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Garotos De Favela Those sexuals bombs shoot something else other than guns, they're using their big tools to work on those asses! Movie Starring: Oliver Victor Santos Christiano Claudio Davidson Vagner

Garotos Sapecas A Procura De Amor These beautiful Brazilian boys are searching for love and passion! Looking for love and big dicks to satisfy their hunger for sex.

Gatinhos Do Brazil Cum to participate in one unforgettable orgy. We have the hottest guys and the only rule is that you have to enjoy it to the fullest! Movie Starring: Tommy Castellari Richard Bruno Rock The Icon Eduardo Cirax Igor Dos Santos

Gatinhos Solitarios These guys are not going to be lonely anymore! Hot man on man action in every heated moment! Don't miss out on all the cocksucking and buttfucking hardcore lovin'! Movie Starring: Mauro Reis Vitor Manzini Andre Dumont Caio Alan Motarregm Leo Passos

Gatos Entre 4 Paredes 2 Delicious youngsters who will do anything to make their partners reach full pleasure! This 2nd edition to this series is sure to leave you hard as a rock! You are not going to want to miss this hot hardcore action! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Felix Junior Carioca Patrick Alan Antony Robson Romaneli

Gatos Liberais A national super production, bringing the most charming and prettiest men in the porno world! Packed full of pleasure and seduction in each delicious scenes! Don't let these guys get to hot for you! Movie Starring: Alexandre Senna Thiago Pavanello Andre Santos Marcelo

Gay Amateur Spunk 2 Amateur studs steaming up the camera in the second installment of Gay Amateur Spunk Videos. 100% real, 100% amateur, and 110% hot sit back and enjoy! Movie Starring: Taylor Bryant

Gay Amateur Spunk 3 Studs getting sucked and plowed for the third installment of Gay Amateur Spunk Videos. It's 100% real, 100% amateur, and 110% hot man on man action! Enjoy!

Gay Amateur Spunk 4 Fresh faces and raging hard cock! We are treated to some guys who love ass in this one. Some PHENOMINAL rimming and ass fucking! It had our jaded porn editor hard as a rock! 69, and guys who can really swallow cock, okay, they might be amateur to porn but they really know how to put on a fuck show. This flick features regular guys, amateurs who just love fucking. Guys just like you diving into the world of porn.

Gay Amateur Spunk 5 Director Kevin Chain introduces some fresh meat showing off big dicks, hot asses, and cum flying first timers! This is 100% real and 100% amateur! Don't miss the spunk! Movie Starring: John Matthews Beau Drew Ethan Jay Jacob Matthews Marcus

Gay Amateur Spunk's: Guide To Anal Sex Anal sex really can be a pain in the ass, if it isn't done right. Here you get some hot tips and a demonstration of some great techniques to make getting fucked in the ass the highlight of your next orgy! Features regular guys, amateurs who just love fucking. Guys just like you. Movie Starring: Marc Sterling

Gay Amateur Spunk's: Guide To S And M Thinking about expanding your sexual horizons? Join Marc Sterling in a voyage of discovery as you delve into the wide world of SMBD! Features regular guys, amateurs who just love fucking. Movie Starring: Marc Sterling

Gay Amateur Spunk Check out these hot amateur guys fucking, sucking, and eating cum for the camera in the first installment of Gay Amateur Spunk Videos. 100% real 100% amateur, 110% hot sit back and enjoy!

Gay Blind Date Sex 7 We follow real amateur guys on their first dates, from the awkward first introduction to the wet, sticky climax later the same night! It doesn't matter if the guys hit it off, cause they're both going to get off. They're not looking for a deep relationship, just a hard cock, a tight ass and a good time! Movie Starring: Thugzilla Red Bone N-ice Slim Boy Sir

Gay Blind Date Sex We follow hot, real amateur guys on their first dates, from the awkward first introduction to the wet, sticky climax later the same night! It doesn't matter if the guys are birds of a feather, or polar opposites, because we've got a rule for our blind dates, good date, bad date or indifferent, no matter how you slice it, they're going to end up fucking! Movie Starring: Austin Chuck Diablo Jah Lil Devon (m) Ashton

Gay Construction Site 3 The third of the popular series with new young guys ready to take a break at work and fuck each other for the rest of the workday! This movie features jocks with nothing but cock on their minds fulfilling their steamy desires. Movie Starring: Andrea Vincenzi Andrea Mattioli Davide Maltese Denis Pisa Sebastiano Castello Steffano Fiorini

