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Alley Boys Every city has one; it's a dark place far from the traffic and businesses. The air is thick with the scent of man-sex, and there's always some hot guys waiting around to get off. Every night around this time it starts - slow at first, just a few guys staring back and forth and giving that look, that hungry look... Movie Starring: Steve O'Donnell Tony Cummings Kurt Houston Eduardo Dex Westin Jake Holloway

Alley Katt Thrust Studios proudly presnts, Alley Katt. Big, built, & beautiful Tom Katt. With muscles to spare, & hair everywhere. This guy & his friends will do it for you. The scalding action in this tape may singe your hair! Movie Starring: Tom Katt Paul Morgan Joey Stevens Chris Dano Ty Davenport Chaz Carlton

Allez Les Bleus It's only a few days before the most important game of the year and the Soccer team is training hard. These hot young studs take full advantage of every break they get “ fucking in the locker-room, in the showers, even on the toilet seats! Huge cocks, deep anal, solos, big loads and three-ways!

Almost Straight Goes Black White boy Jason Reed sure loves to play with straight black guys. He especially digs their big pulsating dicks. He shows us how much he loves stiff cock in his mouth. Two guys get to slam his velvety smooth asshole raw and deep. Cum hungry Jason takes all the juice these eight dudes can pump out. Who gives him the most? Watch and see. Movie Starring: Jason Reed Ty Marks Kyren Falls Anthony Baker Mike Shawn Neiman

Alone Again Once again Dirk Yates has gathered up five sexy muscle boys and sent them off alone to do what they do best? Pleasure themselves this flick is packed with loads of hardcore action. Movie Starring: Travis Lee Michael Crowe Jonathan West Tony Cruz Stetson

Alone In Chris Silver's Vegas Hotel Room You're invited to the Vegas Hotel room of gymnast Chris Silver. His body resembles that of a statue, Alabaster white and chiseled in every way. From showing off his new Calvins, to stroking one of the hottest hardons seen here in a long time, every moment spent alone with Chris Silver is to be treasured. Movie Starring: Chris Silver

Alone In Jay Cruz's Hotel Room Power body builder Jay Cruz alone in his hotel room. Jerking off his big uncut South American cock, taking a hot shower, showing off his feet, and flexing those muscles - all those muscles very nude. Movie Starring: Jake Cruz

Alone In Luca DiCorso's Hotel Room World famous porn star Luca DiCorso gives us an hour alone in his hotel room. Jerking off his massive cock, taking a hot shower and showing off his bare feet and bare balls, just for you. Movie Starring: Luca DiCorso

Alone In Michael Crowe's Vegas Hotel Room Former Mr. Georgia, Men's Fitness, and memorable Playgirl Magazine centerfold model, Michael Crowe invited photographer Nick Baer to his Las Vegas Hotel room, for an hour of intimate posing, a hot solo masturbation scene followed by a shower. Movie Starring: Michael Crowe

Alone In Mike Hawk's Vegas Hotel Room Straight porn actor Mike Hawk has been on Nick Baer to video him doing a solo JO performance. Little did Mike know that fans of Nick Baer's work also like guy's feet, Yoga positions, and watching a hot straight guy take a shower. Mike figured it out and jacked off right on his size 11 feet! Movie Starring: Mike Hawk

Alone With 2 Alone With, Volume 2 is a sizzling in-your-face look at nine hot erotic stars intimately sharing their secrets and insights on life, sex, and what turns them on--while they get themselves off. It's top-notch solo action as each of them perform just for you! Movie Starring: Jackson Price Robert Balint Johnny Weiss Kirk Brady Istvan Csazar Cameron Fox

Alone With 4 We proudly present up close and personal eight more exclusives and new stars form Falcon Studios. These are the real men who feed your fantasies. Each of them sizzles in hot solo jack off action, proudly showing you what makes them so special all in the privacy of your VCR. Movie Starring: Billy Brandt Tony Steele Tyler Thicks Christian Taylor Josh Weston Justin Dragon

Alone With 5 These men bare it all and show you exactly what they have to offer! A sizzling in-your-face look at hot erotic stars intimately sharing their secrets and insights on life, sex, and what turns them on--while they get themselves off. Movie Starring: Andrew Phillips Jacob Hall Jeremy Penn Antonio Majors Braeden Casey Ross Stuart

Alone With The Falcon Family of Companies is proud to present the very first edition of the "Alone With" series, a new line of solo videos created especially for the man who enjoys a good hard solo session and a sensitive personal interview. Starting with hot muscled Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush and continuing with four more Falcon Exclusives--Colby Taylor, Daniel Montes, Jeremy Jordan and Johnny Brosnan--plus popular models Kristian Alvarez, Spike and Nick Riley, Falcon Studios' "Alone With, Volume 1" is a sizzling in-your-face look at eight hot erotic stars intimately sharing their secrets and insights on life, sex, and what turns them on--while they get themselves off. With a little probing and nudging from Director Max Phillips, these men bare it all and show you exactly what they have to offer. Movie Starring: Jeremy Jordan Daniel Montes Matthew Rush Colby Taylor Johnny Brosnan Nick Riley

