magic that makes you fall in love. So be forewarned, if you watch this movie you just might fall in love with this Scottish lad. Brenden is a semi-professional cage fighter with a sweet disposition and a great sense of humor. Watch Brenden explore his sexuality, as he gets more comfortable performing for, and then with me. Movie Starring: Jake Cruise Brenden Sharpe

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