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Double Trouble Master Samoth takes a hard line with two big strapping beauties. Erik Lenn gets put through a grueling bondage, paddling, & body shaving session. Then Eric Michaels endures sucking dick in heavy irons, hard as & back whipping, then is spread out for Master Samoth's pleasure. Movie Starring: Master Samoth Erik Lenn Eric Michaels

Double Vision Two times the ass packing, twice as much dick sucking, ass eating and rock hard cock! Double your pleasure with Greg Ross as a pair of identical twins! A nonstop fuckfest with Zak Spears, Marco Rossi and Scott Baldwin. Movie Starring: Marco Rossi Donnie Russo Greg Ross Antonio Romis Bruce Spalding Zak Spears

Double Whammy A classic performance by legendary sex god Roger plus two other shorts from the golden days of hot underground films. Guys filling the screen with large dicks and hot sex make this one a classic! Movie Starring: Tommy (Falcon) Jack Egan Roger (Falcon) Big Ben Joey Reynolds

Doubling Down Absolutely 9 of Borbely's scorching flawless and hottest men with ripped rock solid abs. Achingly handsome and fantastic performers, the Mangiatti twins are sheer perfection who are hell bent on pleasing beefy buddies sporting long, big and thick cocks. Marco deep throats Breno & beautifully captured butt munching scenes you've got to see for yourself. Movie Starring: Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti Mario McCabe Austin Rogers Richard Madison Marco Sanchez

Doug Jeffries' Forever Young All hell breaks loose when Cameron Marshall and his television show cast members get the axe from producer Dean Phoenix. The boys are not taking it lying down as a wild orgy breaks out on the set. Standout performances from all help make this youthful tale from director Doug Jeffries a real treat! Movie Starring: Cameron Marshall T.J. Young Kyle Pierce Jason Michaels Kai Ford Dean Phoenix

Down And Dirty Hispanic Homeboys Freddy Mac takes a shot at the Big Apple and discovers steamy Spanish orgies on every street corner! Lusty Latin men explore all avenues as they slide their pulsating rods into one another. This hot-blooded extravaganza will make your genitals tingle as you watch these spicy studs get sexually ravaged! Movie Starring: Freddy Mack Carlos Sodom Hank Hardon

Down In The Dunes Forget all those stuck up pretty boys in the big city-pack up and take a trip to the dunes of lake Michigan, where the men are big and juicy, and the sex is hot and sticky. Join Max Grande and his buddies as they explore the Midwest and hot summer lust in the great outdoors! The man-fun never stops! Movie Starring: Max Grand Peter Dixon Brandon Wells Dino DiMarco Micahel Carrington Nic Tizano

Down Loaded These cyber boyz like to plug and play. Is this a system over load? No floppy's in use on these hard dicks.

Down On Me: Director's Cut Hot video star Matt Bradshaw is in high demand and just can't escape all the hot action he generates! Everyone wants to go down on this hotshot fuck machine because no matter where he goes, sexual fireworks follow! Movie Starring: Bryan Williams Cole Tucker Tommy Hart Ricky Price Marc Duras Kyle McKenna

Down On Me Hot video star Matt Bradshaw is in high demand and just can't escape all the hot action he generates! Everyone wants to go down on this hotshot fuck machine because no matter where he goes, sexual fireworks follow! Movie Starring: Bryan Williams Cole Tucker Kyle McKenna Matt Bradshaw Tommy Hart Ricky Price

Down On The Farm Country boys do it best in the great outdoors in this collection of three short films from Nova Studios. The title segment Down on the Farm begins with humpy Lee Marlin visiting his hunky hick, country buddy Toby Watson. They take a roll in the hay and pull out their cocks to stroke one another. Naturally, these horny studs satisfy desires of mutual face-fucking and ass-fucking until the big-dicked duo explode all over each other's face. Movie Starring: Lee Marlin Jeff Hunter Bill Thompson Toby Watson Chad Gibson Chuck Burton

Down On The Farm Studio 2000 International and sexy model turned director Roland Dane have done it once again. For their sex-fest Down on the Farm, they have managed to find and film the most stunning group of dick-throbbing heartthrobs ever to come out of Hungary to date! This time director Dane unleashes his stock of stallions amid the glorious setting of a breathtaking ranch in the middle of a magnificent forest north of Budapest. Movie Starring: Rafael Carreras Tico Martin Stefan Stano Peter Peck Janos Volt Gabor Szeles

Down On Your Knees: Forbidden Desire It's time to get down on your knees! The hunky go-go dancers at a leather club in Austria get a chance to show what goes on when they aren't on stage in Director Csaba Borbely's latest release. Movie Starring: Ted Colunga Fred Goldsmith Julian Vincenzo Lucio Maverick Kevin Cage Kenny Slade

