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Ace In The Hole If you think you know what it's like to be really and truly pounded into tomorrow, you don't know squat until you've had Ace in the Hole. Mega-thick man's man Ace Harden stars in this 1993 Chi Chi LaRue feature. Tony Brandon and Zak Spears are the power bottoms on the receiving end of Ace's wrath; stud muffins Marco Rossi and Damien are along for the ride. Movie Starring: Ace Harden Johnny Roma Zak Spears Andrew Montana Marco Rossi Tony Brandon

Ace On The Deuce Cum see these hot overly well-endowed Nubian Princes perform sexual healing on the DL! This film features lots of rough riding, ass fucking, and lots of cocksucking! Movie Starring: Jason Tiya Mellow Flex

Ace's Place I've got to start off by saying the cover photo for this title is bizarre. Err, second thoughts, bizarre isn't the right word. Fucked-up is more like it. The coverstars are so airbrushed Hanson looks like a Billy Doll with mascara issues, whilst Balint comes across like a poster-boy from Home Depot's Gay Pride Special. It's a lurid monstrosity even Pierre et Gilles would find distastefully over the top. But the cover is the only bad thing about this smoking extravaganza. Movie Starring: Robert Balint Ace Hanson Randy Stone Travis Reed Brad Rudolph Alex Leon

Aching For Punishment Watch as young, French stud Nick Chevalier pounds his uncut meat while watching a steamy 3-way involving Master Brian Anger, slave Jacob Scott and superstar bottom Steve Cannon -What Anger puts them through is not to be missed! Movie Starring: Nick Chevalier Steve Cannon Jacob Scott Brian Anger

Acres Of Ass 2 Hot, steamy man on man action with tons of ass, actually Acres of Ass¯! This film has muscle bound men and tight asses that love cock shoved in them! Don't miss out! Movie Starring: Corey Jay Armstrong Stroker Eel Cole Tucker Spike Eric Michaels

Acres of Ass Cover man, Alfredo Mossinni, makes his one and only porn appearance in this runaway hit with the biggest, most eager butts in the biz! Movie Starring: Corey Jay Alfredo Mossinni Armstrong Stroker Cole Tucker Spike Eric Michaels

Active Duty Barebackin' Heroes 2 "Real active duty heroes serving our country and their sexual desires! Jet's a nineteen-year-old Southern boy serving our country who hooks up with Navy boy Kye. This first scene starts with super thick, hung top, Kye inserting his bare cock deep inside our Marine as Jet licks his own cock. Jet gets fucked hard in unlimited positions, they really get into it with Jet moaning and groaning, taking that cock. There are some great penetration shots “ Kye does have that big dick and Jet's got a sweet ass. If Jet's moans of fuck me¯ are any indication, this was one hot fuck! Cum is literally flying as this scene comes to a climax. U.S. Marine Derek gets home after a hard day on base, and while taking a hot shower to unwind, Matt joins to help relieve his stress. And as we all know, the best way for a Marine to get stress relief is to get fucked. Derek doesn't hesitate, he bends over and Matt loads his huge raw cock deep inside this Marine. The plowing continues in the bedroom as Matt pumps his deliciously thick dick cock deep inside our Marine whose hungry hole just can't get enough. No more stress! Movie Starring: Kye Edan Jet Stevens Derek Livingston Joshua Price Jet Slatter Casey Wood

Active Duty Barebackin' Heroes Jet's a nineteen year old Southern boy serving our country who hooks up with Navy boy Kye. Marine Derek gets home after a hard day on base, and while taking a hot shower unwinding, Matt joins him to help relieve his stress. Joe is one horny eighteen year old PFC whose ultimate fantasy is to do porn. These two Navy shipmates are getting ready to go out on the town, but Brent needs some help with his dress blues. Alex Cortez is anxious to show how much a good Marine likes to bottom, so we've hooked him up with Jett, a tall military stud who was looking to fuck a guy for the first time. Movie Starring: Kye Edan Jet Stevens Joe Ciprini Derek Livingston Matt Moyer Alex Cortez

Active Duty Live 2 Things kick off with Shane and Elijah in the shower and Shane is trying to talk me into getting naked and joining them, but being the shy, reserved type, I decline his requests. Shane and Elijah give a great kiss to start things out and it goes on for quite a bit. They are chatting up the crowd and getting things going. It isn't long before Shane drops to his knees to taste Elijah's cock. After he's sucked his cock a little he turns that pretty ass of Elijah's around and starts munching on that for a while. Elijah returns the favor and gives Shane's cock some loving attention. Shane starts fucking Elijah's face and Elijah is having a hard time taking it all. Elijah takes a break and Shane takes his time alone in front of the audience very serious. After some more mutual sucking the boys dry off and move things over to the bathtub steps where they continue the sucking and talking to the crowd. Things move to the bedroom and Shane starts working Elijah's cock up so he can put it in his ass. Like always, Elijah is hard as a rock. His cock is loving the attention and it won't be long before it's up Shane's ass. But before that happens, Elijah wants to taste Shane's cock again. The crowd asks for another kiss and Shane and Elijah are more than happy to oblige. Shane works Elijah's cock up once more before he decides to ride it. Shane gets Elijah's cock up his ass and rides it like a horsy. Movie Starring: Big D Chaz G Colin (Pink Bird Media) Shane (Pink Bird Media) Elijah (Pink Bird Media)

Active Duty Live Christmas 2008 Part 2 When 14 hot military men get together live on camera, anything can happen! Watch the party unfold into an orgy of sucking, rimming & fucking! Movie Starring: Kaden Saylor Zackk (Pink Bird Media) Payne Colin (Pink Bird Media) Kasey (Pink Bird Media) Christian (Pink Bird Media)

