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Hard Bargains An average guy with an obsession for Chad Knight plays interactive Let's-Make-A-Deal with a television devil (a very hot Kevin Kramer) and suddenly finds himself transformed into the porn world's newest star (Alec Powers). Director Kevin Aames' latest fantasy also stars sexy young discovery Ethan-Michael Ayers as the angel who battles for Biff Jones' soul. Movie Starring: Chad Knight Alec Powers Jon Stewart Little Thai Alex Thomas Ethan-Michael Ayers

Hard Bargain Beginning with Jackson Price sucking Jason Branch at the windmills of Golden Gate Park, and then agreeing to go home for some harder action.  Master Jason required cruel kneeling bondage, ball weights, ass paddling, tit clips heavy ass paddling, clothes pins, whipping and a hard fuck in the sling.  It's clear Jason got much more than he bargained for. Movie Starring: Jason Branch Jackson Price

Hard Body Video Magazine 2 Wild, wet, and nasty sex plus a whole lot more! This second edition is 100% hardcore male on male action! Movie Starring: Chris Stone Scott Davis Jake Andrews Keller Hyde Wes Daniels Scott Summers

Hard Body Video Magazine 3 Issue 3 is here with a new cast! Watch these guys take themselves on in some hardcore masturbation techniques! Movie Starring: Steve Maverick Marco Rossi Damien Michaels Mike Chavez Dragon J.T. Sloan

Hard Body Video Magazine 4 Issue four of this series is explicit and uncensored! Hot males and a lot of good gay sex Just for you! Movie Starring: Anthony Gallo Cort Stevens Aiden Shaw Alex Thomas Derek Cruise J.T. Sloan

Hard Body Video Magazine 5 It's a porn-o-copia of hot, oily guys ready to be turned on and got off! 100% hardcore gay sex for anyone who can take the heat! Movie Starring: Sean Diamond Casey Williams Wes Daniels Wolf Dillon Rage Rick Bolton

Hard Body Video Magazine Dripping wet interview with Wes Daniels. Watch a gorgeous video virgin jack off to our cameras. Also incredible gay porn bloopers. Movie Starring: Rob Cryston Max Holden Tyler Scott Tanner Reeves Tom Katt

Hard Brazilian Rocks A magic place where hot steamy sex flows from everywhere! This movie is packed scorching man-on man action. These guys fuck and suck until they can't hold it any longer.

Hard Candy Face it, Hard Candy comes in many forms! These young men mix the taste of candy and cock together to make cocksucking taste as sweet as watching cock being sucked! Movie Starring: Anthony Cox Leo Lyons Hans Ebson Chris Windsor Dick Sussesel Corey Summers

Hard Cock Hotel 2 Welcome to the coconut cove! A place where the customer always cums first! Enjoy this hot man on man fuck and suck action! Don't miss it! Movie Starring: Mark Andrews Travis Lee Brok Austin Kevin Kole Steve Brock Dakota Phillips

Hard Cock Hotel 3 Welcome to the Sunshine State. Don't forget your sunscreen and lube. Muscular furry and smooth-chested men await for sweaty sessions of rough manhandling, wrestling , aggression and domination , blowing and penetration. Movie Starring: Dakota Phillips Ben Foster Big Pete Brandon Tyler Michaels Tristan Tucker

Hard Cock Hotel 4 The men from On Top surge back into your bedroom and your pants with this fourth entry in the hit series. There's plenty of grappling, groping and hot fucking to keep many a jerk-off junkie happy for some time to come.

Hard Cock Jocks This film features ten horny jocks with raging hard-on's, get it on with each other with a hunger that can't be beat! Although these guys cock can be beat, sucked, and asses can be fucked! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Leo Masters Matthew Easton Ethan Michael Ayres Stan Long Chris Yeager Sweet Williams

Hard Cops Get busted wide open by badass cops in this down right nasty video starring the hottest studs in uniform! Movie Starring: Zak Spears Parker Williams Mario Ortiz Dan Rider Todd Maxwell Paul Carrigan

