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Got Me Burning Cum & slide down the pole with these hot & horny fireman. There is no mouth fire that these hot bodies can't put out. Movie Starring: Anthony DeMarco

Gotta Have It Jon King's just 'got to have it' and he finds men more than willing to give it to him in this non-stop, no story sexual romp highlighting him (in three scenes) after a real-life two year absence from the business. Notable cum shots are the highlight of this flick. There's no dialogue; music alone accompanies the action. Movie Starring: Matt Romero Gary Sanchez Tyrone Washington Chris Thompson Pierce Daniels Jon King

Graduation Gay Graduation Gay is the story of John, a straight rich student. He is trying to write a thesis for his graduation examination. He is finding it hard to concentrate because his girlfriend is a nymphomaniac. His friend Roger suggests that he should take a break at his villa, so he can complete his thesis. Roger is gay and has many of his friends staying at the villa too. So John is launched into a voyeuristic initiation in the world of hard gay sex. But after finding himself aroused by spying on two guys fucking, he soon wants to know what it feels like to have another guys mouth and ass around his hard cock! Director Sebastiano Brogi, captures every erotic moment of Johns gay education, taking you on a hardcore gay weekend deep inside Rogers horny villa. Movie Starring: Adam Gosett Jonathan Collins Black Jack Vipera Dany (m) David

Grease Daddies The "Bear Barresi" delivers another Explosive XXX-video for Pacific Sun Entertainment. Get ready to stroke to the engine revving lust of HOT, HARD & HUSKY XXX-Superstars! Drop in & drop your pants. See why So many men wouldn't get a lube job anywhere else. Here you will find 8 of the hottest Grease Daddies... Always on duty, and always willing, and able to serve you. Movie Starring: Anthony Sosa Chris Green Patrick Ives Eric York Joe Romero Marc West

Grease Guns 2 STUDIO 2000 takes a radical turn with the release of their latest John Travis sex marathon, Grease Guns 2. Leaving the white collar world of their last shows far behind them, John returns to the blue collar world and the scene of one of his most accomplished and successful works, the auto repair shop. Like its predecessor Grease Guns, Grease Guns 2 is set in a world of hard bodied, sweat and grime covered, hardworking studs who push their bodies to the limit. Whether it's separating parts of a car engine that are frozen together or giving and receiving a good, hard fuck, these guys drive their bodies, working their muscles to the max, testing and claiming their physical superiority and triumph. Here the main emotion is passion and the most important body function is the climax. Social conventions are thrust aside and social mores are trammeled under the fierce insistence of man's lust. It's a place for those who like their sex and like it raw and basic. Movie Starring: Jeff White Kevin Cobain Marc Pierce Drew Andrews Kurt Stefano Peter Wilder

Grease Guns Need your chassis overhauled? Have we got the guys for you!! Need a tune-up? Pistons recalibrated? Pipes blown out? System rewired? Fuel pump unblocked? Battery recharged? Oil changed? A really good fuck? Our guys have the equipment and know-how to do it all-and do it expertly. They're waiting down at the Palmer Repair Shop. GREASE GUNS auto/body specialists have just what you're looking for. Movie Starring: Cody Foster Marco Rossi Chip Daniels Aiden Shaw Donnie Russo Sean Davis

Grease My Stick 3 Greasing cocks to get em' hard and ready is the goal of men before they are fucked and sucked off. These men know how to get what they wan because they earn it! Cops suck and fuck as patrolmen show their vented up frustration during work hours before they release their greased up sticks for hot, erect action!

Grease My Stick It's all about greasing one's manly cock for some hot real action with anal and oral sex in mind for just about anything and anyone! Hot fantasy sex with men who do it top or bottom!

Grease Pit Daddy's Taking your car in for a lube, oil, and filter is a pain in the ass. The pain feels so good when the lube goes up your ass and a bunch of hot mechanics feed you their daddy cocks in all your orifices! There's no time for a tune-up in this garage orgy!

