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Fleet Week The fleet's in town and what else do horny sailors do on shore leave? Officers and enlisted men alike succumb to the charms of the city. More importantly, they sail into the arms of other hot-blooded and horny men. Movie Starring: Erik Rhodes Tristan Jaxx TJ Hawke Barrett Long Josh Weston Jude Collin

Flesh And Blood Derrick, played by AVN award winning actor Kurt Young, shows up at the apartment of his dead brother, Erick, to go through his things only to find that his twin was gay and had a lover Kenny, played by Bryan Kidd. Kenny is very open and honest talking about their relationship and recounts when they officially became a couple, and how hot the sex was in a rooftop encounter where they first made love. As he comforts Kenny, Derrick realizes that there were a lot of things about his brother that he never new. Movie Starring: Kurt Young Bryan Kidd Hank McAllistar Linus Ford Ace Harden Steve O'Donnell

Flesh And Fantasy 2 Don't miss Flesh and Fantasy 2 starring Marcus Caine and 9 other hot and horny super hung studs! Lots of hot man on man action in this Catalina feature. Movie Starring: Marcus Caine Dan Cortez Joshua Scott Max Stone Sam Crockett Zak Taylor

Flesh And Fantasy There's a lot of Flesh and a lot of Fantasy in this early 1980's release. Jim Bataglia and Bob Moore work each other over in the hot tub. Gary Silverman applies for a job. When John Charles sees his 8 inches of credentials, he calls in Jim Klamm for some 3-way dick-tation. Another 3-way finds Sam Benson delivering groceries to John Charles and Duff Paxton. Three of the biggest cocks around turn this living room into an orgy room. Jim Bataglia and Mike Cole fuck in front of a mirror. Every hot suck and fuck is doubled by their reflection. Rob Stevens and Mike Cole rough up the company foreman, Randy Gutzman. He's stripped and forced to take all of Mike Cole's 10" man-tool. Movie Starring: Jim Bataglia Sam Benson Mike Cole Duff Paxton Rob Stevens Bob Moore

Flesh It's an aptly explosive end to a masterwork that signals a new level of sophistication from an established master-director Derek Kent-and a new standard for visual brilliance for all of the industry with our moonlit underwater fuck! We invite you to follow our newest exclusive, Spanish sex god Franco Santoro, for a cock-throbbing trip into a world where beautiful, ultra-virile Flesh runs the show! Movie Starring: Ryan Alexander Franco Santoro Punk Chase Dalton Troy Jason Crew

Flex What goes down in O'Farrell's Gym? A little bit of working out ... and a whole lot of sex. When Jason Hawke shows up aching for a workout he has no idea what he's going to have in store. New in town, he catches the eye of owner Kane O'Farrell, who's more than happy to give him a personalized tour. After a vigorous workout, muscle stud Ace Hanson needs a massage - and Kane's more than happy to oblige with that and much more. Erik Rhodes and Alex Rossi get into it over who can lift more... so they settle the matter with a flex-off. Watching each other's generously-muscled bodies flex and pose in the mirrors, they can hardly keep their hands off each other. In another corner of the gym Tyler Marks spots Pete Ross while he does squats, and one thing leads to another. Jason Spear and Jason Kingsley, watching from two other machines, whip their dicks out eager to get a piece of the action. Finally, Kane O'Farrell has Jason Hawke all to himself and finally gets to dip his stick into Jason's bubble-butt in a passionate and explosive finale. Movie Starring: Erik Rhodes Jason Hawke Pete Ross Ace Hanson Tyler Marks Alex Rossi

Flight Club FLIGHT CLUB will take you to the world of a private airport where young pilots and cute mechanics get to grips with... big machinery. Between uniforms and pumps, our squadrons of young hunks are more than happy to throw their legs in the air and abuse fellow workers. You will see an engine driver who unceremoniously takes his young apprentice up the arse, an orgy of five well hung mechanics, a control tower where two air-traffic controllers fuck a cute bottom until take-off and an abundance of cock sucking which happens all over the runway and inside the planes too... FLIGHT CLUB is one hell of a hardcore and perverse film!

Flight Deck Dick Seven sexy sailor studs, hot, naked & full semen, pumping their 8 inch naval guns just for you! Don't miss stud puppies Monty & Marty in a full blown sextacular session, with 2 cum filled cum shots you'll watch again & again! Movie Starring: Mark Beatini Chad Morgan Matt Woods Marty Gordon Monty Jesse (m)

Flip Flop Boys Catalina present six scenes of uninhibited, raw male sexuality in this shooting stars series pre-condom classic DVD.

Flipin' Da Script "Cum see as these fine ass brothas throw it down the way it ought to be thrown down. When these thugs unleash their big dicks into some phat can only be called Flipin' da Script! Carlito is interested in trying to be "versatile" with the same guy, meaning each takes turns to top and bottom for each other. He first hooks up with June who turns out to be a bottom. He rims June, then tops in various positions before shooting a huge load all over his stomach. Next, Carlito, still yearning for some dick up his own butt, bottoms for black stallion Black Hercules who is exclusively top. Then, Carlito calls his friend Shorty J to exchange some sex stories and see if he knows of anyone who's willing to be versatile with him. Shorty tells Carlito about his adventures taking turns topping and bottoming the time he hooked up with Marcus. The two get unexpectedly interrupted by the hot new comer Static for a three-way, then when Marcus leaves, Taino shows up for a new three-way with Shorty J and Static. Finally, Shorty J and Carlito hook up and take turns topping and bottoming for each other!" Movie Starring: June Shorty J. Static Taino Marcus (Blatino) Black Hercules

Flogging the Log "Straight Dudes Do It!" No matter what you call it, innocent flesh learn the joys of stroking for pleasure! Enjoy!

