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Family Secrets Steve Cannon, Jake Taylor, Sam Crockett and a rough-and ready cast of young studs uncover their family's sex secrets! Jake is afraid that his cousin will find out that he's queer, but, surprise: Cousin Sam is gay, too! Soon the cousins and two others are unstoppably fucking each other. Movie Starring: Cole Youngblood Brad Michaels Alan Reeves Gianfranco Rick Matthews Dax Kelly

Fan Male A behind the scenes odyssey of a top porn star, played by Arik Travis, who has quite a good time responding to his fan mail. This award-winner features a hysterical non-sexual performance from Hollywood's own Gender. Movie Starring: Arik Travis Dan Hopper Dallas Taylor Danny Sommers Chi Chi LaRue Karen Dior

Fantasies We all have our fantasies. Each one uniquely our own. And even though it may be about the same person that someone else is thinking of, it is our fantasy that's special”even perfect! This film is about our fantasies and maybe yours. The producer, director and actors all contributed, and now we hope to share with you what we have achieved on film. Perhaps you really will see your own! Movie Starring: Nick Harmon Peter Kreig John Murray Tony Davis Rod Lance

Fantasy Factory 3 Check out the third classic erotic documentary in this continuing five part series. Bronzed young men in tiny g-strings act out morality plays in which good always wins out over evil. Return with our host, Steve Malis, to a "kinder, gentler" era of erotica. Movie Starring: Brandon Wilde Bill Mawer Bob Larson Kenneth Cunningham Ronny Wallace Gerald Sullivan

Fantasy Factory 4 The 4th classic erotic documentary about the Athletic Model Guild Studio in a continuing series of 5 videos! Movie Starring: Doug Scott Arthur Pruett Reed Phippen Paul Crampton Glen Corbit Sammy Jackson

Fantasy Factory 5 Check out the fifth classic erotic documentary in this continuing series. AMG is another look back to the 1950s, when a loaf of bread was a dime, a new Ford Thunderbird was $3500, and the only opportunity most people had to see a naked man was AMG's male nude photography magazine, Physique Pictorial. In this new film, we look at AMG's solo modeling films, their semi-spectacular take on Aladdin and the Lamp, and several full-frontal nude films produced originally for the handful of theaters that would dare to show them!

Fantasy Factory Producer Campfire Video writes "Fantasy Factory is a second trip back to the nostalgic 1950s to the idealized world of AMG. Bronzed young men in tiny G-strings (with occasional full nudity) act out morality plays in which good always wins out over evil. Return with our host, Steve Malis, to a "kinder, gentler" era of erotica. Movie Starring: Bob Jackson Dale Hall Avery Heath Shane Shepard Bob Kisler Bob Mizer

Fantasy Stories 5 A muscled cigar smoking trucker finds a muscle cop taking a piss on the side of the road and decides he wants his hard dick down his throat. He sucks the motorcycle cop's cock like it was the dessert of the day only to haul his ass to a hotel room where he smokes cigar and sucks the cop's big hard dick again and again. Hot meanwhile in another short tale, muscle former body builder champ Ron Teufel has a fellow officer sucking his cock and licking his tail motorcycle boots in this fantasy about two cops who get into hot oral sex and boot licking exercises. His boots are shot on with hot manly cum for our finish! Movie Starring: Ron Teufel

Fantasy Stories A culmination of solo and action short stories all geared to show masculine guys using their hard dicks for sex. Plenty of jackoff and sex actions the beefcakes in their uniform reveal a lust for cum and more cum.

Farm Boys 15 hot young men going down on the farm!! These Farm Boys love to fuel your fire with their hotness. Movie Starring: Adam Gosett David Moretti Sergej Gulbicsov Tomas Dombai Daniel Kriley Zoltan Kopre

Fast Action Muscle man Matt Drake has a nice meaty cock and a thing for playing with his ass-hole. It's a good thing! Movie Starring: Matt Jeremy Perry James J.T. Sloan Max Stone Mike Vespa

Fast Connection A collection of HOT guys get together to have some fun & get nasty. When you need it fast & hard, try fast connections! They're waiting for you! Movie Starring: Roman Luptak Pavel Porges Pavel Vichera Ivan Plop Martin Blahut Lubomir Stary

Fast Moves These guys quickly make the move to pound some ass and suck some cock! If you like man-on-man sex in the fast lane then this film will be one of the ones that you just have to see! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Chaz Carlton Aaron Austin Coy Dekker Billy Slater Dom Juan Jason Nikas

