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Head Hunters Inc. Director Steven Scarborough takes you to corporate America where well-dressed executives work overtime at Head Hunters, Inc. This top placement firm features business suits with bulging crotches, horny delivery boys, and cock-hungry businessmen looking for the kind of relief their wives can't provide. Get undressed for success when you visit Head Hunters, Inc. Movie Starring: Tony Mecelli Dillon Crow Park Wiley Vinnie D'Angelo Ty LeBeouf Nick Moretti

Head Of The Class 2 They're back! The horny students we met in Catalina's successful movie continue their antics in Scott Masters' Head Of The Class II. New sensation Adam Grant is an A+ handsome and hung. Join Adam and classmen Beau Beaumont, Chris Dano, Chris Ladd, and many more collegiate hunks as they "cram" for exams in an unforgettable climax. Movie Starring: Ryan Edwards Eric Dahl Adam Grant Brian Hart Greg Hauser Jeff Dickson

Head Strong Fact and fantasy combine with erotic expertise in Studio 2000's epic, Head Strong. This tumescent thriller draws on the detective genre and turns it upside down and inside out with a whole new torrid twist. In Head Strong, Studio 2000 and cutting edge director Derek Kent provide sizzling sex with hard pricks and private dicks. On the heels of Studio 2000's winning big at the GayVN Awards 2000, and the fact that mega-hung Spike cleaned up with both Best Newcomer and Best Performer, what could ignite more sparks than their coming together in the dynamic Head Strong. Add to the mix an all-star cast lead by mattress magician Tommy Lord, and you have the most tempestuous thriller of the new millennium. Asstounding Aussie Dylan Reece, perennial prickster Steve O'Donnell, bravura bottom Christopher Scott, thick-pricked Pierce Vendetta, and juicy newcomer Jackson Price, round out the edgy ensemble. Finally, glamorous Kurt Young provides an extra dimension in a non-sexual, but essential, role. Movie Starring: Tommy Lord Christopher Scott Spike Pierce Vendetta Dylan Reece Steve O'Donnell

Head Trips It looks so innocent a 25 cent peep machine in a dark arcade. But once the curtain is closed and the lucky viewer drops his quarters into the machine his hottest fantasy begins! He is mysteriously lifted to the twilight world of the 4th dimension where his ultimate sex game is experienced to the hilt. Head Trips takes you on four incredible ball blasting trips a dynamite father/son duo, a table for two with a super hunky waiter, an action packed session with a top porn star blazing fireman 3-way Movie Starring: Al Parker Rydar Hanson Michael Chads Tico Patterson Ed Wiley Cole Taylor

Heads Or Tails What 'll be! Want the Head or the Tail? These 10 Muscle-Packin' Cum-Filled Beefcakes all have the winning toss! Movie Starring: Double R Kidd Flex Jay Scorpio Oliver Rios Jason Tiya

Heads Or Tales A fantasy that doesn't stop cumming once a writer gets a lot of inspiration. It's one hot scene after another. Starring the ever-so-sweet Aaron Austin and a cast of hunks that will flip every which way, just for you. So grab your coin and toss it: heads you win, tails you win! Movie Starring: Aaron Austin Gary Dean Cory Evans Chris Stone Danny Sommers Brett Williams

Heartbreak Hotel Felix and Kai are so horny that even on the way to Honeymoon Hotel they can't keep their hands out of each other's pants and fuck on the hood of their ¯wedding carriage¯. Behind them a romantic backdrop of picture-perfect cornfields, while adventure and excitement lie ahead. Peer and Mats, another newlywed couple, arrive. They start right away on the hotel bellboy, Max, plugging up his mouth and arse with their XXL parts until he doesn't know which sexy guest called for room service in the first place. On their wedding night, the husbands go their separate ways, stalking the dark hotel, down corridors, kitchen and bedrooms, fucking everyone's wedding partner but their own! The next morning in Honeymoon Hotel, the other hotel guests meet up in the group shower, going at each other with their throbbing morning hard-ons. Mats has to put out when he meets the charming pricks Christophe and Felix. And Christophe had just plugged up David's greedy hole the night before while their husbands were going at it in the bar. After all the cat fights that are sure to follow, everyone ends up married again “ to someone else! That's the way to make gay marriage fun! Movie Starring: David Chelsea Marco Rochelle Christophe Blanc Anthony Spell Kai Marsden Marek

Heartbreak Motel Checking into a Cruisy Motel can be hot, especially when there are hot guys to fuck and big uncut cocks to suck. Watching a muscle boy pound some young stud's tight ass gets better when that jock is sucking your cock while he takes a pounding. The only letdown is when you check out. I guess that's why they call it Heartbreak Motel!