Greased Up Buddies I just can't get enough of Brodie. His chiseled body, sexy lips, bedroom eyes, and strong cock make him truly addictive. My hands massage his smooth muscles while my mouth eats out his ass and swallows his fat prick. If there's a cure for him, I don't want it! Blu is so horny that what starts out as a gentle massage quickly turns into a kissing, sucking, rimming, and finger-banging sex fest. Andy climbs on the table with Blu, getting his ass royally rimmed while sucking on Blu's fat cock. Then Andy strokes Blu hard and fast til Blu blows his boy juice. Blu works Andy over in a hot, sensual massage. These two studs have real chemistry. It's not long before Blu ditches his shorts and is massaging Andy with his big fat cock. Andy goes wild when Blu rubs his thick prick along his ass crack, teasing him. Watch them kiss, suck, and "69" until Andy pops his load! Movie Starring: Jake Cruise Brodie Sinclair Andy Hunter Blu Kennedy

Greased Up Horny hot-rod mechanics search for sex! Watch as these hot and horny guys fill the screen with their huge love muscles and give in the end!! Movie Starring: Jake Andrews Ryan Wagner Jesse Skyler Scott Randsome

Greased Greased takes a scorching look at what really happens in the hottest auto-repair shop in town. From the always horny mechanics to their hunky boss to the sex-crazed customers who have more on their minds than a simple lube job, this Mustang DVD is a non-stop, no-holes-barred look at the men under the hood, and what they really do when they're asked to service their clients. When you witness the verbal abuse, ferocious spanking, ass-whipping, domination, and corporal punishment in this sex-soaked zipper ripper, you'll be stunned! The action is blisteringly hot and heart-poundingly riveting. Movie Starring: Robert Black Dominik Rider Dominic Pacifico Lars Svenson Dak Ramsey Peter Axel

Great Dane Gold Collector's Edition 2 The greatest scenes from Great Dane's award-winning and nominated movies are assembled here in Great Dane Gold Collector's Edition. Twenty five of your all-time favorite models in two hours and forty five minutes worth of eight sizzling hot sex scenes. Movie Starring: Dino Phillips Pete Davos Logan Reed Sam Carson Joey Hart Doug Jeffries

Great Dane Gold Collector's Edition The greatest scenes from Great Dane's award-winning and nominated movies are assembled here in Great Dane Gold Collector's Edition. Twenty five of your all-time favorite models in two hours and forty five minutes worth of eight sizzling hot sex scenes, including three double penetration scenes and one huge orgy. See Kevin Kramer in his GayVN winning Best Supporting Actor role for Going Down & Cumming Out in Beverly Hills get double penetrated by adorable Jack Ryan and Matt Sizemore's monster cock. Also includes scenes from Nude Science and Peters, as well as never-before-seen footage of a sizzling Ted Matthews and Derek Cameron sex scene. Movie Starring: Ted Matthews Dave Russell David Thompson Eduardo Jack Ryan Dino Philips

Greatest Bareback Moments Watch World Renowned Fuck Veteran, Thomas Bjorn use his 8" Fuck Monster in every hole. He auditions Ethan like an Olympic Athlete. Keb Sanders' pink hole and leaves it dripping with not one load but two. See Twink, Scott Bradley squeal like a little boy in heat. Billy Boyd gives all of himself to lovers Zander and Damien. These are the Hottest, Sexiest, Bareback Scenes caught on video. You might want to wrap your remote so it doesn't get sticky! Movie Starring: Scott Bradley Thomas Bjorn Keb Sanders Billy Boyd

Greek Games 2000 B.C. With the bodies of Greek gods, nine amazing athletes compete in six contests that honor the centuries-old tradition of nude combat in this softcore video. Using only the power of their naked bodies, these chiseled young men hurl javelins and discus, challenge the low bar and stalk and snare their naked prey with hooks and nets like gladiators. Their pumped-up bodies struggle and strain against each other in the full body contact of eight intense wrestling matches. And between events, these statuesque sportsmen individually show off their perfectly formed nude bodies in detailed close-ups. Let the games begin!

