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Chain Male A mysterious chain letter tells it's recipients to "get lucky" by having hot sex! Dominic Sinclair plows Bruce Hill tight ass. Hot bodies Steven Taylor and Sweet William love 69ing before Steve fucks Sweet. Furry Mike Kennedy rams Josh Evers. Lee Casey Hassalo fucks Sweet William again after they 69. Movie Starring: Mike Kennedy Josh Evers Bruce Hill Lee Casey Hassalo Sweet Williams Dominic Sinclair

Chain Of Command The continuing search for a few good men. Bad boy Owen Hawk's just salivating at the prospect of getting into the military. His mental picture of the military life is one filled with hot studs who just love to screw around with each other's rock hard bodies and dicks! Hawk gets a personal demonstration of following orders¦from his drill sergeant”who does just that! The sergeant's versatile too! All turns into a nasty balls-to-the-wall orgy and a spectacular gangbanging of Tim Rusty”last in line his instructor! Movie Starring: Jay Varella Tim Rusty Markiz Baldwin Tom Slade Duke Hunter Marcos Pirelli

Charlotte Cum "Mr.Big! That shouldn't just be a nickname for one of the men in Charlotte Cum.. this guy should be featured in a theme park. And there's a whole lotta folks who'd buy tickets and hop on for a spin. Big is so big, he needed two scenes: One in a motel room and another in a garage, where he fucks Brandon Jacobs on a lawn tractor. You decide which is the bigger tool. Movie Starring: Mr. Big Brandon Jacobs Steve Wam Jerry Cherry

Chasing Andy Watch these hot studs as they show you their hung packages. They are hot, horny and hung. A must see. Movie Starring: Drew Andrews Kurt Stefano Collin Jennings Eduardo Casey O' Brian Ian Andrews

Cheat Watch what happens when these two guys get caught up in the thralls of passion. Cheat¯ delivers the hardcore man on man sexually encounters that you have been dying to see! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Chase Allen Cutter West Chris O'Conner Reno Johnson Max Grand Rick French

Check Out My Furniture A well-hung Navy guy, having an extended wank. Soapy, ripped abdomens and semi-erect pork in the shower room.

Cheek To Cheek The sex here is definitely for those who appreciate mixing salt with their pepper: you got it boys, interracial nirvana. Good cumshots, great bodies and faces put this one up there in the pantheon of "you got chocolate in my vanilla" fuck flicks. Movie Starring: Erik Ross Travis Felix Lucky Jones Tommy Tanner Alan Michaels

Cheesy Dicks: Cheese Factory Webster define cheesy dicks or smegma is the secretion of a sebaceous gland; specifically : the cheesy sebaceous matter that collects between the glands penis and the foreskin. Most people just call it cheesy dick. This video is for the men who likes large uncut smelly cheesy dicks. Movie Starring: Leo Wilson Misael Juve Viejo Adriano

Chew Manchu Josh gives Derrick an elixir, turning him into a sex slave. Derrick eagerly sucks Josh. He shows Josh his hungry asshole, which Josh munches. Josh sucks Derrick. Movie Starring: Chris Ling Al Wong Allen Chan Christian Zimata Josh Perez Dave Casino

Chi Chi LaRue's Boot Black 2: Spit Shine When Chi Chi LaRue trotted out Boot Black #1, everyone wondered how and if she could top it. Well, stop wondering. Boot Black #2 is here. Return with Miss LaRue as she ushers us once more into the dark, seedy underbelly of leather sex club cruising as seen through the eyes of a particularly busy boot black. Why, it's like spending the evening at a leather bar without having to be degreased afterwards! Movie Starring: Casey Jordan Devyn Foster Kurt Manning Rob Cryston Rip Stone Alex Kincaid

Chicago Erection Co. Chicago may be known affectionately as the 'second city', but these monumental hunks are first rate! There are many very tall buildings in Chicago... and these works of art are no exception! Rock hard muscle, young daddies goin' at it big time! Lots of serious sucking, fucking, ass rimming, and butt banging! Copious cumshots too! After all... Chicago's always been a very friendly town... and full of that Midwestern beefcake! Movie Starring: Brandon Reevet Eric York Damian Ford Tony Ricci Daniel James Rick Estephan

Chicago Meat Packers This new video from Bijou shows us that those hot studs in the Midwest sure know how to employ those bodies, especially when they have a boss that knows how to handle his men. Thick-cocked and spicy Maxx plays the unrelenting slave-driving boss of the Chicago Meat Packers, who proves once and for all, that all it takes is a good boss to make the men work harder. With his hand-picked work force, all in prime physical condition, its surprising that not a lot of work actually gets done...well, work that doesn't involve the meat they're packing, that is. After Maxx enjoys the view of his naked workers from his office window, he then entices his workers up to the office to satisfy his lustful fantasies. Movie Starring: Tony Montana Cougar Cash Austin Black Maxx Joshua Scott Tyler Edwards

Chicago Sex Party hosted an invitation-only sex party in Chicago & men came from all over the Midwest to play! Check out these real guys, horny & anxious to play, as they put on an incredible performance for our camera's! Whether it comes to swallowing the longest dick, or rimming the tightest hole, these guys do it all & we get to watch -- very up close!

