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Brent's Toy Box This video is two and a half hours of a very hot man who has gotten into ass play very reluctantly. Shot over a 13 month period, there are 3 cum shots in this project and some fantastic ass play. Brent is also surprisingly verbal as he conquers his straight boy fear of the anal unknown! Do not miss this one if you are into straight men's asses and serious butt play! Movie Starring: Brent The Hand

Brett Mycles' Jackhammer Jackhammer!" starring Brett Mycles...certain to receive a "Best Video of the Year" nomination is the long awaited video starring superstar Brett Mycles, Dante & Alex LeMonde explodes on the screen. Every scene has hot sex that individually should be nominated for "Hottest Sex Scene". This video contains the scene everyone has been waiting for: Dante bottoms for the very first time! With Brett Mycles & Eric Lang, Dante enjoys an initiation into Jackhammer Construction that must be enjoyed visually to be believed. Don't miss this opportunity to be the first on your block to own this exceptional video! Movie Starring: Jordan Austin Dante (Jet Set) Curt Baldwin Brett Mycles Christian Taylor Mycle Roc

Brick Bat 2 We bring you the best looking black guys in town! Straight from the streets of L.A! Spectacular cum shots, big dicks and hot sex action that will make you sweat, scream and beg for more!

Brick Bat 3 The hottest black studs in L.A! Featuring the most awesomely hung black men of Southern California in five whopping encounters. Movie Starring: T-Spoon Dennis Lee

Brick Hard Hard hitting pure action.. Hard and hungry for sex... The uninhibited boyz from uptown are at it again bringing up the rear in the hardest hood has never been so sexual!! Tons of action just waiting for you to open up and enjoy every ass pounding moment with dicks as hard as bricks each scene explodes with man-on-man action. Taking it to the limit with each brick they lay. You don't want to miss a minute as you get enthrawled by all the action you'll see. "Brick Hard" the next evolution in sex find out the hard way.

Bricks The Trap House is getting hotter and the dicks are getting bigger. Watch as the crew shows you why they are the new gangstas of porn. Movie Starring: Marty Dre JR D. Nice Dre Sexy

Bridegroom's Cherry When the drunken groom passes out, its time for his best manĚ to have some hard, ass pumping and cocksucking fun! Don't miss out on all of the fun at the wedding, during the wedding, and after the wedding! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Ted Matthews Michael Ashley Michael Brawn Mark Steel Kevin Kramer

Brief Encounters Jeff Dillon is getting mail that belongs to Danny Sommers and he opens it to find a calendar with hot men in their underwear. He fantasizes about Lee Bowman and Wes Daniels topping each other and then Bill Marlowe and Steve Regis having some hot sex. Movie Starring: Randy White Lex Baldwin Rob Cryston Steve Regis

Brincadeiras Molhadas Brazilian super star Samuel Bueno is back with his friends playing with water! Hot horny men fucking outside for your viewing pleasure so sit back and enjoy! Movie Starring: Samuel Bueno Santiago Soya Bruna Tavares Axel Alan Alison Prado

Bringin' Sexxy Back You know it's really easy to lose focus on stayin' fit. But check out all the asses sacrificed, and dick workouts these brothers are willing to put into bringin sexxy back! Movie Starring: Bam Bam Pinky (m) Prince Blaze (II) Iseha Duke

Bringing Out Brother Devon Barry's marriage is breaking up. He goes to visit his big brother, Rod Barry, but finds himself getting into some very steamy sexual situations as well as a surprising self-discovery. All out man-to-man sex!

Bringing Up Daddy Come one... come all... Daddies & boys near & far will certainly appreciate this collection of daddies-in-charge & the eager, young studs ready to please. Movie Starring: Marco Martinelli Michael Anthony Marco Antonelli Clint Benedict Rob Cryston Adam Sheridan

Bringing Up The Rear 2 It isn't long before Granger is banging the hell out of C.J. as Cole feeds the boy his cock. C.J. has messed around and found himself in the hucklebuck folks but he ain't complaining. He's taking cock at both ends and not missing a beat. The two veterans flip C.J. over on his back and Granger turns the reins over to Cole while Granger gets down on C.J.'s cock while C.J.'s legs are in the air waiting on King Cole to make his entry. Granger crams his cock in C.J.'s mouth to help take his mind off the initial shock he's about to receive and the entry goes off without a hitch. C.J. is taking a fucking at both ends and loving it, troops. This boy was born to have sex. Granger gets his cock all wet in C.J's mouth and moves around behind Cole to try to get inside his ass and this time he's successful. Cole grunts a minute as Granger shoves in but once it's in it's on troops. Cole is fucking C.J. while he jerks on C.J.'s hard cock and Granger is fucking Cole and it's a hot two-way fuck folks.

