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Capoeira 20 Here's another volume of Capoeira that will make you as happy as the other one's did. Dancing and fucking all in the same video!

Capoeira 21 Here comes yet another volume of the very sexy and spiritual side of Capoeira. There might be a couple of big cock's too!

Capoeira 23 The hot, hung, beautiful black men of Capoeira are finally back and hotter than ever! This is the line that Black Inches says "features some of the biggest, yummiest dicks youve ever seen" & "These men are right up there in the Kristen Bjorn category of pure masculine perfection"! Movie Starring: Caio Macedo Valdir Dema

Capoeira 25 Capoeira is a complex martial arts style of fight, but when these guys get together for practice things get heated up! Lots of ass fucking, ass eating, and passion man on man loving just for you! It's the 25th installment of Capoeira¯! Movie Starring: Alan Black Douglas Torres Victor Manzini Jorge Freitas Roger Moura Alex Master

Capoeira 26 The black gods from Brazil are back, bigger and better! Prepare for the rush, this is the one fans have been craving! Movie Starring: Junior Nobre Alan Black Alber Charles Poax Lenehan Alex Pinheiro Tiago De Castro

Capoeira 2 Capoeira is a martial arts discipline developed by the Brazilian military to give its soldiers a secret weapon that carries lethal force. What they discovered, however, was that the techniques of defeating an opponent were even better suited to loving him.

Capoeira 3 It started out as Brazil's unique form of martial arts, but Capoeira soon became the most satisfying way for men to make love to each other. Movie Starring: Renato Gabriel Bruno George Thiago Marcio

Capoeira 9 No thugs, no gangstas, just the hottest, most beautiful black men in the Southern Hemisphere. A new level in black eroticism! This is the line AVN calls Absolutely beautiful¯ where the men are like gods¯ & Black Inches says features some of the biggest, yummiest dicks you've ever seen¯!

Capoeira "The Brazilian sex ritual is captured in all of its erotic glory in this video featuring Brazilian hunks going at it in the great outdoors." This flick is packed with loads of man/man action. Movie Starring: Flavio Juan Garcia Alexandre Pernambuco Marcos Adriano Fischer Caio Peron

Captured: Director's Cut A beast has been unleashed and no one's ass is safe until he has been captured in director Doug Jeffries latest epic. When it comes to sex, Steve Cannon is an animal in this film. He wanders from the desert to the city in the form of a dog, sniffing out action wherever he goes. Movie Starring: Steve Cannon Joshua Adams Shane Rollins Jacob Slader Marcos Pirelli Vin Nolan

Captured A beast has been unleashed and no one's ass is safe until he has been captured in director Doug Jeffries latest epic. Movie Starring: Dillon Press Alex Leon Chad Savage Steve Cannon Rod Barry Shane Rollins

Caramel Cream Smooth, sticky, and superbly scrumptious. Sweet lovers with sweeter cream make some scandalous sex scenes!

Card Tricks Wait until you take a close look at the tasty tricks this well-stacked deck of cards offers. It is no secret that every Derek Kent show is a special event and Card Tricks is no exception. This film is bubbling over with a cast that is quite simply the cream of the cock-crop. Let's just say that this is one card game that is most certainly aces high. Movie Starring: Jake Havoc Franco Santoro Jacob Slader Brad Benton Brad Slater Bobby Williams

Caribbean Cruising Come aboard the fabulous Lust Boat and join the well-endowed passengers who find no trouble in docking their dinghies in a safe port! From the husky Captain to the horny first mate, the crew go out of their way to prove they run a tight ship

Carlito's Gay 2 He's got one thing on his mind and it's far from the traditional male fantasy. Hot Latinos spice things up with mucho caliente sex scenes.

