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Cop Baited Every guy has a cop fantasy! Hard cop cock action as these men lust for others in uniform! This story is about men who baited cops for their own hard pleasures of sucking cop meat and fucking cop ass or having a cop use their ass for practice! Enjoy!

Cop Blowers Wrap your hungry lips around their rigid batons, let it slide over your tongue and ram against the back of your greedy throat. Their lips curl into a selfish sneer as they begin to rhythmically pump their batons with a gyrating madness into your eager mouth. And then suddenly a gusher. Movie Starring: Rob Jones Jake Russell Jose Cabrera Johnny Cage Anthony DeMarco Martin Petros

Cop Date Men who want dates and sex with the real thing Cops. These guys know how to handle policemen n their uniforms and their asses and mouths prove it! Four enticing stories of what it means to date a cop and pay for it sexually with delight. Movie Starring: Joshua Scott Drew Larson

Cop Detective Fever These detectives use their positions to suck hard cock from violators and screw their tight butts for some heavy cop action in this fantasy delight feature from Uniform X Studios. Stars Marshall Law as he sucks cock and screws tight butts before loads of cum are shot all over the place. HOT. Movie Starring: Marshall Law Ricco Santos Eric Levy Tony Hyde J.J. Tucker Guss Diaz

Cop Erections 2 They say a cop's life is hard, they have no idea how hard! Cop dick is erect, stiff, hard and it cums! Check out these cops with just plain hot erections for heavy suck and fuck action which only men in uniform can perform. Movie Starring: Jake Russell Vince Siciliano Jason Rider Anthony DeMarco Duke Johnny Cage

Cop Gym Pumpers Cops pump iron after a long day on their day shift. Motorcycle cops work hard and at the gym, these muscle studs know how to work a stiff cock into hungry mouths and tight butts. Butts lift high for a good fucking by a fellow cop biker!

Cop Hunters Ever wonder what it would be like to hunt for a cop to have sex? These men in their short stories find cops who want it and are ready for action. Plenty of sucking cop meat, choking on big thick cock, and getting one's tight hole ready to be plowed for a butt attack of screwing action and sweat pleasure! Enjoy!

Cop Meat After Hours Our motorcycle cop trio each tells their story as to how they met a hot stud while they were on duty and issuing citations! These officers know how to get their violators working off tickets-anally and orally. Movie Starring: Mark Andrews

Cop Muscle Gym Nothing is anymore exciting than to see a muscular motorcycle cop working out in the gym with his partner. Except these partners fuck and suck on the machines, with the free weights, and in the locker room for heavy sex and plenty of mouth and ass plugging with hard cocks.

Cop Muscle Playtime Muscles, tight and ready for action with these cops in several stories about how motorcycle cops use hard muscles to climax with other men! Plenty of sex and plenty of horny, masculine guys in uniform! Movie Starring: Rob Jones

Cop My Ass These cops work each on each other's ass and hungry mouths and at other times, violators of traffic infractions are given a chance to show how good their mouths can suck a hard stiff cop dick or take it up their tight butts. But overall, the violator's love having man-to-man sex with these handsome muscled motorcycle cop men and it shows! Movie Starring: Eric York

Cop Peckers On Patrol These men love peckers especially when they belong to cops! See these cock hungry men ready for pecker action whether in the ass or down the throat with cops who want it. Five scenes filled with cum-soaked chests and uniforms with plenty of peckers hard and anxious for man to man action. Some peckers are found beachside with lifeguards while other peckers are hard and anxious in an alleyway or bedside. Plenty of cock action and patrolling peckers for hardcore sex. Movie Starring: Nick Holliday John Nagel Johnny Cage Marcus Taylor Brok Austin John Davidson

Cop Playtoy 2 Part 2 Our leather master Schmidt use Brian for his toy one evening with plenty of verbal, oral, anal action and bondage fantasy. Tit clamps add to the excitement in getting men's cocks hard for cumming! A fantasy delight with handsome collegiate studs. Movie Starring: Brian Hanson

Cop Playtoy 2 Part 3 Officer Brian Hanson chases a leather biker into a garage and finds himself tied and bound while being served as sex meat for the handsome cigar smoking abductor. Plenty of oral and anal actions, some verbal and hot all round sex action with these two studs in an abandoned old garage. Movie Starring: Rich Callin Brian Hanson

Cop Stories 2 Police Officers who arrest violators and provide a hard means to work off their ticket! Of course, hard dick, hungry mouths for sucking cop meat, tight holes to get em plowed by booted officers, these studs are ready and able to give whatever is needed by these oversexed and hot motorcycle cops!

Cop Stories These cops are hungry as they become sex-crazed for oral and anal action. In uniform, they find sex is even more desirable and so are their bottoms! Men love uniforms and enjoy heavy sex man t man action orally and anally.

Copped Public sex. Why do so many of us fantasize about it? Why do so many of us search for it? Whether watching it or participating, the idea intrigues most of us. Is it because all of us are slightly exhibitionist? Or voyeuristic? Or do we just like the danger and the thrill of getting caught? The fantasy of being caught with your pants down by the cops is a strong one for many. Movie Starring: Ben Campezi CJ Madison Alex Fuerte Scott Wilde Jake Havoc Nick Mazzaro

Cops And More Cops 2 A continuation of the short cop story series with over 30 scenes of hot men in real uniform fetish sex! Hot, hot, hot, real men who cannot get enough especially when they are in their motorcycle cop uniforms!

Cops And Their Pleasures Big thick cocks and hot cigars with these massive motorcycle cops provide plenty of fuel for some wild and crazed fantasy scenarios as cops mount tight holes with their weapons of sex destruction! Hot cum and manly studs who want it and will give as well!

Cops In Demand 2 These men know how to get hard dicks in their asses and down hungry throats as cops use them in the local bar hangouts, in a downtown hotel and elevator, and in the outdoors. Plenty of big hick hard cocks being worked on in tight holes and wet hungry mouths. A continuation of the highly erotic Cop Demand series! Movie Starring: Randy Hawlke

Cops In Heat Officer Austin with his ten inches of manhood plows a hustler's tight hole for a violation that will not be soon forgotten! Nothing is hotter than a piece of huge cock heated up and ready to plow and sink into other men! Enjoy!

Cops In My Pants Men who desire cops in sex know they are the best in bed. These cops do it right, especially when there is fucking and sucking involved!

Cops In The Sack Everyone likes cop stories. Six short stories show how cops get into the sack with fellow officers and men who want uniformed sex. Cops know how to get a stud into the sack with their tight uniforms, polished boots and hard stiff cocks. Masculine studs as cops show their bedroom talents with horny men as the Cops In The Sack series initiates sex orally and anally! Movie Starring: Rob Jones Joe Russell Anthony DeMarco Rob Louge Sergio Real Jake Russell

Cops On Demand These men desire a man dressed in a cop uniform for sex. They will do about anything to fall prey to one of these hot cops. Officer Ricco with his muscled build and hot cigar picks up a baseball player only to find a cock the size of a bat is about to enter his tight Latin ass. A construction worker muscled and ready, finds a Latin cop ready to fuck his tight ass on a building site. Cops demand sex and they find willing studs at a moments notice! Enjoy!

Cops On The Loose These uniformed cops are on the loose to find anything with a tight butthole and willing to serve the needs of a horny beefy cop in heat! Cops on the Loose shows how your average uniformed police officer searches for sex even when the general public has no idea what they are up to! Tom Katt and 11 other hot men. Movie Starring: Johnny Cage Ricco Santos Anthony DeMarco Michael Anthony Erik Schoeman Tom Katt

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