Bringing Up The Rear 3 Two full hours of hardcore virgin ass fucking! Our hot third compilation video featuring some of your favorite guys getting fucked for the first time ever this movie is 100% hardcore action. Movie Starring: Kevin Cameron (m) Jake * Ken Tony Zack *

Bringing Up The Rear When Luke can't get all of Dirk's dick down his throat, he decides to put his own as far up Tuffy's ass as it will go. Tuffy says, "Whooa man, not so fast ... easy on my butt!" Dirk says, "Just relax" as Luke plows it all the way up into Tuffy. Luke easily moves his dick in and out of Tuffy and we can see that before long there's a tight little ass pushing back. Tuffy is making faces and groaning, but you couldn't pry him off of Luke's dick. Watch as the dick slides easily in and out of Tuffy's little round ass. If truth were known he is probably getting the fuck of his life. And we were there for every stroke! Matt and Tuffy switch places and Matt starts spreading Brennan's cheeks apart and fingering his tight hole as Tuffy lubes up to go in for the kill on his buddy's virgin ass. Tuffy starts slow and once he's in he gives Brennan a good pounding. Brennan throws his ass back and enjoys the ride. Matt stands up and starts feeding Tuffy his long cock as Tuffy plows into Brennan and sucks away on Matt. Tuffy then stands flatfooted on the bed and bangs down into Brennan's ass. Matt moves around and slaps Tuffy on the ass and then starts eating Tuffy's ass as Tuffy thrusts in and out of Brennan! Movie Starring: Jamie Matt Marcus Wolf Craig

Brittney Skye ...Aka Filthy Whore Brittney Skye is a sweet young thing who thrills at the idea of bringing pleasure to the world through orgasms! This omnibus of her finest moments gives you the full effect of her Zen-like ability to make the world a brighter place by getting you off. It really is better to give than receive! Movie Starring: Evan Stone Chris Cannon Joel Lawrence Lee Stone

Brooklyn Meat Company Donnie Russo's casting couch, where nine inches or more gets you in the door, and his street-wise, tattooed Brooklyn tough guys! From Coney Island to flatbush, this working-class stable of horny studs put their big bones to good use plowing tight young butts and force-feeding their cock-hungry home boys. Movie Starring: Gus Mattox Donnie Russo Jeremy Jordan Brad Cox Timbo Briggs Woody Soxx

Brooklyn Meat Co Donnie Russo's casting couch, where 9 inches or more get's you in the door, and his street wise, tattooed Brooklyn tough guys! From Coney Island to Flatbush, this working-class stable of horny studs put their big bones to good use plowing tight young butts and force-feeding their cock-hungry homeboys. Movie Starring: Donnie Russo Gus Mattox

Brother Trouble We follow brothers Karl & Greg Thomas as they inherit their uncle's haunted house as well as his taste for cock. Derrick Jenson and Alan Lambert join the mix. Movie Starring: Karl Thomas Greg Thomas Rod Burnett Vinnie Travino Mark Robinson Harley Adams

Brotherhood In BROTHERHOOD, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick stars in the role of Chandler, one of the most popular guys on campus and a pillar of his college fraternity. When one of his fraternity brothers discovers that Chandler has been secretly working his way through college making all-male adult movies, all hell breaks loose. Determined not to resign, Chandler sets out to discover the secrets of the other brothers and "level the playing field." The entire film takes place during one long, hot night at the frat house after a formal dance. Movie Starring: Danny Roddick Jan Fischer Sebastian Rivers Dallas Reeves Kevin Armstrong Justin Burkshire

Brothers And Other Fantasies Good buddies talk about their wildest fantasies. From seducing the horny straight plumber to sexy, steamy thoughts about a younger man! These studs don't hold back on what they fantasize about. Movie Starring: Matt Bandero Vince Bandero Jack Reilly Casey Williams Tommy Lord Spike

Brothers Bareback The Rocha brothers are out for as much ass as they can pack into four days. And like all good brothers, they don't mind sharing. Kevin Rocha starts things out in Scene 1 by visiting a dirty movie theater. When he starts stroking his fattie, another patron, Phoenix Rising, follows suit. Pants come down and Phoenix goes down on Kevin. Once Kevin's cock is all pumped, Phoenix wraps his bubble ass around it, riding up and down like a cock jockey. Kevin pulls out just in time to shoot a big load down Phoenix's throat. Movie Starring: Angel Rocha Kevin Rocha Phoenix Rising Jon Estevez Orion Cross Lucas Di Fubbiano

Brothers Behaving Badly 2 "Three country bumpkin brothers are anything but backwards when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires. As the brothers scout a car coming down a country road, they signal to each other in their charming backwoods way. They set up a fake roadblock to detour the car with three hunks. The guys pull over and blond Chip Noll notices that a log with nails flattened their tire. He looks for help and comes across hillbilly hottie Gregg Rockwell. Gregg informs Mr. Chip that "he's got a pretty mouth" and forces him to go inside the cabin. Gregg pushes Chip to his knees and forces his stiff pecker in his mouth. Gregg thrusts his hips, fucking Chip's face. Gregg does some dirty talking and instructs his hungry blond bottom how to lick his sweet ass. Movie Starring: Gregg Rockwell Lee Walters Jerek Jonathan Gabriel Chip Noll Alan Gregory

Brothers In Arms Watch this ship rock as three fine, healthy young men 'serve' their country in the United States Navy. This movie is packed with hot hardcore action. Movie Starring: Chad Savage Mason Jarr Hans Ebson Rob Steele Sam Crockett Matt Bandero

Brothers In Heat When these brothers cum at you, they are bringin' the big dicks and the phat asses, chances are, you ain't never thrown these Brothers in Heat! Movie Starring: Shorty J. Duke (Blatino) Remy Mars Extreme Mask Blaze (II)

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