Carlito's Gay This time out the homeboyz have dug deep within the raunchy recessed of sexual passion and uncovered and age old secret. This pinga-popping movie includes the duo and steamy solo sex act that have to be to believe. Big bold and butch these studs wave their thick uncut tools with Hispanic pride! Movie Starring: Tony Vega Carlos Sodom Carlito Cabal Robert Rondo Tony Terso Rocco

Carlo And Friends Hung and beautiful European hotties enchant the forests of Prague. Carlo discovers all the horny delights of uncut man sex with several ass-pleasing affairs. Movie Starring: Pavel Korsakov Jan Dvorak Carlo

Carlo Cox Jerks Off Hard, hairy and fucking horny! These words perfectly sum up Out on Parole. Featuring some of the hunkiest men around, all in close up ass ramming and rimming action! This film will have you rock solid from start to finish as we follow Carlo Cox making the most of being Out on Parole. Movie Starring: Carlo Cox Trojan Rock Tony Masala Ryan Peterson Uncle John Melvine

Carlos Baxter And Shane Rage Check out these hot Diamond stars, Carlos Baxter and Shane Rage. They're wearing uniforms that they take off to reveal their tight muscular bodies. They're sexy and just can't get enough man love! Movie Starring: Rod Stevens Carlos Baxter Shane Rage Fred Goldsmith Sylvio Panthera Ray Phillips

Carlos Spankman: In Charge Mayhem North started its spanking videos with Mandy Goodhandy, who owns a bunch of businesses where coincidentally all staff are young, good looking boys, who make mistakes, and get punished. Well there is more to the spanking story than Mandy - with this title we are introducing Carlos Spankman. Carlos is a manager at another warehouse run by 'Boss TK' (who can be seen in Inside Todd's Mayhem), and Carlos is left in charge when Boss TK goes on vacation. Boss TK is very similar to Mandy Goodhandy in that he too runs businesses staffed exclusively by young good looking boys who make mistakes and get punished. (If anyone wonders whether Mandy Goodhandy or Boss TK's businesses actually DO anything, well, that is a good question. Maybe they are just devoted to the art of spanking) Anyways, Carlos Spankman is known to be a bit pushy with the other workers, something that Boss TK enjoys watching on the surveillance tapes. So when Boss TK goes out of town for a vacation, he leaves Carlos Spankman 'In Charge'. Carlos wastes no time in making sure the other boys knows who the new boss man is.

Carnal Carnivale What happens at Carnivale stays at Carnivale! Hot threesomes, big dicks, and ass puckering assholes. Movie Starring: Jonathan Kawa Gustavo Andre Mike Latino Marcelo Moura Rodrigo

Carnal Choices Carnal Choices is a romantic roundelay about Dallas Adams' search for the perfect lover. He lives in a big house with roommates Jake Havoc and Antonio Madiera, who offer unwanted advice on his love life. Havoc is especially funny as the dude who always has something bitchy to say. Adams arrives back home to tell his roomies about the new guy he has met. They listen, and then Madiera leaves to wake up the trick he picked up the night before. The tasty trick turns out to be Rod Daily who is already very much up. Madiera wastes no time sucking his trimmed tool and chewing his balls. The shots of this super-slurply suck photographed through Madiera's legs allows us a tempting view of his low-hangers swaying in the breeze as he deep-throats Daily's dandy dong. Movie Starring: Jake Havoc Jason Harley Rod Daily Enrique Velazco Dallas Adams Antonio Madiera

Carnal Intentions Money can buy a lot of cars, sex and good times. But when that just isn't enough, its time to play with people's lives the results can sometimes be deadly. Movie Starring: Tony Donovan Chad Donovan Brad Benton

Carnaval Total A carnival full of delicious Brazilian man. Anything goes join these horny people as they fuck and get fucked.

Carnaval Filmed on Location in Brazil Carnaval (Portuguese)is a noun. Carnaval is described as a festival marked by merrymaking and processions of revelers in varying states of nudity. To us this means The biggest, sexiest party on Earth! Movie Starring: Rick Garcia Marcelo Mastro Max Kairon Jeff Silva Lucas Lucky (Brazilian) Junior Ronaldo

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