Hard Corps 2 Hey Troops, Hard Corps 2 is the long-awaited return of our boy Granger -- who people just fell in love with when he made his Active Duty debut with Jordan Sage in Tour Of Duty 2. They'd been friends in the Army while stationed in Puerto Rico and luckily Jordan put me in contact with Granger and the rest is, as they say, history! Granger went on to keep us hot and bothered in other scorching videos like Thrill SGT and Platoon Party. We just never seemed to be able to get enough of him and then ... he was gone. Granger and I have stayed in contact over the years and his life as a single parent (he's now married) had kept him busy. We were never quite able to make things work out for him to visit. But now he's back with us in Hard Corps 2 and he's as excited about Cole's cock as he was about Jordan's way back when. His passion for grabbing onto a big cock and swinging from it reminds us of ourselves -- and maybe that's why we love him so much. The night before we shot this video me, Granger, Cole, C.J. and a couple of other guys went to the strip clubs and got pretty drunk. That night, Granger eased up next to me at the club and said, "You know what you're doing. I gotta give it to ya. This is gonna be a good film" as he gazed at Cole and smiled. He'd seen pics of Cole already at my house and had already set his eyes on that huge cock.

Hard Corps: 3rd Division In Dirk's 30 years of shooting Marines, no one has come along that has captured the unscripted innocent sexuality of our Military men like Major Wood. His keen eye for detail and his ability to get these straight men to strip off their clothes and inhibitions certainly makes for one hot and horny show. His helping hand always gets these boys to stand at attention!

Hard Corps It's hard to tell the newbie's from the veterans, as everybody is hungry for dick. With four hot soldiers ready to play the chemistry comes alive and we've got ourselves on wild weekend! Don't miss all the hard cocks, hard bodies, and hard fucking! Movie Starring: Kody (m) JZ Sly

Hard Corps Major Wood is recruiting some hot new men to join the Dirk Yates ranks. Catch them all here in this exciting new series. First up is Chaz, shaved headed Marine with a smooth chest that's inked up with some nice tattoos. The next guy is Ray and he's got some of the bluest eyes you can imagine. Russ is up next and he recently got home from Iraq. He's talking about how his favorite position is doggie style because it drives the girls nuts. The fourth guy in the lineup is Lance and he's obviously an old favorite of Major Wood's who's been to see him a few times. Cover guy Brian is the last guy in this video and he's a handsome brown haired guy from North Carolina. Movie Starring: Lance Chaz Ray Brian Russ

Hard Daddy Bondage Pup Tommy Burns has to be seduced by Hard Daddy Jason Branch. Once the cuffs click closed though, there is no letting up. Daddy Branch ties and paddles the trembling beauty, relentlessly clothes pinning and hot waxing his squirming body. Young Tommy is again tightly bound and whipped for his Master's pleasure. This is a throbbing bondage epic. Movie Starring: Jason Branch Tommy Burns

Hard Days The morning was beginning like always, very relaxed. It was on this one day, that he will meet the man of his dreams! Starring Albert Delvin, Ivan Rohan, Jeff Burke, Martin Morgan, Radim Starks, Steve Sanders, and Tom Sunn.

Hard Desires These sexy hunks have fun in & out of the water! They know how to get wet, get it on, & get wet again! Movie Starring: Brent Banes Jack Reilly Joe Milano Bryan Bramble Chris Ryan Eric Evans

Hard Disk Drive Silicon Valley meets West Hollywood! A horny computer scientist boots up four hot scenes on his PC-from a young soda jerk serving up a banana split (hold the nuts!), a hook-up hotel(room 69,please), a secluded beach to a very hung judge sentencing a young punk (slam that gavel)! Your floppy disk will get rock-hard after viewing this sizzling feature.

Hard Drive Follow these humpy, horny, and young, uncut, muscular gems as they hook up with other like-minded man-cruisin' hunks for some hard drivin' mansex. Tight bodies, sculpted torsos, and bulging crotches foretell the hot 'n juicy fun. At the the shower at home anywhere when they can't hold back it's down the hatch or up the crack! Get a face full of this! Movie Starring: Ron Thomas Lee Miguel de Sanchez Bob Crane Tom Drago Lembeck

Hard Focus A photographer brags about the cuteness of his clientele. Judging by the looks of things he's right. Not only are they gorgeous, they love to suck cock, eat ass, and fuck. The perfect posers. Movie Starring: Clay Maverick Paul Morgan Joey Hart Seth Black Jason West Talvin DeMachio

Hard Hat Hardons Construction workers found themselves hot and horny after nailing and drilling. All four of these studs decide it's time to drill hungry mouths with hard dicks and nail a cock into an ass. Hot sex and a security guard with 19-inch biceps join in for a sex filled five some on the condo construction site!

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