Active Duty Live Christmas 2008 The Christmas show opens with all the boys gathered around sitting on the couch, the floor, the arms of chairs so everyone can squeeze in the picture in front of the tree. Movie Starring: Kaden Saylor Zackk (Pink Bird Media) Payne Colin (Pink Bird Media) Kasey (Pink Bird Media) Christian (Pink Bird Media)

Active Duty Live Four hours of hot military guys doing whatever it takes to entertain our members live on camera! This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action. Movie Starring: Elijah (Pink Bird Media) Dean Jackson Thomas Cole

Active Duty A captivating cinematic journey into "active duty" in the U.S. Marines, Military Maestro Paul Barresi, serves up a Comrade-Carnal-Cascade of molten hot, jaw-dropping action! Movie Starring: Brandon James Stonie Lee Scott Mark Slade Emilio Sands

Active Duty Ever wonder what our troops do when back from a long deployment? After serving their country they like nothing better than to service each other. Dexter has brought together the hottest, horniest guys from the Army, Air Force, Navy & Marine Corps. Forget Don't Ask, don't tell; where's the nearest recruiting office? Sign me up! Movie Starring: Brad Slater Jaeden Montez Trennan Dieterich Colton Roth Jorge Raygoza Dalex

Active Firehose Firefighters know how to work a fire when using their fire hose. These firefighters put their hard cocks in action with a false pretense of a fire hose at work! A plenty of hot holes orally and anally for cock hoses in action as these six short stories depict hot pleasures with firefighters on and off the job! Movie Starring: Jake Russell Adam Sheridan Scott Spears Eric York Ray Mercury John Nagel

Addiction 2 Danny Vox complains of another slow night at Addiction while Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston fixes his stare on hung and stunning Falcon Exclusive Brad Patton, who's playing around with Falcon superstar Marcus Iron. Soon Trent Austin and Falcon Exclusive Jacob Hall get in on the action while Josh appreciates the view from afar. As the lusty studs slather each other's stiff forms with attention, Josh is drawn into the action. Consumed by their lust, this sextet of sexual athletes pushes the boundaries of endurance as they suck rim and fuck their way into the overwhelming waves of orgasm. Movie Starring: Aiden Shaw Ken Houser Joe Foster Justin Dragon Brad Patton Jacob Hall

Adonis 2 Opens up with me in a super hot CK jock. I am so glad that I got this footage, it is hot!! I looked extremely good on this day. That transitions in to a nice jack off scene with me laying back on the bed, pulling my cock for you. For the cumshot, I am sitting up as if you are kneeling before me, when I cum. That's followed by another quick cumshot. Get this- only 5 minutes in, and already two cumshots, I told you it was jam packed.

Adonis 6 This scene puts you right in front of me just like you are sucking my hard cock. I always love these views, they look hot. After I make my cock huge for you, I shoot again into a blue thong so that you can chew on it, and suck the cum out of it, cleaning it for me. Movie Starring: Adonis

Adonis: Anal Hey guys, Adonis here. This is my very first anal video, and probably will be my only. Sorry, still solo, but it is a hot one. I give it to myself real good in this one, maybe you will even be surprised at how good. My films are always top notch, digitally recorded, and edited, and only the hottest content makes the cut. Enjoy!

Adrenaline Add a strong musical beat to a smorgasbord of 9 horny dudes, then mix it up with their growing passion for unbridled manlust. You can feel your blood rate start to boil; you start to pant and your breathing quickens; then your muscles strain with exertion ¦ your adrenaline is pumping! And that's what you get with this new hit video of electrifying man-on-man action you just can't miss! Movie Starring: Samuel Colt Alexsander Freitas Berke Banks Ridge Kane Spencer Reed Tommy Defendi

Afro Hung Real live action straight thugs from the hood and streets of Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, Spanish, Latino and Black Guys. As hot as they come.

Afro Sleazy Act Afro Sleazy Acts Box set includes four of the hottest HIS titles, featuring big, Black men! Box set includes: Sweaty Menz In The Shower, Sex In The Hood, Afro Sleazy Act, and Mo Of A Man. Kiss our Black asses! Movie Starring: Everett Jackson Ty Thomas Marcus Williams Kevin St. James Devonte Love Fabian Bedford

After Hours They say that AFTER HOURS the spirits come out to play. It's that in-between time when nothing is what it appears to be. They say that AFTER HOURS the spirits take over to finish what we humans only hoped would happen before the bar closed. What if that's true? What if AFTER HOURS, when all mere mortals are gone, the specter of our unfulfilled desires FINALLY finds its satisfaction? What if AFTER HOURS, the Spirits hold sway in a carefree universe parallel to our own? Can you tell flesh from phantasm? Don't be too sure. AFTER HOURS the spirits LOOK like us but have none of our inhibitions. Care to catch a glimpse of the other side? BE CAREFUL what you wish for, because AFTER HOURS your wishes WILL be fulfilled. Movie Starring: Robert Black Bo Knight Troy Gamaun Tyger Hudson Tony Rico Johnny Law

Afternoon Delights Raging Stallion brings you sex in the afternoon, with eight dick-hungry men. In four scenes and a solo, this movie brings you real hardcore action filmed with Raging Stallion's skill and style. Movie Starring: Marcos Pirelli Fred Faurtin RC Ryan Luc Bonay Marc LaSalle Brendan Austin

Afterparty Erik Rhodes is one happy man, and passing the bar gives him reason enough to party hearty. He summons his friends to help him celebrate, and they pull out all the stops to make sure the fuck fest is one he'll never forget. Movie Starring: TJ Hawke Erik Rhodes T.J. Young Damien Holt Colby McKnight Damian Rios

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