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From Me To You All Worlds Video International presents a Darkwind Productions of Hot solo Action from director Conor Murphy. Hot young guys playing hard just for you. Movie Starring: Marco St. Miguel Chris Stein Kevin Pertier Ricky St. Peter Eric Gold Eden (m)

From Room To Room These horny studs don't care where they get off, as long as they do! These guys are going room to room to get their rocks off, now you can too! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Dino Phillips Sam Carson Tom Southern Doug Jeffries Eric Scott

Ft. Lauderdale Cum With all of the hurricanes in Florida this year we had to find out what was causing all of that blowing! We found out! Those dudes in Florida are nasty cum hungry pigs! They are to hot too! Look at these pics on the box. Most of these shots are screen capture from the video. What you see is what you get with Blue Alley!

Fuck Boys If you had luscious cocks, and round, black booties thrown at you, wouldn't you fuck all day long? These rough and tumble, New York thugs do just that!

Fuck Factory Magnificent workers meet themselves at the factory to work. But, very quickly, they are going to prefer to use their own tools rather than hammers and other stuff! Every place is a good place to satisfy the superb bodies of these hot and virile guys: the workshop, the lift truck, outside, and others. Enjoy!

Fuck Factory It's hot and sweaty on the workshop floor of the Fuck Factory, and these hunky factory workers are all greased up and ready for some seriously hardcore action! Movie Starring: Boris Demitri Lazzaro Ramirez Leo Randolf Julian Vincenzo Matt Colmar Evan Rochelle

Fuck Freight Another endless day at sea on a cargo ship down below, naked, restless men are chained and stored. Why? Out at sea this lust-filled crew needs to let off some steam every now and then. And these nasty sailors crave their defenesless human cargo. Without mercy, these prisoners are literally filled to the brim with seamen. Movie Starring: Lupus Marcel Marco DiAngelo Giovanni Rod Painter

Fuck Me, Fuck You Grab your ankles because everyone is getting fucked! In each of seven scenes, each guy takes it up the ass from his flip-flopping pal. Movie Starring: Mario Ortiz Blu Kennedy Jason Kennedy Ollie Kicks Jonathan Gabriel Hawk McAllistar

Fuck Me There is nothing better than hot, hard studs fucking the hell out of each other, and these masculine guys fuck hard and fast!!!! All the boys in this video have 8 inches plus cocks - and love using them. Watch as they plow each other's holes without mercy. You will see why we named it... Fuck Me!

Fuck My Ass I'll Suck Your Cock Raging Stallion shakes up the porn world with the first-ever gay gonzo movie! Legendary straight director and performer Alberto Rey directed this amazing film. Gonzo, a term used in straight porn, means that scenes are shot in real time with a moving camera; this is real sex, not the staged stuff you often get from other studios. Movie Starring: Claudio Antonelli George Stevenson Richard Jordan Ricardo Giorgio James Jordan

Fuck My Black Ass If you like black ass pounding and big black cock sucking, this is made just for you! Five hot scenes with black on white or white on black...all bareback! Every hole will be taken, every dick will be drained. When it's all over¦they're still waiting for more! Movie Starring: David Duke Doc Holliday Robby Ricktor Mario Luigi Paul Stewart Shorty

Fuck My Eager Hungry Hole The title that explains it all these guys take it up the butt and then taste it, condom and all. Filmed like a straight film, you get to see every hesitation and every camera flaw and more importantly, each and every minute of these amazing guys giving head and getting fucked. These guys are amazingly hot. Our cover model George Stevenson has an amazing body and a big fat cock and he knows how to use it. In his first scene, he begins with a translucent butt plug deep in his ass and another hot man playing with his big dick. The butt plug goes from his ass to his mouth and back again many times before the fucking really starts. In this 3-hour movie you'd have to search for a soft dick. The guys are hard from the first minute until they blow cum all over each other. The cum really flies out of these amazing guys. Movie Starring: Rick Bauer Helmut Muller George Stevenson David Bathory Erik Tell Mario McCabe

Fuck That Hole Raw 3 Deep ass breeding...raw, sloppy cumholes...ass feltching too! Four sizzling bareback scenes with nasty guys who are bareback obsessed...including nasty ass to mouth action too! Movie Starring: Adrian R. Fred Mayer Jack Zomba Sly Nicholas

