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Forced Entry The mean, aggressive wail of police sirens rising and falling as they approach and recede; the occasional popcorn popping of assault rifles in the distance; the sharp attacking bark and the haunting howl of search dogs on duty; the whipping whirl and blinding fights of the search helicopters; and the occasional whiff of cordite and tear gas borne on the night air. The sensory messages of a jail break. We had one here in California a couple of weeks ago. They are scary.

Forced Entry Four scenes of forceful sex, each one culminating in double penetration. Mustang men know two poles are better than one. Movie Starring: Ricky Martinez Manuel Torres Jake Dakota Johnny Wallace Patrick O'Connor Dean Tucker

Foreskin Forever He wrote "Foreskin Forever, the 90 minute Puerto Rican extravaganza, has seventeen men jacking off (one at a time of course), each an unclipped example of New York's finest foreskin. Some of the guys in this video talk to you about jacking off, and a couple of them talk about their 'big uncut Puerto Rican dick', but mostly they slide the beautiful brown skin back and forth over their lovesticks and leave loads behind on the pillows!"

Foreskin Lessons Pacific Sun has established itself as one of the premiere purveyors of Eastern European porn. The models they use are always vibrant, healthy looking, muscular men with big uncut meat. Foreskin Lessons is a play on word, combining the men are uncut with a simple plot involving a piano teacher. (Lessons... get it?) Movie Starring: Ivan Mrozek Totya Flowers (m) Nico Blade Miklos Soledad Don Camillo

Forest Boy These hot guys love to fuck each other outdoors! They fuck and suck on one another's big thick tree trunks and slurp up the sap! In this forest, the trees aren't the only wood being seen!

Forever Adorable Bedeviling your senses, the sweet smell of Boyalicious Horn Pups permeates the air, once again, raising you to new prick stiffening peaks, beyond measure, in the most anticipated adorable of them all. Big studs & big dicks to last you forever! Movie Starring: Bobby Golden Kurt Wagner Brock Hensly Dirk Adams Peter Wilder Michael Knight

Forever More Foreskin It's one scorching hot skin game! Self lovin' strokin' creamy fun, hot duo suckin' and fuckin' in 7 scenes (2 solos). Vladimir Correa solo, and Rod Garetto in the sixth scene 9 hot duo).

Fortune Nookie When lawyer Jacob Scott informs Brandon of his inheritance, he lets Brandon in on some of the details but not all of them. Unfortunately, poor penniless Brandon can't afford the lawyer fees, and they end up taking the fee out in trade. Jacob takes control as the bottom in this scene, feverishly yelling at Brandon to go "harder, deeper, faster!" Both guys shoot a load on each other's chest and then clean up their mess with their tongues. Movie Starring: Brandon Lee Erik Tenaka Niko Thai Tishiro Ho Paul Morgan Jacob Scott

Fortune's Tool A hyper-horny hit from director Roland Dane, who brings out the very best in his cast of come-hither cumsters strutting their considerable carnal charms in a smoking-hot sex story. Do Euro-dic-licious, glossy, glam gods Vincenzo and Floretto live happily ever after? The magic cards would indicate that they do. Movie Starring: Randy Jones Julian Vincenzo Giovanni Floretto Tim Brensen Bill Kozak Fabio Zoltan

Forty Plus Stud Let these daddies take you into their arms and share with you the kind of sexual experience that only comes with age. Daddy's in charge now. Bring out the eager, young bucks that are ready to please! Movie Starring: David Griffin Damian Ford Danny Rhymes Dillon Press Julio Matt Douglas

Foul Play Superhunk Derek Cruise and humongous Brad Stone star in a sex-packed tale that will leave you breathless. Return appearances by Steve Fox and Brad Mitchell make this one sensational feature! Movie Starring: Michael Crawford Vince Rockland Derek Cruise Devyn Foster Brad Mitchell Brad Stone

Four Card Stud Ya' got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. Ain't nothing like a good hand of strip poker between good buddies. The stakes are high the Joker's wild and the payoff can't be beat! Starring superstud Trent Black and Falcon exclusive Colby Taylor! Plus the return of Falcon favorite Tom Steele! Movie Starring: James West Jordan West Colby Taylor Tony Scalia Logan Cox Trent Black

Four Men Basically four different and barely linked stories in this Mike Donner vid: Hustlers and their johns (Anthony, Allen and Reece); a sexual obsession (Ayers and West); anonymous sex (Dixon, Morgan, Collins and Carlton); and a romantic fantasy (O'Donnell and Knight). There's nothing earth shattering in the plot, budget or technical departments. But these semi-linked stories do offer some decent sex, some nice and thick cocks, and some good ideas behind them. The cast is handsome if not necessarily gorgeous and the execution could have been more polished, but it's pretty good nonetheless. Movie Starring: Jay Anthony Sam Dixon Steve O'Donnell Jordan West Brendan Knight Ethan Michael Ayres

Foxhole Join the military man-euvers as a group of randy recruits stand ready for hard-pounding all-male action. Handsome cover man Michael Parks leads the eager fuck-and-suck action. His shower scene with Cal Jensen is one of the most sensual scenes ever captured by Catalina's hard-core cameras. Neil Thomas is jacking off in a jeep and is joined by Rick Coleman. Neil throws a mean military fuck into Rick's eager ass. Next is the great scene with Michael Parks and Cal Jensen. As the pair go at it, Dick Masters watches and whacks his huge cock. There is a very probing exam at the doctor's office where all the military man-holes are checked out. Lee Jennings starts the action with Vinnie Trevino and they're joined by Chris Dano and his big butt-busting boner. The man-action moves to the trenches for a steamy scene with beautiful blond hunk Rod Burnett and his buddy Peter Maddox. Then it's a fun-fucking-tastic finale with Michael Parks in his second scene of the movie and Rick Lee. Movie Starring: Michael Parks Rick Coleman Neil Thomas Cal Jensen Peter Maddox Rod Burnett

