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Cock Shots Cock Shots is one of the most jism-inducing films to come out of Studio 2000 in a long time. "These thirteen riveting men create a film of such erotic power and sheer beauty that it will stun you. Every scene is good, two or three of them will draw you in deeply and remain with you forever". Movie Starring: Brian Bodine Dean Monroe Trevor Knight Brett Matthews Jack London Jherrad Lopez

Cockaholic Look at those muscles, look at these guys! Not only their physical aspects are perfect, but they suck the spirit out of each other, too! They love the cock, and show this for you now! If you watch this movie you will see gods "working on" each other, soft and hard! Movie Starring: Claudio Antonelli Paolo Ramatti Fredy Costa Randy Jones Tommy Hard Roby Nemesis

Cockpit The most stunning cliffhanger ever captured by Catalina's hardcore cameras! Everybody's going down! Movie Starring: Steve Rambo Graham (Load) Sam Burton Joe Kennedy Jay Paxton Julian Houston

Cocks For Real Men This film has plenty of man dicks as these studs work their man muscle whether at home, at the office, or outdoors. These men find occupational sex the most desirable as construction workers, lifeguards, truckers, or motorcycle cops seek hot cock for plowing and sucking! Enjoy!

Cocks In Paradise Hand in hand, porn stars Robert Van Damme and Matthew Rush knock on the front door of the Coral Reef Guest House, located somewhere in the gay mecca of beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They have reservations at the guest house, but none about what they're there for “ Sex! The host leads them to their room, telling them that the Coral Reef is a clothing optional resort where sex is encouraged. Hot sex is what they - and the other 8 studs who are guests there - want. And in 5 sizzling scenes, it's what they all get. The film is written and produced by Robert Van Damme, and is directed by him with Gio Caruso and Gino Colbert. Movie Starring: Matthew Rush Drake Jaden Dustin Michaels Trey Turner Brenn Wyson Robert Van Damme

Cocktails These hot black dudes have more cock for some tails! Tails as in ass that is, these guys fuck ass holes and suck cock till the cum drenches their mouths with glistening dick slobber! Enjoy!

Cocktales: Sex In Bars The theme of this video is, obviously, sex in bars and it was filmed in various real-life bars around the country. "Coach" Hardman blows and is blown by redhead Ryan Cassidy-and Hardman, looking very toned, delivers two money shots. Closing the bar, the two accidentally lock in two patrons who are passed out in the toilet-Baldwin and Wolff. But the sex between these two is very perfunctory. Movie Starring: Scott Hardman Ryan Cassidy Tom Katt Danny Sommers Scott Baldwin Mark West

Coco Dorm Live 3 These horny black dudes are going to show what staying at the Coco Dorm is all about! These hung guys are pounding each other ass and suck each other off! This third installment of the Live¯ series has more action packed, ass-pounding fun that you can't miss out on! Enjoy!

Coco Dorm Live 5 The hottest and freakiest Dorm Life ever. Scene after scene of horny hung black men getting their freak on!

Code Black Enter a dark zone of leather and lust where hot Bruthas explore their sexual desires with no shame. From sucking to fucking and piss to fists, BRUTHAS ARE DOIN' WHAT DA FUNK THEY WANNA DO!!! Movie Starring: Mario Ortiz Flex Deon Harry Wolfe Fox Kenn Turner Squirt Peters

Code Of Conduct 2: Deliverance Director's Cut Prepare yourself runt, for the discipline and the order that you have been waiting for in your pathetic, little life! These hunky, big men are gonna whip you into shape with their cocks and make a man out of you, yet. Movie Starring: Matt Bradshaw Steve O'Donnell Steve Pierce Adam Wilde Jake Andrews Sky Thompson

Code Of Conduct: Stripped Director's Cut Honoring the Code of Conduct, a tale of domination and submission in the military. Follow super-hot Dean Spencer as he is locked up in solitary confinement, awaiting his dishonorable discharge. Stripped and shaved, he is forced to learn an entirely new way of life by Master Sergeant Jake Andrews. Also starring Falcon Exclusives Jeff Palmer and Tom Chase, the adventure begins! Movie Starring: Jake Taylor Steve O'Donnell Steve Pierce Jake Andrews Kyle Reardon Todd Gibbs

College Cockhounds All the action is outdoors, all the guys are toned and gorgeous and all the sex is hot. Another great young stud sex flick from Bloc which is two hours long and filled with fabulous dicks and edible asses! Movie Starring: Johan Volny Bryan McCain Joseph Ther Martin Soukup Robert Driveman Mario Fox