Down Right Dangerous You don't often see men like Parker Williams walking around. He is one of those fantasy men who exist only as unapproachable sex gods in your wildest dreams. He is blond, handsome, muscular, and hairy, but most important of all; he has a sex energy that makes him down right dangerous! This, a full-on sex club fantasy film from noted director Chris Ward and the whip-cracking crew at Raging Stallion Studios, blends carnal, in-your-face sex with stunning, high quality movie making to bring to you an all new sex experience that will drive you right over the edge! Movie Starring: Parker Williams Rick Hammersmith Marco Montana Nick Thomas Matt Sizemore Michael Brandon

Down The Drain Does your pump need to be checked? Do your pipes need to be cleaned? Don't worry there is no job too big for the stud plumbers at All Worlds Plumbing. Movie Starring: Antonio Madiera Kevin Brown Troy Moore Sergio Anthony Jason Tiya Mason Wyler

Down To Earth Down To Earth - Water, fire, wind, and now earth. GAI Studios brings us its newest release, DOWN TO EARTH, which completes its line of the 4 elements-themed videos. The most ambitious project to date with a cast of 20 has a story line and a DVD special that makes us gasp for air even though we are down to earth. Once again, GAI Studios delivers us some brand new beautiful faces never seen before, with half the cast being new, and superstar Billy Brandt after a 2-year hiatus with a roaring comeback, literally!? When Charlie (Ryan Foxx) leaves the country on an expedition to the South Pole, he leaves a video message for each of his close friends, in case he should not return. In the message, Charlie tells each of his friends that his two million dollar fortune is up for grabs, and each will have to win the race to find it. Brian (Billy Brandt), Charlie's house sitter, is the first to receive a video. But as greedy as he is for the money, will Charlie's gardener (Dane Brando) be able to sabotage him? It's definitely worth a look; forget the fast forward buttons. Movie Starring: Billy Brandt Art Trevis Bobby Benson Drew Axel Robert Pine Scott Curry

Down To His Knee The sun is hot and so is the action when these surfers hit Laguna Beach. These horny men only like riding two things - waves and each other! Movie Starring: Chad Johnson Mike Cummings Matt Hawks Justin Rhodes Steve Sommers Dane Ford

Download Exclusive Falcon superstar Johnny Hanson leads a hot cast in a search for a whole new definition of "hard drive." Download these studs today and get off tomorrow, the next day and the next. You get the picture! Movie Starring: Danny Sommers Chase Hunter Kevin Dean Rob Stone Adriano Marquez Glenn McAllister

Downtown Knights You can get everything you want downtown! Who Would You Like To Meet In A Dark Alley? Don't hesitate just go for it! Movie Starring: Jack Joy Rock Pedro Professor Vasco Fernandez Rodrigo Ferrari Tomas Yuri

Downtown Men A crew of insanely horny city dudes "trick the light fantastic." They toss aside all pleasantries and formalities and dive right in to the "good stuff" - full on deep-gag sucking and slam-bang fucking. Movie Starring: Eric Hunter Shawn Jamieson Scott Adams Ethan Tyler Joseph Dragon Azor

Dr. Jerkoff And Mr. Hard Poor Dr. Jerkoff. He's alone and he's a dork until he drinks a potion. given to him by a fortune teller, which turns him into handsome, desirable Mr. Hard. An old classic tale comes to life in a very sexy way! Don't miss out. Movie Starring: Jim Buck Dax Kelly Jack Simmons Ryan Wagner Matt Easton Tristen Sax

Dr.'s Orders: Manipulation "A typical case of a very large sphincter," says Dr. Mark Baxter to the stud on the examining table, his butt stuck straight up in the air. His demented assistant (Plain Wrapped favorite Jeff Baron) stands by with the lube for the following exploratory session. Within seconds the whole latex-covered hand of the hot doctor is right up the patient's huge hole. Baron steps in to finish off the examination with both hands and promises the patient a lollipop if he's a good boy.

Drafted 2 It's physical time for Mason Wyler when he's drafted into a support role at Active Duty yet again! Kasey, Hops, Adam and Brock test his limits as they take turns pounding his ass and discharging their heavy loads all over him one after the other. Movie Starring: Mason Wyler Adam Wells Brock Penn Hops Kasey (Pink Bird Media)

Drafted Mason is happy to be drafted into an army of Active Duty's hot men, but when it comes time to perform, will he wish he was A.W.O.L.? Watch as Mason gets used by our gorgeous, straight, real military men! Movie Starring: Mason Wyler Kaden Saylor Levi Brock Penn Kasey (Pink Bird Media)

Dream Book Everybody Misha Medved moves to the other side of the camera. This video is produced by William Higgins and directed by Misha Medved, a William Higgins protégé. The star of 'Misha and Friends' makes his directorial debut with DreamBook. Misha, with the help of eight top models, has created a new and refreshing sexual fantasy. A five-star model and protégé of William Higgins, Misha delivers a fantasy adventure that most gay men only dream about. Movie Starring: Viktor Vesely Joska Kalvoda Pepe Richter Franco Gregorio Vladimir Richter Olda Koruna

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