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Dominating Dicks If you like your studs big and burly, hard-packed, muscles-bound, big dicked and always ready with a hard-on, then Dominating Dicks is just for you! At his gold plus we've handpicked 7 sizzling scenes of man-missles launched into willing butt-silos and crammed them on one XXX-plosive tape just for you! These are the kinds of studs that give you an order, and you obey! That includes getting on your knees and worshipping at the altar of their huge cocks, or bending over while saying, "Please!" So don't miss out on this red hot action... that's an order! Movie Starring: Rod Garretto Cougar Cash Danny Sommers Sean Carrera Scott Neely Joe Styles

Domination Wrestling 2 The hot hunky men of domination wrestling are back & looking for a fight with some hardest hard bodies around & whether they win or not--well everyone's a winner. Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Chris Dano Rob Steele Steve Shannon Mark Mason Collin Jennings

Domination Wrestling 4 Two big hairy muscle heads, Clay and Damien, go down on the mat to see who's top dog. Clay forces Damien to submit to him in a scene destined to keep both of them on top of your list. Cameron Sage and Eric York are escorts out for a hot night with the same date! The two fight it out to decide who gets the score. Who will it be? And what's the going rate? If you had to decide, which one would you hire? Paul Carrigan challenges Jason Davis to a match of take downs. Somewhere along the way, take down becomes low down and, from there, go down is just a breath away.

Dominican Big Dicks An All Worlds International release. If the virility of the authentic Latino turns you on . . . then this is it! Movie Starring: Antonio Jamie Domingo Pedro (I) Victor Oscar

Dominican Dicks Absolutely gorgeous and absolutely outrageous! Come on down, these Dominican Dicks are dangerous! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Mark Zebro Jovany Motts Billy Dexter Leo Cooper Romeo Atkinson Bora

Don Juan Sins Of The Flesh From Pacific Sun, this homoerotic descent into sinful pleasures offers a bevy of buff boys and packs quite a lot of heat - and man jizz. Despite some shaky production values, this one ought to appease your cravings quite amply. Movie Starring: Don Juan Andrew Adams Brett Collins Sal Correlli Chad Hunt Danny Rhymes

Don't Ask Don't Tell 2 A continuation of the military series these soldiers continue their trek into unknown areas of hot sex with each other while on duty. Plenty of uniformed soldier action as Paul and his buddy fuck and suck in the barracks while a soldier returns home on a weekend pass to be welcomed cock and ass from a buddy. Even on the soldier field, two soldiers lined time to suck hard thick cocks and shoot their loads in the bushes! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan

Don't Ask Don't Tell Don't Stop Five scenes filled with the most intense and explosive, hard core Military maneuvers! This film redefines the meaning of Weapons of Mass Destruction. This DVD consists of HOT 3 way action, HUGE cocks, Dildos, Rimming, Fucking, Sucking, Uncut Cock, Kissing and much much more. Movie Starring: Ricky Sinz Kyle Murano Jacob Powell Cameron Cooper Chad Cayman Lance Hilton

Don't Ask Don't Tell Soldiers who fight battles by day and suck cock and fuck butt by night! These soldiers know how to play and play hard they do. A battle pain on someone's tight asshole is met with ground fire while a fellow soldier is shoving a hard meat missile down a hungry throat. Plenty of military might with these horny men who want to play their own kind of war games especially off base and with each other!

Don't Dick With The Devil Don't Dick With The Devil is quite a title for quite a video. The title certainly starts the imagination working so it might be just as well that we give you some idea of what's going on in this cynical little comedy about the darker side of the libido. All of us get carried away from time to time when we let our dicks take over the job that our brains are better qualified to do. This cautionary little tale is about three guys who make it a way of fife at the expense of everything and everyone around them. The implications aren't pretty. But the punishment certainly fits the crime. Movie Starring: Jake Armstrong Zackery Scott Critt Davis Cliff Trent Brian Hanson Joey Hart

Don't Fight It Kid Big, beefy bodies and muscles are featured in this collection of four shorts by director John Travis. Although film-to-video transfer leaves parts of the segments grainy and dark, the overall action more than makes up for it! Right away, sir! Features an older, hairy and macho "daddy" with a younger man. These two navy studs, both with big dicks, relieve one another by concentrating on oral sex (both cock and ass sucking) and mutually masturbating. Inhibition is not seen here!

Don't Freeze, Come Inside Why stand in the cold when you can bend over in front of the fireplace! Featuring Martin, Boofer, Sinn, Andy, Nicklas, David, Linux, Rami, Manta, and Sunny.

Don't Hold Back Superstar Karl Thomas drops in on cute Cory Hunter, and persuades him to suck on Karl's 10 inch prize. After some intense rimming, the guys take turns fucking each other. They both cum all over Cory's chest. Next we find our stud puppy star Titan sleeping in bed. Chris Collins "The Fantasy Stud" suddenly appears next to him, and Titan goes right down on the 11 inch trophy. Movie Starring: Chris Collins (m) Cory Hunter Brad Eriksen Karl Tenner Tyler Morgan Storm (m)

Donny's Dirty Sex Garage Donny Russo would rather work on his Jeep in the garage than work on Danny Sommers who is asleep in their bed. When Danny awakes and realizes that his boyfriend is out in the garage again, sparks start to fly. Soon Donny and Danny are ripping each other's clothes off and throwing motor oil all over each other. This leads to a Hot, slippery right down and dirty sex session. When Justin, the owner of the garage arrives on the scene, he is angry and hot because these guys have really messed up his garage. Watch Donny Russo as he teaches the landlord who is Boss Movie Starring: Danny Sommers Justin * Donnie Russo

