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C.H.P. Johnny Cage Officer Cage enjoys working his big cock for the audience. He smokes a cigar and uses his gloves for his pleasure and stroking his ten inches of thick man meat in a hot JO! Movie Starring: Johnny Cage

Cabin Capers Horny studs whose cabin fever gets the best of them and each other! These studs take it out on each other's stiff cocks and tight butt holes. Movie Starring: Rob Steele Alex Wilcox Bruce Hill Cody Tyler Dirk Adams Rick Brock

Cabin Tales When four friends find themselves on a deserted hideaway in the forest they decide to kick back and enjoy the warm fire while telling each other about the best sex they've ever had. With each stud delivering multiple cum shots in each scene, it's not long before all of the story telling gets the uncut eastern European pups fired up and ready for a little live action of their own. Movie Starring: Nicolas Corby Casey Prince Bob Crane Daniel Nicolaus Eric Flower Ruslan Peterko

Cadets In Arms This isn't just another video, It's another HOT EXPERIENCE from Regiment! This one has it man to man action, thrills, chills...and STONIE!! Movie Starring: Drew Andrews Logan Reed Sergio Real Scott Mann George Fleece Damien Walters

Cadet John Travis' his newest extravaganza, CADET. Exploring "don't ask; don t tell" within the confines of a military academy, Travis finds a hotbed of horny male sex. As timely as today's headlines, CADET serves up one cum blast after another as these military up-and-comers kiss, suck dick, eat ass and f 404.homeclick bdp_workfile_birkenstock bdp_workfile_cutter__buck bdp_workfile_cutter_andamp;_buck bdp_workfile_daniblack bdp_workfile_eurosock bdp_workfile_footprints_by_birkenstock bdp_workfile_g_shock bdp_workfile_mad_rock bdp_workfile_new_rock bdp_workfile_rubber_duck bdp_workfile_terre_peck bdp_workfile_wrightsock has.homeclick movie.dick ret.back workart_barbara-mock workart_clive-madgwick workart_dwayne-warwick workart_leslie-connie-bernsen-tunick workart_thea-schrack workbrandBirkenstock workbrandJudithJack workbrandMadRock workbrandWrightsock workbranddaniblack workdesc1maverick workdesc1speck worklinkback butt -- but don t tell. Movie Starring: Frank Towers Christian Steele Jon Eric Derek Michaels Nick Savage Marcus Caine

Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang Caesar's car breaks down at a construction site on the day the crew plans to make the new guy "one of them." As the initiation starts, the foreman eyes Caesar. He's hot, sexy and only there for the crew, but it's not their hats he wants hard! Movie Starring: Caesar

Caesar's Heat It's hard to be humble when you're as buff and sexy as this guy. Hairy Caesar watches from around the corner of a house while Smooth Caesar strips off next to a swimming pool. The sun beats down on his bulging muscles as he begins to feel himself up, leading to stroking an impressive erection that strains for the skies beneath the girdle of lower abs. Smooth Caesar's pool has a huge mirror at the end, the better to reflect his macho power as he performs. The sweat that adorns his bulging pecs, wide lats and massive arms is a great enhancement as Smooth Caesar works his cock. Movie Starring: Caesar Kaya Moore

Caliente: Bonus Disc The latest release from Raging Stallion offers another group of hot Argentinian men sucking and fucking in classic Raging Stallion style. Caliente brings new skin to the screen with a focus on sucking and fucking in the hot Argentine climate. Movie Starring: Alan Efron Lucas Serra Rafael Zambelli Paul Antonio Biaggi Michael Amerika

Caliente The latest release from Raging Stallion offers another group of hot Argentinean men sucking and fucking in classic Raging Stallion style. Caliente brings new skin to the screen with a focus on sucking and fucking in the hot Argentine climate. Movie Starring: Alan Efron Lucas Serra Rafael Zambelli Paul Antonio Biaggi Michael Amerika

California Kings There's bedlam in the bedroom with Falcon exclusives Tom Chase and Mike Branson. Catch these two wildcats in a hot and rugged, eye-poppin' sex scene. See Tom as you've never seen him before! Did someone say, "Bottoms up?" Movie Starring: Eric Hanson Mike Branson Tom Chase Marc Stewart Matthew Anders Dale Rhodes

Call Boy There's a new boy in town. His name is Charlie. His smooth dark skin will turn you on. His young innocent face will make you weak. He's yours if you want him. All you have to do is call. Charlie Boy is available to you. For a price, he'll make your dreams come true. Call Boy. Movie Starring: Joshua Sterling Chaz Carlton Todd Mitchell Joe Romero Chip Daniels Charlie Boy