Fuck, Suck, Repeat Plenty of hot and heavy action from the Factory Video's crew. There's no plot to get in the way of the action here, just tons of hung and deep-gulleted boys taking loads in the face and down their throats. Slurp it up baby and follow that title to a T! Movie Starring: Taylor Bryant Marc Sterling Cody Hunter Jason Gordar Marc Jacobs CJ

Fuckarama Watch tanned stud Andy and redhead cutie Blu fuck each other's brains out. Young and passionate, they kiss and touch every inch of each other's bodies. Both are blessed with hard bodies and large cocks. But Andy is the one who puts it to work, deep inside Blu's tight hole. See Blu get fucked on the couch, standing up, and on the coffee table. You'll find he polishes it quite nicely! There is also more fuckarama¯ to go around in this 46th edition to the Cruise Collection¯ series! Movie Starring: Mick Trey Casteel Blu Kennedy Ryann Wood Andy Hunter

Fucked Fucked is a dangerous, dark, dick-drenched walk on the wild side of sexual obsession. This trip to the twilight zone of compulsive behavior is something defiantly decadent and different for Studio 2000, and you are going to love every sweaty, cum-soaked, fist-fucked, pissed-on, second of it. Director Travis, one of the undisputed masters of porn, has crafted a tale jammed with rough, randy, and relentless sex which is splashed in your face in unrelenting, vivid, vital close-up. Movie Starring: Franco Santoro CJ Madison Rod Daily Dallas Adams Park Wiley Tony Bishop

Fuckin Kaos When Kaos and his skater boy toys get together, the suckin' and fuckin' gets hot and sticky! These dudes may be new to the game, but they sure know their way around a firm cock! Movie Starring: Gunner Raines Casper Cox Kaos Dalon Taylor Jessie Jameson Will Shutz

Fucking Their Brains Out Hard cocks slathered in lube rammed deep inside tight assholes.. there's nothing like fuckin all day long! Movie Starring: Randy Loren Bryce

Fucking Tourist One hot scene after another showing how these tourist get their asses fucked and their faces fucked...all at the same time. Three ways, dual action and orgy scenes... Watch how our guys spend their days in sunny Key West, Florida.

Fucking With The Stars It's an all star showdown with four exclusives going head-to-head and dick-to-dick to find out who will be the first ever Fucking With The Stars Grand Champion. Who will take home the bejeweled dildo trophy? Watch and find out! Movie Starring: Manuel Torres Kevin Brown Luca DiCorso Derrick Vinyard Jamie Donovan Derrick Hanson

Fucktory Well lubricated asses get fucked in the playroom. A hot 3some is going on in the Sling, in the Gym some rough action is happening, and in the warehouse they have fun on some dirty, old oil drums. These 11 horny men fuck everywhere outside of their beds! Movie Starring: Asimo Bouet Stephan Gaudry Holle Lewis Quintini Rod Painter Marcel Hoffmann

Full Body Workout Damon & Jay start their full body workout with a bench press, but Jay can't keep his hands off Damon and it's all down hill from there. There's plenty of exercise for the two guys though as they move into the bedroom for some hot oral sex, dildo play, and finally an ass pounding fuck session you won't soon forget. Movie Starring: Damon

Full Expedition Climbers Antal Posza and Beni Laczko can't wait to scale the Cursed Gorge, but George Vidanov thinks it's too dangerous. George agrees on one condition”that he'll have one last sexual encounter before he faces the hazards of the climb. Antal and Beni eagerly submit to his demands. The men strip down and devote themselves to a scorching session of cocksucking, rimming and asspounding”leaving them with a steamy memory of the encounter¦should it be their last. Movie Starring: George Vidanov Beni Laczko Antal Posza Mihal Laszlo Krisztian Szabo

Full Face Shot Full face shot, just like the title promises. In this movie cum is running like water. Group Sex action and cum everywhere.

Full Filled Falcon Exclusive Kevin Williams has been feeling a bit sexually unfulfilled lately, and perusing the personal ads just might be the ticket out of the dilemma. A couple of phone calls and Ivan Talman is at his door, ripe and ready for action. Kevin's nerdy neighbor--Lane Fuller--pops in for a cup of sugar which turns into a major suck-n-fuck feast with super hung Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Tom Chase. Kevin still aches for more and waits for the masseur--Alex Wilcox--to arrive. Even though Kevin declined Travis Wade's invitation to join in on some hot orgy action, there is enough cock and ass to go around. Movie Starring: Kevin Wiliiams Tom Chase Ivan Talman Travis Wade Matt Skyler Drew Damon

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