Flossin' East Harlem Productions hits you hard with Flossin' - the hot new title straight form the streets of Harlem! A little grimey, greasy, and raunchy. Keep your eyes open cause Flossin' is just the beginin' of a ride to remember!

Fly Fishing Studly MIKE GRANT and his buddies go fishing for some "trouser trout". Mega-meat Maxime Cannon, Nick Piston, & Rik Jammer all get hooked in this summer sizzler from Director Peter Romero. Movie Starring: Mike Grant Nick Piston Matthias Von Fistenberg Josh Carter Maxime Cannon T.R. Driver

Fly'N Solo Thomas Bjorn gives a whole new meaning to the term Exhibitionist, Feast your eyes! And take a front row seat ¦as this extremely horny and full-of-cum young stud, with his enormous bulging cock, beats his meat and take you from shower to shore¦surely leaving us all drained! Movie Starring: Thomas Bjorn

Focus Downunder Rory's enjoying the sun, sea and beaches of Australia. Taking a walk one day he meets Liverpudlian photographer Craig shooting his new surf book...But everything gets out of hand when sexual tension mounts as Rory, Craig and five surf-boys get up to some serious action down under!

Folladas A Sako 4 Folladas A Sako, Dirty Fuckers in Barcelona, gives you a straight idea of what's going on in this last Jalifstudio's casting. Dirty bastards, with huge cocks and feet, torment and strectch young guys asses. We have found some new, very sexy, ones for you! Big and fat cocks, sneakers, feet licking, socks and, as always, dirty action. Movie Starring: Tony Duque Turbo Manu Perro Nash Jhony C. Tamanaco

Folsom Street Cruise Biker Boy comes into BJ Productions' new San Francisco video store looking for work as a porn model. But Dirk, Biker Boy's interviewer, is no pushover; he puts his new recruit to the test with a built inspection, some ass shaving and a sound paddling. Not quite yet satisfied, Dirk leave Bikers Boy handcuffed to the store door and tells the poor boy to take good care of any customers who come in while Dirk's gone. Enter Ranger and Downey, two hot and horny punk boys who know how to dish out the verbal abuse to their hopeless victim. Dirk returns and pounds, Biker Boy's ass while Ranger and Downey watch, helping themselves to each other's dicks. Then Dirk takes Ranger to the toilet for a nasty scene full of dirty jockstraps and armpit licking. Finally, Dirk decides that Biker Boy has passed his test and gives the boy a blowjob. Ranger and Downey, however want their own piece of ass. They cuff dirk and won't let him go until they get to plug him from both ends. And do they ever! Movie Starring: Dirk Davenport Downey Ranger Biker Boy

Fond Focus Hard bodies and even harder dicks...dicks in action!! Joey Stefano at his very best! Wild anal and oral scenes will keep YOU in sharp and Fond Focus! Movie Starring: Tony Davis Steve Kennedy Joey Stefano Brett Williams Alex Stone Ryan Yeager

Fondling The Mangos Featuring fifteen sizzling studs who lovingly pull their man meat to wet, juicy climaxes and excellent cinematography, this Eagle Studio compilation soars above the ordinary. Great angles and shots with an emphasis on cum make this a tantalizing and top-notch solo film.

Foot Patrol: Crossing the Line Here's one of the better foot-fetish flicks of the past few years. That's Rex Ruben on the cover... also known as the aptly named Spike. His rubbing of his monster piece with his foot is something I won't soon forget. There's some pretty good oral stuff thrown in here to boot (pun definitely intended), and I got off to this more than once - and I have no interest in feet at all. Movie Starring: Emilio Sands Scott Davis Dave Russell Tommy Cruise Spike Devon Moore

Football Boys These are Football boys that play a high game. Everyone knows that Football has the hottest guys! With their tight bodies, beads of sweat rolling down their chests and soaking their entire bodies, down to their tight hot asses that are just to die for. These guys just be too hot to handle, proceed with caution.

Footballers What better way to get the blood pumping to all the right appendages? In Footballers, we follow the on-and off-the-field escapades of a football team (that's soccer for us Americans) being drilled by team coach Julian Vincenzo in preparation for the league finals. And this team knows how to give coach what he wants! Movie Starring: Frank Woods Andrew Moretti Felix Porter Dan Johnson Fredy Costa Rick Bauer

For Sale By Owner Lon Flexx and Jim Montana play a gay couple who are contemplating selling the house where they live and which they have renovated. What an attractive couple they are! Lon is dark and handsome; Jim is cute and blond. The movie opens with morning love-making that is breathy and passionate. They lick and hug and suck each other's hard dick. Jim takes a condom from the drawer, Lon puts it on, and Jim rides his cock. Jim is the first to cum, spewing a good load. These men are utterly believable as lovers, and this long and excellent scene is a celebration of gay lovemaking. The rest of the film features sexual encounters with the couple's Hispanic gardeners and their long-haired, well-built realtor. Movie Starring: Jim Montana Lon Flexx

Forbidden Dreams Tommy Blade has had a lot of dick in his day. As he wakes up in an empty apartment his mind wanders to his many sexual partners and their torrid affairs. In ass pounding action this movie begins and ends with big dicks and eager holes. In five scenes and a hot dildo solo this movie explodes in sexuality and passion. Tommy's beautiful body and filthy mind bring you load after load. Movie Starring: Tommy Blade Nick Marino Ford Tuff Adam North Sebastian Young Lucas Di Fubbiano

Forced Entry Squad With ammunition and weapons like this...Who needs to be forced? Csaba Borbely sure knows how to enlist the hottest men! Movie Starring: Lucio Maverick Kevin Cage Fredy Costa Rod Stevens Julian Vincenzo Rick Perry

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