Call Boy 8 scenes with 20 guys, it's a full out gag fest! These guys are on call and they are call all the time. Don't miss out on these hot guys sucking cocks and ass fucking like only they can! Movie Starring: Eric Flower Carlos Rocky Sommers Samuel Dolce Robbie Masters Tom White

Call Of Duty Call of Duty an interesting video in that it starts out as a video between Kane and his longtime military buddy Jack. During this shoot I allowed a journalist (who must remain anonymous) to sit in on the filming. I'm not sure if it was my sly soothing ways or the pretty ass on Kane and the hot ass on Jack, but eventually our writer get written into the scene and all hell breaks loose. I think Jack was just happy to have another cock to play with while Kane may have been relieved to have some of the focus taken off of him. Movie Starring: Jack Kane

Call To Arms Your country calls - it's time to do your duty! So step right up today and support your right to bury arms (and anything else within reach) deep inside the nearest needy patriot! Witness new enlistee Jordan West undergo a mandatory head shaving at the hands of Corporal Beau Saxon and then take his first dildo (ever) up his innocent hole! Duck and cover as private Frank Sylvano takes a pounding from a barrage of hole-seeking missiles; and, if you're man enough for it, hold on as John Ferage sits all the way down on the biggest dildos and butt plugs ever made before taking a salute up to the elbow! OK, Private

Calor Latino: Hombres Calientes Check out the latest from ICaro, Calor Latino: Hombres Calientes. The hottest harcore action, only from Brazil!

Camp De Loisir...Camp De Plaisir A group of young guys are going to sleep in the woods. They are free to do whatever they time!

Camp Hard Rocks Fucking Outdoors is so erotic that you will want to look for the first opportunity to slam some ass or suck some cock under a blue sky and hot sun. These guys tear up the grass and certainly tear up some ass. Movie Starring: Junior Carioca Sandro Bullock Andrei Costa Bebo Carcos Patrick Lost Alex Leite

Camp Out Camp Out is Studio 2000 and Director Derek Kent's frisky sequel to their smash hit The Scout Club. It stars tasty Trevor Knight, delicious D.C. Chandler and a cast of the most dazzling, doe-eyed dynamos you have ever seen in one show. This al fresco romp is clearly about the beauty of boyish, buffed bodies and the joys of jizz. Every second will have you awesomely aroused and beating the beast in your britches. Director Kent captures every delicious detail in juicy close-up and the production values are superb. Movie Starring: Tommy DeLuca D.C. Chandler Trevor Knight Bobby Brennan Mike Harrell Chip Noll

Campeurs En Action The campers benefit from their leisure's to improvise small "skewer-parts". But their specialty, it is not to spit tomatoes or cook them, it is to take small firm asses and bust them wide open. Movie Starring: Adrian Sprev Jason Foxx Timmy Hack Sergei Nimov Ethan Nixxon

Can You Handle It Everybody loves a big dick, and when you're horny, it seems you can't find a dick big enough to fill that tight hole. But when you run into a fine ass PR Bro with 10-10 1/2 inch of what looks and feels like steel pipe... There's only one question that needs to be asked, Can You Handle It! Movie Starring: Favian Gotti Alejandro Carlito Kidd

Can't Stop Stefan, Karel Rok and Tomas Patrik are eagerly sucking each other's cocks and then take turns fucking one another on a sofa. In scene 2: Tony does a slow strip tease showing off his hot muscular body for the camera. He settles down on a sofa and takes his time stroking himself off until he shoots a huge load on his chest. Scene 3: Michal is soaping up in the shower and gets a little turned on. He takes matters into his own hands and strokes out a big load. Movie Starring: Kamil Misl Karel Rok Petr Strom Tomas Patrik Bill Antonin

Canadian Muscle: The Body Builders Come see some of the hottest male professional body builders as they glisten and flex for you in this special film by Canadian Muscle.

Canadian Muscle: The Fitness Models These boys are so athletic and cut you'll be drooling over their hot bodies in no time! Come see some of the finest Canadian men that Canadian Muscle has to offer!

Canibais The law of the forest says: If you kill it you have to eat it! But these savages prefer to kill their victims out of pleasure using their rock hard spears and their voracious appetite for sex. Movie Starring: Renzo Poax Lenehan Fellipe Meireles Seth Cohen Bruno Cattoni Alex Jr.

Canvas When Ross blows the biggest ad campaign of his career, he has the weekend to come up with a killer idea. But when his brother-in-law Jude comes to visit, Ross finds himself distracted by an unforeseen sexual attraction. And he's not the only one with a killer idea. Movie Starring: Rob Romoni Chad Hunt Jason Ridge Tony Scalia Kylie Ireland Michael Knight

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