Gay Culture If you want to see the seedier, hardcore side of Gay Culture' look no further than this latest release from Private Man. This 5-scene movie is set in the beautiful city of Budapest where we enter the luxurious realm of Rodney Borzio. Rodney is one of the main players in the real estate world, he's a self made millionaire and his gorgeous grandson Luke wants for nothing. However, spoiled with riches, glamour and luxury, Luke is just not satisfied. He decides that there is more to life than lounging about all day and shopping (although, it sounds pretty good to us!) He wants to put all that money to good use and decides to establish a Palace for Fine Arts. Little does his grandfather know that it's a cover to help Luke explore his fascination with the sex games played in the era of ancient Greece. Luke wants to recreate those hardcore debauched scenes, those orgies and most of all that feasting on hard cocks! Then Luke meets a powerful Senator who he leads into this world of debauchery and hard gay sex, corrupting the Senator and turning him into the patron' of young horny talent. Movie Starring: Dennis Leo Steven Adalante Jimmy Beni Tommie Rossi Peter Creecy

Gay Day Hospital 3 This video completes the trilogy of "AMBULATORI MEDICI" ---the doctors in these local clinics are making their rounds and nursing the people they come across. Is that all they do? Of course not. Come watch the true story of life between doctors, patients, and nurses. Hidden gay desires unfold in HOT breathtaking erotica, traditional of ALL MALE STUDIO! Movie Starring: Alex Drago Ottavio Re' Martin Conti Malcol Positano Enrico Roversi Patrizio Romano

Gay Erotica from the Past 2 Our early sexual history was played out against a backdrop of repression, & fear. Today, with growing repression rearing it's ugly head, we can look back at these films & see our beginnings as a culture.

Gay For Pay 10 Kenny is what you think of when you hear the phrase, All American hottie. He has the blonde hair, blue eyes, and is built like a gymnast. Kenny started out with a strict rule that he would NOT do anything with a guy. He just wanted to earn some quick cash by getting naked in front of the camera. As time when by and money got tight, Kenny decided to change his ways, and wound up sucking and fucking his way into the one of the hottest Gay For Pay films yet. Enjoy! Movie Starring: Kenny Jenny Lee Tommy D Wolf Hudson Phoenix (Next Door Male) Ricky M

Gay For Pay 12 Tyler Cummings! What can we say about this stud that isn't instantly visible the second you place your eyes on him? Tyler is the best looking and best built guy we have come across to date, and that is why we saved him till the very end! Check out this hot hung stud in all his glory, we promise you won't be disappointed! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Cody Cummings Tommy D Reena Sky Samuel

Gay For Pay 3 Follow Trent from his first solo to his first straight scene and finally to his breaking point when we convinced him to do Gay for Pay! See this HOT surfer stud as he hooks up with some of the hottest guys we could find. Trent is shy at first, but it doesn't take long for this young horny guy to start warming up to other men's cocks, and it doesn't take long for the other guys in this film to warm up to this sexy straight guy either... Enjoy! Movie Starring: Trent (Next Door Male) Denny (Next Door Male) Ruby Tommy D Fox (Next Door Male) Phoenix (Next Door Male)

Gay For Pay 4 Follow DennyD from his first solo scene to his first straight scene, and see when we finally convince him to start sucking cock and fucking hot young men! This young stallion has an appetite for sex, and it shows no matter whom we pair him with. He once told us that he would do anything to become the next big porn star and he has lived up to that statement so far! See DennyD show off his sexual prowess in seven hot scenes that are sure to make this a favorite DVD of yours! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Denny D. Lincoln Echo Fox (Next Door Male) Phoenix (Next Door Male) Trent (Next Door Male) Alex

Gay For Pay 5 Watch as Phoenix transforms from the perfect straight guy to the one who can't get enough hot boys slurping on his massive cock. This is truly an example of gay for pay, as we spared no expense trying to get this hunk over to the "other side" and we think you'll agree it's worth every penny!

Gay For Pay 6 We present Phoenix - a tall, dark and handsome stud with a big pierced cock that turns on men and women alike. Follow Phoenix from his first solo to his first straight scene, and finally to his breaking point when the money convinced him to let a guy service his cock. Oh yeah... we also got him to fuck guys' asses with that big pierced dick of his. The things straight boys will do for a big pile of cash! Hope you are as excited about this one as we are. Enjoy! Movie Starring: Phenix Tommy D Jenni Lee Samuel Kyle Rivers Brady Rey

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