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Derek Nicks Cute and hung are two of my favorite adjectives, and this stud is adorable and hung like a horse. Derek is a sweet straight guy who loves being played with! Derek has very soft skin on his tight body and I couldn't wait to get him on the table to oil him up. Derek manages to relax and enjoy my slippery hands and wet tongue rubbing ad licking him head to toe until I got to his feet where I discovered his tickle spot. Derek couldn't resist my charms and goes almost all the way with me. He's one of the best kissers I've ever had. He was a damn good cocksucker too, considering it was his first time. Movie Starring: Jake Cruise Derek Nicks

Desert Drifters Hot, rugged outdoor action with Rob Cryston, Cliff Parker, and Luke Strong - rated "Top Ten" by Adult Video News! If rugged outdoor sex is your bag, then feast your eyes and hard-on to this one! Movie Starring: Rob Cryston Cliff Parker Luke Strong Hank Conrad Steve Gibson Steve Regis

Desert Fire A geology professor takes his students for an expedition. In the middle of the wilderness the car of our inquisitive little group breaks down and the lads ask for help at a nearby ranch. The emergency leads to a strong group-bonding which ends up expressing itself in hot sexual escapades. Movie Starring: Roland Dane Antonio Marquez Tico Martin D.C. Chandler Alex Leon Trent Atkins

Desert Hart Adam Hart invites a handful of friends to spend some quality time in the desert where they find the time to fuck all day and all night--filling the time with intense sexual action! Movie Starring: Jake Andrews David Pierre Rick Matthews Adam Hart Colby Taylor Tyler Hill

Desert Oasis Ty Russell, Daryl Brock, and Tom Sawyer are a few of the big-dicked men joining in some of the roughest fucking and sucking you'll ever see! Strong outdoorsy men fill the screen with their lustful desires. Movie Starring: Aaron Austin Daryl Brock Marc Brody Ray Butler Sean Patton Ty Russell

Desert Pick-Up 2 Jet Set has set the record again with its second edition to Desert Pick-Up, the second one features some of Jet Set hottest hunks, getting there rocks off in smoking desert. You definitely can't miss this one! Movie Starring: Brad Benton Buck McCall Jason Tyler Cameron Sage Marco Paris Cameron Fox

Desert Pick-Up The latest Hardcore Feature from Jet Set Productions now on DVD! Hot, Hard bodies with big, firm dicks! The action's every bit as Hot as the men. This DVD includes some Hot behind the scenes action as well as interviews with the stars! Movie Starring: Brock Dylan Curt Baldwin T.J. Slater Derec Hardman Jordan Austin Jay Heiss

Desert Sands Studs find sexual adventure when they flock to Palm Springs and the Colorado Desert in search of R&R! Jeff Mitchell and Latin Valentino Rey switch-hit in grotto, Emilio Sands pounds Chaz Carlton in the cabana and Chris Hard plows Anthony Vega in the arbor. Movie Starring: Chaz Carlton Emilio Sands Chris Hard Anthony Vega Jeff Mitchell Brett Williams

Desertion Seven, men trapped in a desert of their own passion, are brought together by a mysterious and sensual desert man'. There's the soldier infatuated by his commanding officer, the photographer who's besotted by his model, the artist, and his craving for male company, and the first-time lovers making out in the ocean. Erotically charged and breathtakingly sensual.

Desires Of A Gymnast 2: Gymnastic Lovers Csaba Borbely has done it again. A definite collector's item for every connoisseur of rock hard...Handsome & hung athletes. Part two continues with a romp throughout the gymnasium where gymnasts in training can't keep their hands off each other. Real hard working men excersing in the gym, plus steamy erotic workout in the pool and sauna make this one explosive ! Movie Starring: Janos Volt

Desires Of A Gymnast: Secret Desires A gymnast can defy his own weight and gravity, experience the sexually charged atmosphere of a locker room before training and assume impossibly sensual positions on the parallel bars, horizontal bar and rings. XXX erotic moments always lurk in the gymnast's world. Movie Starring: George Vidanov Janos Volt Roberto Giorgio Ivan Mrozek

Desires Of The Devil Humpy muscleman Jim Cassidy tries to make some extra cash by hustling his famous pecs and throbbing, large tool to a couple willing, horny customers! Unknown to Jim, a black voodoo stud has the hots for him, and succeed in luring him to his beach house and his bed!

Despedida De Solteiro You're invited to participate in one of the best parties of your life. Here things are going to get hot and hotter! This party is full sexy guys who can't get enough of each other. So now is the time for you party like a Porn Star!! Movie Starring: Thayllor Garcia Airon Gregue Jackson II Renato Apollo Max Stefano Silva

Desperate Househusbands 2 Desperate Househusbands Julian Viancenzo and Milan Gamiani don't realize that their wives have been having them followed by a private detective. He has photographed their husbands fucking other guys. Once he presents to evidence to the wives, they throw their cheating husbands out on the streets. Julian/Milan have no jobs, no money and nowhere to live. Then they soon discover what it's like to be really desperate and have to fuck their way back into society! Welcome to the world of Desperate Househusbands 2! Movie Starring: Julian Vincenzo Fred Faurtin Andrew Moretti Steve Hunt Flavio Valentino Ludovic Canot