Dorm Days The boys are relaxing in the dorm waiting for new boy Tibor to show up...they are playing around, playing darts and arm wrestling. Tibor arrives and is welcomed to the dorm. He has bought a cake for the lads but has mis-judged the numbers and as a result he has to face the initiation to the ups and the paddle are the right of passage. Tibor now gets the full treatment...he is sucking everyone's cock and loving every minute of it. The teacher turns up and after his initial shock steps forward and measures each cock before stripping off and getting down to the business of cock sucking. The final scene is a six way fuck fest...holes are licked fingered and fucked...cock is pumping hot holes and everyone wants more. Tibor is now really one of the lads. The session finishes just in time for the teacher to lead the lads to the college ready for us to start filming volume 2. Movie Starring: Sergio Soldi Raul Mickey Tomi (m) Enrico Belagio Danki Bell

Dorm Life 10: The House Next Door The House Next Door! You've read about! You've seen it on the nightly news! Now we'll take you in where the news cameras couldn't! What the hell is going on here? Just your everyday dorm life in the house next door! Don't miss this hot tenth installment to "Dorm Life"! Movie Starring: Shorty J. Nick Da'Kannon Domino (m) Mr. Sauki Prettyboy Jay Jay

Dorm Life 12: Dick Addiction Dorm Life 12: Dick Addiction features black men, Latin men, thugs, college guys, three-ways, group sex, facials, rimming, and big dicks. Movie Starring: Breion Diamond Mr. Sauki Jay Jay Dre C. Mack Carmell

Double Agent Double Agent sports a couple of twin muscle studs that will be sure the catch the attention of men everywhere. Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti head of the cast of 10 muscle hunks that are part of an international police keeping force who are keeping the streets safe by patrolling for cock. With four scandalously hot scenes shot in and about the police house this video will make you want to do very bad things and go to jail for a long time. Double Agent also features some of Borbely's most popular men to date like Glenn Santoro, Austin Rogers and Kevin Cage. Movie Starring: Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Mario McCabe Gianni Nascimento Austin Rogers Glenn Santoro

Double Crossed Ken Adams, Kevin Wolfe, Chris Slade, and Paul Bain star in this hot and horny tale of sexual intrigue and big dicks! Hot sexy guys suck and fuck their way through the story to get their hot creamy prize in the end! Movie Starring: Jackson Phillips Brandon West Ken Adams Chris Slade Victor Rieves Paul Bain

Double Cross Young, cute angel (Christian Taylor) can charm the pants off anyone. And he has in and out of the pen! Watch as he uses sex to manipulate everyone he meets and no one seem to complain! An all-star cast of not so innocent stars shows you what happens when you exchange favors for sex, you can't always trust the one you sleep with. Beware of the double cross. Movie Starring: Dave Nelson Jack Ryan Christian Taylor Tuck Johnson Ben Damon Tommy Lord

Double Shafted Experience a double action packed dramatic sequel to Double Shafted. Featuring Eugene's mega hot men filmed only as Eugene can deliver. Witness hot muscular policeman stage pranks to find out who takes it up the ass. Double Shafted features amazing sex and high quality cinematography with an interesting twist of fate. Movie Starring: Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Gianni Nascimento Austin Rogers Allan Parkers Mario McCabe

Double Size: Double The Pleasure Yes, you are seeing double. In DOUBLE SIZE, our "Wonder Twins of Porn," Dean and Dave Resnick's super powers come in the form of hot and juicy loads! Watch them up close and personal as they both jack their sticks to a frenzied finish! Joined by four other super studs Buck McCall, Cole Parker, Brad Buff, and Lorenzo. Each one horny and double-in-size themselves. They all take their turn to stroke it and squirt it... just for you! Movie Starring: Dave Resnick Dean Resnick Lorenzo Vargos Buck McCall Cole Parker Brad Buff

Double Time 5 Our Double Time series has been so popular that we're back with our fifth installment to the series. Normally we close out a series after its third video, but Double Time has been such a hit with so many and the name is great that we've decided to keep the series alive. The concept was simple: Put two hot guys together and let them go at it undistracted by anyone or anything else except their scene partner. I've been known to shoot scenes with six guys, maybe even more, but when you put the focus on just two really hot guys and let them turn up the heat, you get something that sometimes seems missing in multiple guy shoots. The intimacy seems more intense and sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered to get a guy to take things further. Double Time 5 is a great example of this with Dallas giving up his sweet ass to Dorian, a very hot duo of Brian and Domenic and an almost absolute love affair unfolding right before your eyes on the screen in David and Blake's super hot scene. Yes, troops, the Double Time series is certainly here to stay. Movie Starring: Dallas (Pink Bird Media) Domenic (Pink Bird Media) Dorian (Pink Bird Media) Blake (Pink Bird Media) David (Pink Bird Media) Brian Austin

Double Trouble 3 Cory and Paulie meet at my crib and shoot the bull as I pop in a porno and pass around a cigarette. In no time they shed the threads and start to pull on their puds. Cory is already hard but it takes Paulie a while to stiffen up. Wasting no time, I get down between them to lube up their rods and begin the service. Paulie responds with his usual glee and Cory tries to ignore me as I switch off bobbing on their cocks. Cory is the first to spill his load on my lips then Paulie follows with his own sticky mess. Movie Starring: Paul Cory Vinnie

Double Trouble 4 Buzz and Toby stop by after an afternoon of street boarding and strip down in the bedroom. They quickly work up hard-ons and I start to blow them as they watch pornos on the tube. It doesn't take long for Buzz to pop his nut as he sneaks a peek or two at me blowing Toby, and Toby soon lets loose a wet one as I rub his hairy stomach. Back to more Buddy Boarding! Movie Starring: Buzz Franco Vinnie Dino (amvc) Toby

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