College Cocks 2 A new crop of hotties have arrived on the idyllic campus that was the setting of the first College Cocks released in 2007. Superstar of that blockbuster, he-man Julian Vincenzo, is back as the main man to keep the students in line. Alas, he doesn't give the boys any of his trademark hands-on sex lessons in this one, but lots of other hard-bodied macho men are hanging around, or rather their timber-thick man meat is hanging, ever ready to spring into hard action. Movie Starring: Chris Hacker Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Flavio McAlistar Claudio Antonelli Julian Vincenzo

College Cocks Fifteen studious studs get educated in ways their parents never imagined. Get a tour of what higher education is really all about, hot men and even hotter fucking. See why this fraternity should be called Sigma-Cum-Loudly! Movie Starring: Jiri Havlik Radek Panacek Mrazek Lubos Miloslav Vyskocil Lukas Janicek Richard Struzik

College Country Break After a hard day of studying these hotties want to relax with a hard cock. These boys give a whole new meaning to the word spring break. Movie Starring: Mirek Voight Matthus Reinhardt Milan Johanson Kristian Valla Jirka Gregor Josef "Killer" Socher

College Jocks And Their Cocks Hottie Matt Faulkner works up a sweat playing with his huge uncut cock, then explodes with a massive cumshot. Next, redhead Nate Bater puts on quite a show! First he tries on a couple of pairs of tight underwear, only to strip them off & start working his massive cock. Then he pulls out a huge dildo & struggles to get every inch of it in. When he's done, he licks up his own cum. Movie Starring: Matthew Faulkner Nate Bater

College Jocks That Suck Cock Three handsome & hung college jocks get busy with each other in this hot flick from director Dick Hunter. Matt Faulkner, with his six-pack abs & thick uncut cock, fucks the shit out of redhead Nate Bater bareback. Then he licks up his own cum & shares it with his buddy in a sloppy kiss. Next, Nate returns having just beat his friends team in a soccer match. To settle a bet between the two jocks, the loser must suck the winners cock!

College Swim Team These stunning athletes have been partying more than practicing. Their coach has a special nude workout in store for them. Poolside calisthenics, in-water workouts, rigorous laps, one-on-one sprints, side-by-side relay races - our underwater cameras capture every detail of their smooth, naked, muscular bodies knifing through the water. During breaks, each swimmer proudly displays the results of the hard work - his beautifully formed nude body in breathtaking close-up. Practice makes these men perfect! Movie Starring: Tino Lopez John Matthews Scott Alexander Alex C. Coach Trevor Dean

Collin And Hurley I really get off watching lovers have passionate sex. Collin and Hurley kiss, undress, suck, and fuck just like lovers do. At home they don't use condoms and here they don't, either. Both of them are versatile and they take turns fucking each other. But Collin is usually the top. All of this leads up to very explosive cumshots. Hurley lets go of his huge load while Collin is still pounding away inside him. Seeing this sends Collin over the edge and he pumps his cum across Hurley's tight stomach. Movie Starring: Matthew Hamilton Collin

Collision Course 2: Seduction Of A Boxer When two opposing boxing teams train hard for an upcoming match, they mean hard! It isn't long before the gloves come off, the shorts come down, and the cocks go up. From the ring to the locker room to the showers, the action is hard, sweaty, and manly. Watch perfectly sculpted Hungarian athletes fuck, suck, and rim in three-way, four-way, and even manwich action. Big, uncut cocks, and hot men of every description from dark to fair, smooth to hairy, to please every taste. Movie Starring: Jay Avedon Enrico Latimore Ivan Mironov Kim Walker Alfredo Castaldo Rogerio Mateo

Collision Course: The Big Blow When two opposing boxing teams train hard for an upcoming match and they mean hard! It isn't long before the gloves come off, the shorts come down and cocks go up. From the ring to the locker room to the showers, the action is hard, sweaty and manly. Watch perfectly sculpted Czech athletes fuck, suck and rim in three-way, four-way and even manwich action! Big, uncut cocks and hot men of every description from dark to fair and smooth to hairy are here to please every taste! Movie Starring: Fredy Costa Gerardo Cortez Julien Salieri Dino Cooper Philipe Collier Mac Valentay

Colonel Patton And His Military Butt Sluts The guys from sex-ed class are all grown up & ready for more. They get together and share one another's cocks & asses, fucking & rimming till they are all covered in cum. Movie Starring: Martin Patton WizinDC Brad Nelson Justin Segal

Colossal Cock Club This is the Colossal Cock Club,¯ Catalina has it pumping on all cylinders just for you! Your fantasy men, working just for you! Movie Starring: Mike Cesar Zak Spears Leo Masters Cliff Parker Mike Radclif Alec Martinez

Colossal Cocks 4 Catalina present more monster sized cocks for your viewing pleasure. A widescreen may be necessary for this movie! Movie Starring: Chris Champion Marcello Reeves Chad Hunt Aiden Shaw Brandon Lee Steve Rambo

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