Alone: And In Heat These hunks are for your eyes only! Alone and stiff watch them stroke away! Stay back when they're ready to blow! Movie Starring: Rod Garretto Al Parker Will Seagers Ron Pearson Francois Papillon Johnny Harden

Alone These hunks are for your eyes only! Come join super stud Tristan Michaels, Kirk Wolf and their horny friends as they take matters into their own hands. They'll show you what gets them hot and their dicks hard as they pop their rocks in this exclusive jack-off video. one has to be all. Movie Starring: Drew Andrews Tristan Michaels Kirk Wolf Bob McHath

Alpha Males At Play Naked Marine boys vie for the title of "most sexually active"; Navy baseball teammates videotaped through the sunroof.

Alpine Passion In an exclusive villa high up in the Swiss mountains Butler Pascal and guests Adam and Tony are having fun in the Jacuzzi. Two more guest from Hungary arrive at the railway station down in the valley and Landlord David sends his butler down to fetch them. Whilst Pascal drives down to the station, David joins the two horny guys in the whirlpool¦ Pascal brings the two Hungarians Zoltan and Andras up to the villa where they are welcomed by David. A little bit tired from the long journey, Zoltan is having a shower, yet this makes him even hornier and when watching Andras juicy ass Zoltan can no longer resist. Four young guys are hiking over the hills. A short rest on the green meadow and soon the four suck each other's cocks. Once each of them has splashed their white cream they walk on towards the villa. Maybe there they will get something to drink? Movie Starring: Tony Montana David Chelsea Pascal Bruno Adam Skala Andras Horvath Zoltan Nagy

Alumni Weekend 2 This last weekend that started it all. Join Tommy, Kenny, and Brandon as they relax under the hot desert sun and have some fun showing off in all new solo scenes and the first ever Fratmen duo scene with Tommy and Kenny. Movie Starring: Brandon Kenny Tommy (m)

Alumni Weekend 3 The boys are back and at it again. You just never can tell what's going to happen when you put Fratmen together in a house for a weekend. This time there were four men, and the results were unexpected and sizzling hot. Each one of the men does an intimate solo scene: Craig in his favorite chair, Aaron after a hard round of Xbox 360, Toby on the porch in the morning, and Joe in his bed after a spa soak. But the last scene happened when Joe dared Toby to barge in on one of Craig's scenes to get some action, with a surprise result. There are highlights from the weekend's live webcam show throughout and some very funny outtakes at the end. Movie Starring: Aaron Toby Joe (m) Craig

Alumni Weekend 4 What do you get when you fly five Fratmen across the Pacific to a house right on the beach for the weekend? You get the biggest, loudest, longest, best Alumni Weekend ever! One exotic location, five solo scenes, circle jerk, and a scene with two men in a sauna that we think you really need to see.

Amateur Bucks 4 Working with new director Steve Myer, we exposed some hot amateur males in what is sure to be one of the best, real amateur gay video's available. These Texas college bucks were a bit "gun shy" at first, but we think you'll agree that they are all 10 Pointers! Movie Starring: Haden Scott Ryen Paige Caden Lanne Donnald Bell

Amazon Larissa We have received many request to present competitive female bodybuilders in wrestling action and we've found the most impressive 5'9", 172 lb. Larissa, feminine looking and yet muscled beyond belief who is extremely athletic and well coordinated. Movie Starring: Larissa Jeff

Amazonia Capture Deep in the Amazon jungle, tribes of muscled Indian men have kept ancient rituals alive long before white man ever set foot on their land. When lost Buckshot Man Danny Roddick stumbles upon the tribe, he upsets the natural order of their ways. He is quickly captured and silenced in order to protect the sacred secrets of the Amazon. It's not long before Danny realizes that the natives are not only restless, they're horny as hell, and they have it out for him. Movie Starring: Danny Roddick Ricardo Onca Rick Montoro Rick Ferraz Alex Tentor Regis Rodrigues

Amazonia Release The Amazon jungle is steeped with mystique and enigma, bigger than any one man. Lost, and with nowhere to turn, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick races for his life through the jungle, trying to escape the wrath of the Indian warrior tribe he has disturbed. Tradition wins out over modernity at his final capture when Danny is sacrificed by horny Indians in a ritualistic orgy. Movie Starring: Leandro Caruso Danny Roddick Lucas Ramiro Roger Carneiro Will Castelo Ricardo Onca

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