Greek Holiday: Part 1 Cruising The Aegean When the beauty that is BelAmi visits the glory that is Greece, the mating of these natural wonders is nothing short of spectacular. Boyfriends Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen vacation on the magnificent islands of Kelalonia, Zakynthos and Mykonos where they sun, swim, and shag anything that moves. They meet up with fellow travelers Jeff Daniels and Mark Aubrey. These four modern day Adonises charm Julian Armanis and Gilies Marais, captains of a luxurious yacht, into taking them aboard. From then on it's a toss-up as to who gives whom the best ride of their lives. Movie Starring: Tommy Hansen Tim Hamilton Jason Paradis Scott Hannah Gilles Marais Brandon Manilow

Green Door Signs outside the Green Door say, "You suck." Is that a slam or a demand? Just go in and find out. Who knows what's lurking behind the Green Door? Whispers suggest a private men's club cloaked in even more mystery, where the adventurous know what they'll find once they go inside. The door beckons offering unbridled excitement to the curious who are willing to revel in the secrets it holds. Movie Starring: Nash Lawler Alessio Romero Samuel Colt Beaux Banner Drake Jaden Zak Spears

Grindin' Axe Straight boys fuck and get fucked by other men for the very first time! This one's all about fan favorite Axe! Movie Starring: Axe (Amateur Straight Guys) RC Ryan Dustin Dirk Doug (Amateur Straight Guys) Jay (Amateur Straight Guys)

Grind As a tribute to 70's grindhouse cinema, GRIND is a grimy, gritty, nonstop sex fest double feature! There is no plot or pretense, just two rooms packed to the rafters with man on man lust! Shot on location in one night, GRIND is about one thing and one thing only...GRINDIN' OUT DAT FUNKIN' NUT!! Movie Starring: Nubius Kamrun J.C. Carter Mario Ortiz Aron Ridge Tony Diamond

Groom For Hire Trust us, if this groom was really for hire, you'd be booking him in! Versace print model CAESAR explodes onto the screen in this feature from Director Peter Romero. William Higgin's 80's model CHAD JOHNSON makes a grand return to the screen after nearly a decade, and that huge uncut 11"er of his is still breaking hearts ! Movie Starring: Caesar Erik Michaels Rob Corona Sam Burton David Griffin Chad Johnson

Grunts Fisting: Arm Of One Fisting fans of our multi-award winning GRUNTS have been waiting patiently for the other boot to fall. Wait no longer! Award winning Fisting Director DAVID HEMPLING takes you back to boot camp to spy what our hot studs were up to in the wee hours of the morning after wrapping up their sweaty suck and fuck scenes for BEN LEON and CHRIS WARD. Movie Starring: Billy Berlin Aaron Summers Mason Garet Geoffrey Paine Trey Casteel Ricky Sinz

Grunts: Misconduct The third installment in this trilogy follows the men through more training, more barking of orders, and stays with them during their time off. What happens when the sergeants aren't around? How do the men in charge let off steam? You'll have to watch to find out!! Movie Starring: Dominic Pacifico Max Schutler Brodie Sinclair Roman Ragazzi Luke Hass Aaron Summers

Grunts: The New Recruits Boot camp is a place where normal men are turned into fucking killers. Brutality is a training tool and abuse is the penalty of failure. Expectations are high and the demands made of these fighting men are extraordinary. Few can endure the ferocious rigors of military training, but everyone knows that to succeed they must find a way to cope. Soldiers come to rely upon each other for their very survival. Bonding among men is the key to unit cohesion, and the most important aspect of military training. It is the job of the drill sergeant to take civilians and turn out war machines. Through coercion, threat, abuse, and reward, drill sergeants take their GRUNTS thru the paces, teaching them the skills needed to survive on the battlefield. GRUNTS is the story of these men, of sergeants and soldiers, who do what it takes to get what they want. Movie Starring: Ricky Sinz Jake Deckard Roman Ragazzi Kamrun Steve Cruz Max Schutler

Guest Services Catalina's lustful relationship with Palm Springs has sprung to suck and fun in the sun action one more time! In Guest Services we follow Gianfranco through the ins and outs of getting and giving laid back in and out action. Gorgeous outdoor paradise backdrops are gorged with glistening men jamming eager guys. It's Palm Springs and Catalina and everyone is rock hard and having fun. Your poolside view is ready and the manly desert hospitality awaits you. Movie Starring: Gianfranco Troy Daniels Dino Phillips Max Grand Chaz Carlton Jackson Phillips

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