Faster Faster Fuck Me Harder Director Alberto Rey has done it again! Five extended scenes, nearly 3 full hours of wham, bam, fuckin', suckin', beefy Euro boys slidin' and ridin' into a frickin' fantastic frenzy. No joke; the raw, hardcore footage comes in and we slap it down into the DVD just as it lays. Rey's camera work is so rock-solid, and the action so non-stop, there's nothing to do on the editing bench but the opening credits so you know who's hole is whose. The fuck action is fast and furious! Every bottom gets it in his ass, then his mouth, then back again. Loads of hot creamy cum spray and spew across their faces. Movie Starring: Julian Vincenzo James Jordan Jose Ganatti Gregory Buck Monroe Peter Stream

Father Figure Stonie brings home his buddy Jeremy Brooks. Dad (the very hot Sam Crockett) teaches both of them a thing or two. Movie Starring: Jeremy Brooks Sam Crockett Stonie Woody Jarod Michaels Emilio DiMedici

Father Son Weekend 4 Hot older studs enjoy a long weekend with cute guys who are young enough to be their sons. But it's all good cause this one is passionate, father son weekend you don't want to miss! Enjoy Father Son Weekend 4¯! Movie Starring: Mark Vandervilt Marshall O'Boy Paul Salomon Buck Bronco Kyle Foxxx Orion Cross

Feed Plus Seed This movie has "all that and a broom handle." I know you were expecting me to say "bag of chips," but none of the hotties in Threshhold Media's bareback DVD, Feed+Seed put food snacks up their ass. One does put a broom handle straight up his butt and then adds another guy's fat, hard cock in there with it, just for fun and cuz the bottom wanted more! Movie Starring: Tober Brandt Jock Ripper Radick Fly Hudson Case Jake Mann Billy Parks

Feeling Horny Again Nine hot guys, six first-time performances, a little stairway fun, and some super-hot 'welcome back to town' sex! We hope you will enjoy this hot gay and solo film from Pat and Sam! Don't miss it! Movie Starring: Ryan * Rusty Orion Rex Shane (m) Brent

Felch My Sperm Hole Felching, for those of you who don't know, is the act of eating out semen from an asshole. Depending on your perspective, that's one of the hottest or most disgusting things ever. If you're into that, or just enjoy passionate bareback sex, make sure to get this movie! Movie Starring: Maxime Fuuq Colin Roberts Sebastian Carle T.J. Summers Thomas Steel Fred Mayer

Felix Fuckmate In Germany Felix: Fuckmate In Germany shows this defined skinhead from Cologne banging his fuck-meat in willing holes - and you can be sure it is all rubber-free. The game, disappearing dicks, is played and Felix leaves no man-pussy unbreeded. But - who gives hard, must receive hard and there are some big loads Felix has to take too. Felix: Fuckmate In Germany is rock hard deep bare action with real blokes that love fucking around. Movie Starring: Felix (WaN) Jan Losch Tommy (m) Kai Marc Marlon

Ferocious Foreplay Alex Wilcox is not the star of this movie¦his cock is the star. The man is blessed with more inches than he needs and he knows how to use them. There are other huge cocks in the movie and they all wish for a hot ass that is readily for their enjoyment and for yours. One of the large cocks just happen to be a bottom.! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Casey O' Brian Dirk Adams Chad Conners Eric Mann Alex Wilcox

Festa Tropical Intense action in a tropical paradise. Cock-to-cock, dick-to-hole, mouth-to-ass, mouth-to-cock. it's all man-2-man fuckfest. Movie Starring: Kaio de Castro Felix Stulback Ricco Puentes Kaua Conalta Kaua Ribeiro Andre Ribeiro

Fever Pitch When the all-American boy next-door moves in with his girlfriend's brother, he discovers a hard driving world full of no holds bared masculine excitement. Feel yourself shift into high gear as the action accelerates to a Fever Pitch! Movie Starring: Matt Erickson Steve Ross Matt Johnson Jared Scott Steve Carson Doug Grant

Fever: Director's Cut Jeff Palmer comes home to his one true love, Tristan Paris, in one of Falcon's most romantic videos yet. After a very hot welcome, the two lovers head out to the local bar where an unscrupulous bar-fly slips them both a "Mickey." Jeff, mistakenly believing that Tristan is cheating on him in the Men's Room, joins Tom Chase and Kristian Brooks in the basement for a hot scene. When Tristan learns that Jeff has cheated on him, he goes to the home of a very hot, well-hung Thom Barron. Upon his return home, the two lovers make up on the window seat in a romantic, touching love scene. Movie Starring: Jeff Palmer Derek Cameron Tom Chase Drew Damon Tristan Paris Kristian Brooks

Fill My Butt Sir Only tight ass will suffice as cops use hot men to work their horny erections for butt plowing and hard screw action. Thick cock and plenty of cum shots to match. Real men in police uniforms always ready to fuck ass! Movie Starring: Brian Hanson Joe Russell Jose Cabrera John Nagel Johnny Cage Rob Louge

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