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Gettin Down Wit The Rockafellaz Cum check out some of the biggest dicks in porn! These young, hot guys are gonna show you how to lay that shit down, Gangsta Style! Movie Starring: Rock (Rockafellaz) Carlito Ko'Bra Pisces Rockafella Axel Rockafella Access Rockafella

Gettin' Down Thick dicked tight bod country boy Guy Silva scours the big bad city for true love and finds load of raunchy sex instead! But can a husky, mustached stranger give the curly haired lad the fair tale romance he craves? Movie Starring: Jerry Fox Rex Wolfe Guy Silva Greg Dale Cody Houston Craig Shaw

Getting Ahead If you want a HEAD get AHEAD!Ikon Media proudly presents GETTING AHEAD. See how some employees use sex in the workplace to get AHEAD in their companies, to get raises, or just to get laid!

Getting Down In Motown: Director's Cut If you thought the 1st version was hot wait till you see this remastered version of Getting Down In Motown. We have bettered the quality, added unseen scenes and turned the heat all the way up. So, call a buddy... call two. Join in the fun as D Nice, Cody, RJ, Rio and Lo demonstrate some blood pumping, back arching, low-down and gritty sex, Detriot Style! Movie Starring: D. Nice Lo (m) R.J. Cody Rio (m)

Getting Down In Uniform These men know how to have sex especially when it comes to other men in their uniforms and hard dick. Plenty of fantasy with getting down hard and dirty as construction workers pound nails before they suck thick cock and pound tight asses with their hardons. On their uniform studs are big thick and long cocks of motorcycle cops who love to fuck and suck each other while in the police station. A sergeant's desk makes a hot bed to fuck and suck on while two hungry cops explode their loads after a long fuck and suck scene! A foursome with leather beef in a local New York bar is a fantasy in just the visuals as fucking atop a pool table or by a barstool provides hungry mouths and tight holes. These men know what they want and demand it in leather gear and sweaty man-to-man sex. Plenty of verbal, white thick manly cum, and sweat as getting down is really about horny and sex lusting men. Movie Starring: Steve Glacier Mark Cummings Rob Jones Jake Russell Josh Ericson Anthony DeMarco

Getting It Good Hot horny guys getting it up, getting it on, and getting It good! No matter what happens in this flick you can be sure that everyone gets it in the end. Movie Starring: Kyle Richards Karl Radford Brett Winters Dallas Taylor Tim Boyd Dom Sinclair

Getting It In The End Falcon Exclusive Colby Taylor, in his first movie in four years, returns to play a role that tests the limits of his versatility as an actor and performer. Getting It in the End tells the story of two brothers: one good, one evil; one battling for what's right, the other battling for what's his. Will Colby be able to outsmart his brother or will evil prevail? No matter who wins in this surprise-filled, sexy psychological drama, you can be sure that everyone's Getting it in the End! Colby Taylor enters a seedy sex club and immediately eyes Roman Heart. There's instant chemistry as the two studs go at it. In the background, Tony Bishop, Blu Kennedy, Troy Apollo, Justin Gemineye watch the action while stroking and sucking their own meat. Back at Colby's farm, two sultry farmhands, Eryk Elliott and Rocco DeNiro, each take a turn riding twink superstar Jeremy Jordan. Thinking he's having sex with his boyfriend, Justin Wells really to bed with his evil twin brother. There is a certain roughness to the sex that makes Justin titillated but also suspicious. After they realize they've been duped, Justin Wells have sex -- but this time it's the slow, sensual and romantic sex you'd expect two boyfriends to have. Movie Starring: Colby Taylor Justin Wells Rocco Diniro Blu Kennedy Roman Heart Jason Spear

Getting It Straight Join Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston, Danny Vox, Rocky, and Jason Ridge for a seductive contest of wits, wills, and powers of persuasion as each man attempts to charm his way into the arms of the straight man of his dreams. Falcon Exclusives Barrett Long, Maxx Diesel, and Tyler Gunn; newcomers Christoph Scharff and Rafael Alencar; and Falcon favorite Rod Barry are the primed, pumped and not-so-innocent pawns in this erotic game of cat and mouse. Follow the competition and keep score as these hot and bothered studs get serious about perfecting their skills of seduction. Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston starts the seduction with Brazilian cable guy Rafael Alencar. Falcon Exclusive Tyler Gunn is the helpful but comic side-kick who will go to any lengths to ensure that Josh wins the bet¦but will he go far enough? Rocky is next at bat with Falcon favorite Rod Barry as the hot pool guy Rocky's been trying to seduce all summer. The boys back at base camp watch by video phone as Rocky makes some pretty bold moves on his prey. What starts out as innocent horseplay leads to an intense scene of erotic action. Can Rocky get his man and win the bet? Danny Vox sneaks into an auto-mechanics' shop to secure his stud and win the bet. New Falcon Exclusive Barrett Long and newcomer Christoph Scharff are the grease-monkeys who catch Danny sneaking around and decide to teach him a lesson. This scene gives new meaning to the adage "The Customer Always Comes First" “ do they? Watch and find out. Newcomer Jason Ridge works up a sweat with Falcon Exclusive Maxx Diesel. A generous backrub evolves into a sizzling scene of sexual athletics sure to leave you begging for more. These two studs are sure to score, but can they sink the winning goal? Movie Starring: Rod Barry Josh Weston Maxx Diesel Christoph Scharff Tyler Gunn Jason Ridge

Getting On Top A wild rid on a motorcycle and in a hot ass. Cops, leather, and plain hot street hustlers combine their efforts to satisfy any man's hungry for hot tight asses and hot cum for dinner. Tops get it harder! Movie Starring: Hank Tower