Chicago's All Amateur Jack Off: Alex M. Alex is handsome and extra hung and I ain't kidding! Can you believe I didn't' go down on this handsome guy? What was wrong with me? I did stroke him a bit, but don't tell anyone. At one point, I was underneath him while he was stroking and he smacked me on the top of my little shaved head with his big, big boner. I loved it! This is one hot man. Love the hair on his belly and chest and just wait until you hear all the moans and groans he makes. This guy really loves working his big ol' bone. He also has big juicy balls. I touched them, but I didn't lick em. I got a boner just editing the clip. When I was done, I whipped it out and popped off a load. Sure would be great to get another dude to give him head on cam. Would you like to see that? What a sweet cumshot. He gave himself a pearl necklace! He got a lot of cum on his face and beard and licked some off from the side of his mouth. I think this is the first true pearl necklace on Whack it World. I can't wait till he cums back for another session. Movie Starring: Alex M.

Chicago's All Amateur Jack Off: Ben What a beautiful young man. His eyes and perfect lips hit me first. And what a sweet guy, as most of my models are. Then he began to take off his clothes and I was very impressed. Look at those legs and that butt, never mind that beautiful chest. As with a lot of men he was nervous in the beginning. I wanted to give him some privacy at first, so I left the room and asked me to call him back after he got hard. When it came time to shoot, I should have had the sheet in the background. It may appear that he didn't shoot too much but he did and it went everywhere. It went everywhere! The transition while he was shooting his load was a millisecond in time cause he got some on my face and in my reaction I moved the camera off him, but just for a sec. Watch this str8 dude play with his boner Movie Starring: Ben

Chicago's All Amateur Jack Off: Brandon Brandon has a beautiful face and body. He's a stripper on weekends, and you can tell he's a stripper by the way he acts in this video. Sometimes you'll see some lighting brightness changes cause he was very sensitive to the light and I made adjustments. Well if you strip in a dark bar, I can understand the issue. Movie Starring: Brandon

Chicago's All Amateur Jack Off: Daniel 4 This was one of the hottest dudes to date! That face, that body, that fat, veiny, uncut cock and what a sweet guy. Hold your boners boys. Kenny went to San Juan for a week and did four shoots, of which Daniel was the best. I found all the PR boys on One shoot was set up before I left Chicago. The last three I found on my last afternoon and filmed them that evening into the night. That was one hot day! And I don't mean outside, although it was quite hot outside as well. I love San Juan. The lighting isn't great, so I played with brightness and hue and stuff to get the best video possible. You don't miss anything, anything at all. I sure did a lot of moaning, grunting and Oh my god's¯ during this shoot. Not only can I imagine a hot guy like that in my hotel room, there he was, OMG! Oh the stirrin' occurrin' in my pants, I just had to touch him, and I did but only for a few seconds. Daniel was a natural with no inhibitions and loved to show off. He stuck to the conventional jack off routine, but did it in all poses. He got hard quick and started pre-cumming immediately. In the dictionary, where you look up perfect cock,¯ you'll find a picture of this boys beautiful boner. At one point I was leaning back on the bed and he started to straddle me, which was way cool, and I got to play with his nuts and nips a bit. He was ready to cum right then and I had to get him to slow down. After all we were only three minutes into the shoot! Enjoy Daniel and please enjoy the other three Puerto Rican boys that I shot. I truly enjoyed myself in San Juan and meeting these very sweet men. Movie Starring: Daniel *

Chicago's All Amateur Jack Off: Frank Frank is an older man with a huge cock and big balls! I had a great time watching this guy jack his dick! I hope you have as much fun as I did watching him! Movie Starring: Frank

Chicos Cubanos Everyone who'd been to cuba agrees, that it is the place where you find the most handsome Men in the planet and, these beauties not only love to danse, they also enjoy sex and like to fuck!

Chief Big Dick Me smokem' peace-pipe then wampum han dsome braves Eager Bottom and Bends-Over-Easy in their tee-pees! Me Chief Big Dick! Me takem' what me want from naked, well-hung tribesmen whenever me get horny! It's good to be chief!

Chillin' At Vinnie's What better way to celebrate Vindawg's birthday than with a bevy of naked bad boys! Four straight punks from my incorrigible posse stroke and squirt side by each with a little help from yours truly. Wait till you see what they got for him!

Chiseled Eleven delicious, bronzed hunks open their doors and mouths with an insatiable appetite for cock! You've never seen a hotter group of guys or more cum spewn than in this video - complete with close-up penetration and ass rimming to its fullest. Movie Starring: Jack Laurel Giuseppe Piccoli Dean Edwards Fred Goldsmith Rick Bauer Rick Perry

Chocolate Candy 2 Watch these hot, young, black studs suck & fuck each other to ecstacy. Chocolate cock in your mouth and your ass! Movie Starring: Ken Taylor Ty Jones Dante Franklin Pierre Gemini (m) Mocha (m)

Chocolate Candy 6 Mmm, no candy bars needed here, all there is are good stiff dicks! Black and hung studs suck and fuck each other! Movie Starring: Michael Rome Bob Cat Ricco Black Little Blunt Pleasure (m) Brown Eyez

Chocolate Covered Crackas 2 Continuing the interracial adventure from Just Chillin Productions Rod Barry, Brett Matthews, Frankie Jay and a few more studley gay guys discover ultimate pleasure in black and white. Get your goo on with these huge cocked all-American men! Movie Starring: Rod Barry Baby Boy Frankie Jay Brett Matthews Delectable Park Wiley

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