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Gung Ho 2 If there's anything I've learned in nearly 13 years of getting straight military men like Joey naked and comfortable, it's patience. As you've heard me say in the past, some guys take longer than others. I've worked on guys behind the scenes for as long as nine months to prepare them for that next step. Call it basic training or bootcamp if you will, but never underestimate the power of patience. Some people simply don't have the endurance to outlast a headstrong recruit and see him through the crucial preparations for that first important mission. I was determined not to let Joey get the best of me. Consider this film your fly-on-the-wall experience into the inner workings of how talking a raw recruit, exercising a little patience, employing the help of others and pressing forward can reap huge rewards. Movie Starring: Brian Austin Joey (Pink Bird Media) D.J. Carlton Abel (Pink Bird Media)

Guys Go Crazy 36: Cock Crazy These gay boys know what they want, and they know where to get it “ Guys Go Crazy! Our twinks and muscle studs have no problems letting loose in front of each other and taking any cock or eager asshole coming their way, because these sex party addicts know how to work some orgy cock and can't live without it! Club GGC is the only place you can see this many crazy Euro-dudes coming together under one roof and fucking the night away and ripping the club up - no rave could come close to the devious damage these guys can pull off, and now you can be a part of the action yourself! These guys go really fucking sex-crazy, and that's an understatement!

Guys Go Crazy 3: Tool Time With fifty hard-bodied construction workers on site, it seems the job would be finished in no time, but then someone discovers the champagne ... and one helluva an all-male party kicks wide open! These guys pop the corks as fast as they tear open their zippers, they take a lunch break that includes a heaping helping of man sandwich! This fantastic party dives off the deep end into nasty hardcore action you're going to have to see to believe, with dozens of guys fucking, sucking, and having the time of their lives!

Guys Go Crazy 4: Banana Bangers 60 guys go "bananas" at this outrageously fun jungle-themed party where being a physically fit "bushmaster" does not necessarily mean you're into pussy! After some dancing and a few rounds of bubbly, a few party games kick off this evening, party games that soon lead most of these guys down the path of glorious debauchery and into hardcore heaven!

Guys Go Crazy: Fleshdance Once you go crazy you'll never go back! With over 60 beautiful buff guys, with their own mouths and asses, you wouldn't think we'd need to add anymore holes than we already had, but we did! Guys GO Crazy Volume 9 presents our very first glory hole party, where no cock gets left behind and no hole left unfilled! Including a Best Blowjob¯ and Hottest Cock¯ contest with prizes for the champs. Of course, when you're dealing with this many drunk and horny hormone charged hotties, everyone's a winner!

Guys Just Wanna Have Fun 99 minutes of 5 hot guys jacking their big dicks for you on camera. These guys just love sex. Expect lots of hot jizz everywhere and these guys know how to shoot.

Guys Like Us Matt Bradshaw and Aaron Brandt kick things off with some proficient cock-chugging and ass-plugging. Guess who gets to be the top? Indeed, Matt sucks on Aaron's blushing rosebud and then spreads it apart with his thick, veiny spitting snake. Twice. Movie Starring: Matt Bradshaw Damian Ford Cody Whiler Kyle Hunter Dave Russell Rick Matthews

Guys Night Out A bunch of straight dudes go out to a new nightclub. Only catch is the new club is a hot new gay bar! Deacon Frost introduces himself to straight hunk Mark Cian with a good hard handshake and a hot cocksucking. Mark likes it and reams his ass. Blonde bartender Zane West gives all his hot, hunky straight customers great head and hot ass. Steve Richards shoves his cock in Zane's hungry mouth and fine, eager ass. Steve shoots his was all over Zane's face and Zane sucks on Steve's cum drenched cock. Hot and hair straight hung Eric Evans wanders into hunky and horny Kyle Richards. Kyle slams Eric's straight virgin hole and eats Eric's hot load of jizz. Young blonde Kirk Kelly admits to studly Dion Summers that he brought them all here because he knows it was a gay bar and hoped Dion was too. He guess right! Dion face fucks and slams his tight twink ass, Dion licks his own cum off Kirk's freshly fucked smooth ass! Movie Starring: Kirk Kelley Dion Summers Zane West Mark Cian Steve Richards Deacon Frost

Guys on Guys Guys on Guys¯ is a hot film featuring some hardcore man on man gay sex! These guys are just guys loving guys loving guys! Enjoy!

Guyz Next Door 2 This video is hot if we do say so ourselves and if you're like most of us who lust after straight guys, this video is for you. Have you ever wondered about that really good looking straight neighbor of yours and catch him in his most intimate moments? Don't miss this second episode of out Guyz Next Door¯ series and enjoy!