Foxtale Ty's back and he's bigger than ever! Fresh from the Washington Post Scandal, director Eddie Douglas tells the tale of the rise and fall of this humpy gym teacher. Along to help with the story is the sexy Hodge Armstronge, Jake Cannon, Troy Halston, Sam Dixon and many other horny and sexy men. Movie Starring: Hodge Armstrong Ty Fox Jake Cannon Rod Barry Tyler Flannery Sam Dixon

Frank And Beans Sixteen heavily tattooed young Marines from the flight line meet up for a quick after-hours workout, then strip naked and hit the steam room. Shot before and after they steal some beer and dive into the pool for some "naked elimination dodgeball" (see tape #15,) they are completely unaware of the camera as they casually march naked around the athletic complex, dicks a-swingin'. Urinal and weigh-in footage included. As a result of an apparent hazing ritual of some sort, at least half of these Marines are sporting recent penis-piercings. One Marine asks his naked buddy how his piercing is healing and the other guy thoughtfully holds his penis up to show him... One stocky blond guy even borrows all the combination locks in the locker room, then suspends then from the ring in his penis to amaze and astound his friends. Nothing like a semi-circle of heterosexual Marines openly admiring the healthy, well-developed genitals of one of their buddies. Don't miss the youngest Marine - he's got the BIGGEST DICK in the group - a whopper you can write home about. Everybody in the room tries to ignore the heavy appendage on this little guy, but his hefty, swingin' penis will hypnotize you from the word go. Also included: more of that strange tanning-bed video shot in the Navy exchange. More secretly videotaped military boners - one young guy uses two fingers to coax some spooge out of his pole.

Frankenstein Obsessed with the male figure, a doctor defies the science laws and creates a man from other body parts. The resurrection of this creature is just the beginning of the crazy passion found in this film. There is so much excitement you'll be begging to more! Movie Starring: Kaio de Castro Douglas Torres Stanley X Marcks Adriano Ferraz Jefferson Boy

Frankfurt Stories A porn movie directed by Cazzo star Jens Hammer. Eight hot sex scenes! Twelve gorgeous guys! 90 minutes of action! Erik runs away from home and finds his way to the big city. Charm boy Patrik picks him up and their very first night together Patrik shows him the pleasures of manhood. Erik has been waiting for this his whole life! But the honeymoon is over quick. In the techno club the next night Patrik gets a blow job from somebody else. Meanwhile two skinheads abduct Erik in the bathroom and give him a good going over. And to top it all off, he gets snagged by Jens, a mean sleazy business man. Both Erik and fellow slave Flo submit totally. Movie Starring: Jens Hammer Ralf Steel Thom Barron Chris Braun Flo Harper Rack

Frat Boi Bareback Five cock slurping and ass pounding scenes. Starring an all twink cast of 100% bareback riders! Watch these boys fuck bareback and drench each other in buckets of white hot man lava! Movie Starring: Mason White Damien Knight Allen Beach Danny Richards Jorden Michaels Zack Ryder

Frat Boys On The Loose 10 Majoring in Man-Sex you've just been xxxcepted into a cum-coated college where all of the classes are Jizz-Jammed. The dean is big on kink and the frathouse lights burn all night! Movie Starring: Brad Hanson Nick Young Andrew Adams Johnny Law Park Wiley Jason Sizemore

Frat Boys On The Loose 9 Whenever the professor shows up at the frat house with a big bulge in his pants, we know he's cum to arouse more than mere curiosity of our young minds. Movie Starring: Eric Evans Cameron Sage Andy Hunter Rick Leon Scott Bradley

Frat Boyz Frat Boyz are where it's at! These college guys are members of phi wanna sucka fraternity. They're cute, horny and oh-so-gay. Frat hazing never felt so good. Movie Starring: Dennis Lee Jae Luver J.D. Daniels Diablo Negro T.J. Hot Boi

Frat Rats When he turns back around from spreading his ass, his cock is already hard. And what a beautiful sight! When he's naked he flexes and shows you the bait he's used to trap some very hot people! With his muscular hairy chest, hard dick and bubble butt who's going to turn him down? In bed, his legs go up in a flash and he's grabbing his heels! You won't believe this hot man spread eagle! He starts to finger his hot hole and flips over on his back for a better penetration. When he's primed, the beer bottle goes up his butt (that must be the frat's hobby) and he sucks on a cucumber while fucking his own ass with the bottle and his hard dick bobs in time. Over on his knees, the stud gets fucked with a dildo before he sits on it and rides the dildo planted firmly in his butt. Joel jacks his dick and cums all over his hand, and he, too eats his load pronouncing it delicious. Movie Starring: Baby Boy

Fraternity Pledge 2 Fraternity brothers shiver in delight as the new pledges are made to bend over and take it between their cheeks, or forced onto their knees to give some oral pleasure! Movie Starring: Rico Suave Alan Gregory Pablo Torres Damon West Justin Masters

Frathouse Gang Bang When these boys get done with pledging the only thing that is on their minds is hard cock and deep ass fucking. Get in on the gangbang! Movie Starring: Sweet Williams Brett Williams Chaz Carlton Kody Fields Alex Stone Stone Harris

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