Desperate Househusbands The married residents of Pussy Willow Lane have switched roles, the wives are high powered working executives and the husbands stay at home and fuck each other! Welcome to the world of the Desperate Househusbands! Movie Starring: James Jordan Rod Stevens George Vidanov Matt Colmar David Salieri Rick Bauer

Desperate Husbands Take a trip down Poinsettia Lane where the husbands will play while the wives are away. Coco LaChine's satire brings us the story of Poinsettia Lane, a suburban oasis that is shocked when one of it's residents, Marc Youngman, commits suicide. The flirting begins at Marc's memorial service when his best friend and single father David Bayer (Kyle Lewis) asks Ed Bailey (Joshua Adams), the hot new plumber who just moved into the neighborhood, to come over and "clean his pipes." The next day the two meet poolside where Ed takes care of David's plumbing needs and shows him the true meaning of customer service. While David is busy laying pipe with Ed, his neighbors Ben Campbell (Collin O'Neal) and Bill Smith (Ben Damon) are getting together. Bill tells Ben that David thinks the guys need to get together to talk about a disturbing note he found among Marc's things. However, Ben would rather get into a little role-play with Bill and he forces the stud to his knees and quickly turns Bill into his submissive boy toy. At the home of trophy husband and swim coach Carlos Salazar (Kent Larson), his wealthy older wife is away shopping and his mother is passed out on the sofa from drinking a bit too much Baileys with her coffee. This gives Carlos the perfect opportunity to get things on with his hunky gardener John (Stetson Gable). When David's son Joseph Bayer (Chad Savage) drops in on the coach he joins in on the action with John and then gets a piece of his old swim coach's ass. Meanwhile, at the home of Mrs. Herbert, the neighborhood gossip, Marc's window Brad Savage (Brad Benton) has stopped off to return a plate she loaned him. Brad doesn't find Mrs. Herbert when he gets there, but instead the go-go boy she's rented a room out to, Nick Sheridan (Justin Wells). Fresh out of the shower, it doesn't take much to make Nick lose his towel and when it comes off the two studs are quick to jump on one another's hot bodies. Movie Starring: Chad Savage Joshua Adams Stetson Gable Ben Damon Brad Benton Kent Larson

Detective Sex Hound All about detectives who use and abuse their positions in the police department for finding and using tight asses and hot, wet mouths for screwing and getting hard, long blow jobs while on duty! Plenty of stiff cock, real cops, and hard action. Movie Starring: Gunther Williams David Edge Ben Gunn Triston Gallagher Aldo Ponti Bruno Lombardi

Detour It's a road trip with rock solid action. You'll know a few of your traveling companions and some you'll meet for the first time. It's just a bunch of good time guys getting together to head down the all-male action trail. Since it's from Catalina, you know the road won't be straight. In fact, there's one hell of a detour! Movie Starring: Damon Wolf Robert Riley Tony Ryder Roy White Steve Rambo Sam Crockett

Detroit Fuck City 2 Each Top guy realized that Cassidy is all man... from his terrifically toned body & well defined torso, to that rich & deep Midwest accent... Straight Rugged & Adorable all in the same package.

Detroit Fuck City It's Gay Pride Day 2002 and this studly7 straight boy want s to find out just what it's like to be fucked out of his mind and covered with hot gay cum, a must-see experience.

Deviants Another triumph from Bulldog. Eleven randy fuckers who love to get their big fat cocks out at work and stretch tight smooth holes. Cum in the mouth shots. Totally brilliant! Movie Starring: Rick Hunter Jack Sterling Darren Roobins James Buck Mike Power Adam Tremadoc

Devil Dogs 14 Dirk Yates' buddy Tom is always on the lookout for new Marine meat around Camp Pendleton and when he takes these guys back to his place for some one on one camera fun you never know what's going to happen. One thing for sure is, these hard horny men find themselves in compromising situations and Tom is always more than eager to jump in and give them a hand, mouth or whatever they need to help them get off! Movie Starring: Tom (C1R)

Devil Dogs 16 Dirk Yates' buddy Tom is always on the lookout for new Marine meat around Camp Pendleton and when he takes these guys back to his place for some one on one camera fun you never know what's going to happen. One thing for sure is, these hard horny men find themselves in compromising situations and Tom is always more than eager to jump in and give them a hand, mouth or whatever they need to help them get off! Movie Starring: Tom (C1R)

Devil Inside The First original feature from HIS DVD in 10 years! The Devil's work is never done! Everyone needs a little Devil Inside! Movie Starring: Brad Benton Antonio Madiera Ben Campezi Jean Val Jean Ted Hunter Jason Crew

Devil is a Bottom Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would sell your soul to the devil? Jeremy Tucker says the Lord's Prayer backwards at midnight to summon the devil. Low and behold, the little devil looks in the mirror and there he is, the devil, in the form of Blake Harper. Well, these three young men have yearnings so strong that they sell their souls to hunky devil! Sexy Jeremy Tucker wishes for riches, Hans Ebson wants true love and Scott Lyons can't wait to have a much bigger dick. All three are granted their wishes and really enjoy their newfound prosperity, until the devil comes back to collect his lusty dues. Movie Starring: Hans Ebson Jeremy Tucker Blake Harper Mickey Skee Scott Lyons (II) Leo Lyons

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