Gym Bound Managing a gym full of hot, sweaty, virile and pumped guys gives Daddy Ike plenty of fantasy material. Men bound to gym equipment blindfolded, shackled & gagged while their Master toys with them, using them for his pleasure alone and a beefy daddy being seduced by his workout buddy. Gym Bound is Ike Adams' personal fantasy of bondage, control & domination. Movie Starring: Sean Williams Chris Neal Alex Payne Ike Holt Maddox Jared Erikson

Gym Jocks Check out this gang of handsome Gym Jocks in hardcore scenes that are more than your averages fuck film! Don't miss these men in hardcore action. Movie Starring: Franco Gregorio Ruslan Peterko Robbie Masters Thomas Lee Ronnie Badell Kevin Scott

Gym Muscle Hardon A good workout in the gym after a long day is worth the effort. Especially when real men are anxious to pump more that just biceps. Hot cocks and tight asses and hungry mouths give this gym story a strong and hard look at muscle pumping and cum gushing strength from the meat market!

Gym Nasties 19 year old Alexander Steel and Paul Robbins are intent on whipping 10 twanks into shape. Their mission is to get hard muscles, but they end up with rock hard cocks! Watch these barely legal lads suck and fuck each other, and their trainers until every cock is drained. Featuring oral and facial cumshots and post-fuck anal felching! Movie Starring: Miky Sem Paul Robbins Nathan Love Tomas Hawks Skip Baxter Alexander Steel

Gym Rat Jackoff 2 Just when you thought you'd seen enough of those gorgeous Czech men, here are a half dozen more hot muscle boys, each a perfect specimen. It's a masturbatory fantasy where every muscle gets a workout. Movie Starring: Zack Hood David Mario Raffanelly Milos

Gym Rat Jackoff: Prague Rising 2 These guys aren't just working their arm, stomach, and leg muscles at this gym! They are also working out their long, huge cocks! They stroke their cocks till the cum just oozes out, splattering on their stomach! Enjoy!

Hail Caesar Chi Chi LaRue is famous around the globe for discovering talent. This time the talent can also be considered royalty. His name? Caesar. With a body kissed by the gods and a face to match, this stud-puppy takes it fast, hard, and below the belt! Joined by an outstanding cast of co-stars, this one named phenomenon is a true star like no other! Movie Starring: Derek Michaels Marvin Brooks Andrew Lennox Reed Parker Peter Logan Tom Southern

Hammered I had this idea for a movie where I wanted to get together guys who had fantasies of being dominated - Whether as a whipping boy, a cum dump, or just a human urinal, I wanted to make a video where guys fulfilled their fantasies of being used and abused. I happened to be on vacation down in South Florida, and it just worked out that I ran into a number of pigs, a couple of which practically offered to pay me to be in the movie. Movie Starring: L'il Pig Mike Pheonix Michaels Dakota Phillips Dominic Pacifico Michael Foxx Kevin Kohl

Hand It Over Hand it over! Three words butt guys long to hear from their able and ready tops. Upon command, round melon asses point skyward, assholes quiver with anticipation, and streams of lube pour out to coat demanding hands. Movie Starring: Antonio Biaggi Mason Garet Quixote Brandon Norman D. Billy Ryder Aaron Hammer

Hand Of Fate In Hand Of Fate, Richie Fine is cast as Raymond, a young man who has been living for a number of years in a relationship with Darren (Chris Rock) who is a few years his senior. Raymond is devoted to his lover and accepts Darren's selfishness, superiority and promiscuity as givens in the situation. Early one morning, Raymond wakes Darren a bit earlier than usual and coaxes him into one of their increasingly rare moments of lovemaking. It is only when they are making love that Darren accepts Raymond as an equal. As these two hot men mold their bodies together, tenderness and passion, gentleness and intensity, ebb and flow between them in a beautiful and arousing coupling that is the stuff of true sex. Movie Starring: Richie Fine Chris Rock Rod Barry Casey Morgan Troy Rider Michael Rivera

Hand Packed This new release from the guys at Hot House proves again why the San Francisco company is still primo for handballing hunks. This new amateur title offers explosive sex and fresh faces with New York models who will take any dick or hand they're offered. Movie Starring: Ross Vincent Ruben D'Angelo Stefan Manocaldo Paul Charge Mark Heckler Tom Franco

Hand Tools 2 Hand Tools 2 brings you the best of 80's gay porn. With plenty of mullets to go around your not going to want to miss this party in the back!!

Hand Tools Seven ass pigs take over a wood shop, stretch each others holes to the max with fists and toys, breed each others asses and totally drown one another in torrents of piss. John Wrangler rams Jess Balboa at high speed with a dildo attached to a reciprocating saw. Hand Tools is the hottest most uninhibited fisting video to come out in many years! Movie Starring: Andre Barclay Boyhous Jackson Reid Jessie Balboa AJ Rider John Wrangler

HandTools Have you ever seen a man wrap his firm hand around his rigid manpump, stroke it from glistening head to swollen base, worshipping flesh, savoring the anticipation of his stud-spurting manjuice? Do it with these guys - man to man, stroke by stroke ... handtool to handtool.

Handpacked 2: Man Packed Handpacked II: Manpacked depicts more hardcore fucking, fisting, punch fucking, double-fisting, rimming, watersports, dildo play, latex and leather action in just under two hours than most people will experience in a lifetime! Movie Starring: Carlo Cox Doug Jeffries Armin Rush Steven Richards Mark Reed Bud

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