Getting Topped By Blade Thompson Before Blade Thompson was a successful director, he was a popular model in many very hot and highly regarded videos. We've collected the very best scenes from Leather Virgin, Sexual Thoughts , Leather After Midnight, Leather Night, Men 4 Men On The Net, tops John Marcus, Sweet Williams, Paul Carrigan and Drew Andrews. Movie Starring: Blade Thompson John Marcus Paul Carrigan Sweet Williams Drew Andrews

Ghetto Down Low These thugs are keepin' it on the down low... Nobody has to know that they like thick cocks pouding at their asses, or the taste of hot, fresh man juice. Movie Starring: Chris Dano Billy Dewitt Patrick Femel Gabriel D'Alessandro J.D. Daniels Tazz

Gianni Nascimento And Carlo Kasey In this film, the stars of diamond pictures show us what they are made of. Hot action will keep you riveted!! Movie Starring: Gianni Nascimento Carlo Kasey Glenn Santoro Mad Stefano Lucas Di Fubbiano Fabrizio Mangiatti

Giants The reinvention of the "ultimate port film" is sheer cock heaven for viewers obsessed with size. This all star cast is in a pure action feature that is heavy on both penetration shots and extreme close ups of extremely long schlongs!! Movie Starring: Rick Donovan Lee Ryder Eric Ryan Jon King

Gigolo Part 2 The dark, underground world of a New York City gigolo is as cutthroat as it is kinky. Hustlers hit the streets hunting for their next john. Pimps demand their cuts. Loyalties are lost at the wayside. After the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit and lies. Sometimes life can become unbearable. Will Louis get his ultimate revenge? Movie Starring: Michael Lucas J Jason Ridge Jimmy Tripps Ray Star Ben Andrews

Gigolos Suck Off Black Men Peter was in his glory getting to rub down a naked black man, before I knew it he was masturbating Malik's huge black cock and sucking it off like a 5 dollar whore. He totally got off laying back and letting Malik skull fuck his face and hump his ass. If you like hot interracial scenes, you can't pass this one up. Peter lets Malik ejaculate all over his face, loving getting covered in a black dudes cum load.

Gigolo The dark, underground world of a New York City gigolo is as cutthroat as it is kinky. Hustlers hit the streets hunting for their next john. Pimps demand their cuts. Loyalties are lost at the wayside. After the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit and lies. Sometimes life can become unbearable. Will Louis get his ultimate revenge? Movie Starring: Michael Lucas J Jason Ridge Jimmy Tripps Ray Star Ben Andrews

Gimme Dat Azz 3 Gimme Dat Thing and let me tap that fine, black booty! Hot butt brothers just wanna hit it and hit it hard, in all ass-a-luscious action that proves that fine black ass is where it's at! Movie Starring: Terrance Jackson Japan (m) Infamous Tiger Kane Romeo

Gimme Dat Azz 6 Bend over, spread 'em and gimme dat ass in hardcore, anal action that will take you to the limit, fill you up and make you shudder with delight! Movie Starring: Thugzilla Trap Boyy Tracy O'Neil Stefan Love Sexcyone Rudy Scott

Gimme Dat Azz Super fine studs rock that ass in hardcore, all gay exploits that deliver some of the best butt-pounding action around! Proactive bubble butts...put to fine use by willing bottom bruthas and their bid, juicy dicked boyfriend tops! Movie Starring: Tiger Thugzilla Sexcyone Scandalous Hot Boi Tezjork

Gino Colbert's Four Score From the award-winning director who brought you Three Brothers, Men In Blue, and Night Walk comes Gino Colbert's "Four Score"! What more can we say - Gino Colbert makes nothing butt the best! This movie has 4 X-Rated stories of lust, perversion, love, penetration, and lots of nasty sex between 10 gorgeous men. This one is a must and soon to be a classic for any pornaholic. Enjoy this one, we know you will. Movie Starring: Corbin Michaels Eric Hung Juan Casannova Moreno Brett Matthews Brady Martin

Gino Colbert's Hungry 4 Sex 2 What do Robert Van Damme, Damon Phoenix, Jason Crew, Kevin Armstrong and Nick Capra have in common? These porn superstars are all Hungry 4 Sex! They find what they are looking for in this steamy film! Movie Starring: Robert Van Damme Eric Hung Damon Phoenix Kevin Armstrong Ryan Block Nick Capra

Gino Colbert's Johnny Hormone These studs get together for a all-male fuckfest with large cocks, large muscules, and large loads. Movie Starring: Blade Thompson Blue Blake Anthony Gallo Drew Andrews Kyle McKenna Brent Cross

Give A Thug A Bone When the bone's as big as Dick Daddy's you've got to guard it. Every thug wants to suck and fuck that monster but homeboy Maze winds up the winner! Somehow he manages to swallow every hard inch before Dick Daddy throws him a deep, hot fuck. Scorpio, a cop, is tired of rousting Kris and Feloni for disturbing the peace. To shut them up, he uses his rock hard cock, making both thugs suck him off at the same time. Soon all three are down and dirty in a fuckfest that will make you bust a nut right along with them! Homies Papo, GQ, Vivid, and Neo add their own brand of thug spice to this sexual feast of thugporn! Movie Starring: Neo GQ Spider Felony (m) Dick Daddy Papo

Give And Take These two studs have the tight bodies and large cocks you'll really enjoy. They star off with passionate kissing and then Trey gets down and slurps Blu's XL cock. These boys 69, rim and fuck hard as Trey feeds his fat dick into Blu's tight ass. They work themselves all around the room, fucking on a table and a couch before blasting their loads. Movie Starring: Jake Cruise

Gladiator The toughest men alive take on the tightest assholes and the wettest mouths. Cum watch these muscled fighters fuck and suck rock hard cocks!

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