Heat And Shadows Filmed in London, This movie is filled with a beautiful background, but even more good -looking men! There are hot one-on -one scenes as well as three-ways. These guys really can deep throat some cocks. This one is sure to light your fire! Movie Starring: Fernando Leone Adam Jordan Andrew James Luca Ross Rafael Lukas Ian James

Heat In The Night Lots of heavy-duty rimming, rubbing, and jock-play! Expect good jailhouse fucks, deep throating for days, and a cumshot from your pud that should send you to sleep with a big ol' Cheshire Cat grin. Movie Starring: Lon Flexx Mike Anthony Bill Marlowe Charlie Stone Tom Steele Brad Mitchell

Heat of Passion When the weather changes so does the mood. We all know how hat passion can be add that to the temperature outside and you have some smoking hot guys ready to do anything to get off! Movie Starring: Derek Thomas Kurt Young Chad Knight Jake Taylor Matthew Easton Rob Stone

Heated Up C1R Exclusive Jeremy Bilding has it all, handsome manly looks, a rock hard body, and a long fat cock that drives it home every time ! When things get heated up Jeremy and his buddies Arpad Miklos, Mason Jarr, Lane Fuller, Tyler Riggz (to name a few) fill the screen with some scorching sex, and when Jeremy goes to town on Brock Armstrong's bubble butt it's an image that will be burned into your brain long after the movie ends. Movie Starring: Ryan Driller Jeremy Bilding Lane Fuller Mason Jarr Arpad Miklos Kent Larson

Heatstroke Highway Director Lester Moore, the guy who taught Chris Ward how to make porn, takes charge of a cast of twenty-something's on a major film shoot down in the desert in this first installment of Raging Stallion's new feature line. Moore came out of retirement to direct this cast of young men, none are over thirty years old. Just imagine, young guys filmed with Raging Stallion's top quality. Add to this stunning directing and you get one of the hottest youth-oriented film. This is a must-own movie for lovers of beautiful young men. Featuring new Raging Stallion exclusives Marco Pirelli and Justin Christopher, this is a film that will knock your knickers into a new dimension! Movie Starring: Derrick Hanson Justin Christopher Brett Matthews Marcos Pirelli Damon DeMarco Lex Sabre

Heatwave Director's Cut Falcon Exclusive Jeff Palmer, Tom Chase and newcomer Derek Cameron keep the temperatures rising in this action-packed adventure where waves of heat and passion collide. Outdoors, in the hot-tub, by the pool... orgies, fisting, enemas, the action soars! Movie Starring: Jeff Palmer Dan Brewer Derek Cameron Brad Michaels Tom Chase Adriano Marquez

Heatwave Falcon Exclusive Jeff Palmer, Tom Chase and newcomer Derek Cameron keep the temperatures rising in this action-packed adventure where waves of heat and passion collide. Outdoors, in the hot-tub, by the pool... orgies, fisting, enemas, the action soars! Movie Starring: Dan Brewer Bryan Williams Jeff Palmer Derek Cameron Brad Michaels Tom Chase

Heaven Sent There is a belief in Argentina that those who love or have loved, have an angel watching over them and for handsome Marcos Estelito, he soon finds out how true that is!

Heaven To Hell Heaven to Hell is the epic story of good versus evil; of paradise lost and pleasure found. Dean Monroe stars at The Devil, who, along with help from his Instigator and minions of Soldiers and Dog Boys, tempts The Angel, played by Brad Patton. It's the first-ever movie in Falcon history featuring a cast comprised completely of Falcon Exclusives. Heaven to Hell also features Brad Patton's first-ever on-screen experience as a bottom. An arrow pierces Brad Patton's shimmering vision of purity. Brought to the Underworld by Soldier Josh Weston, the devil sits in judgment, his Dogboys at his feet: Tristan Adonis, Colby Taylor and Roman Heart. When Dean announces "Prepare him!" the White Angel's transformation begins. The legendary big-dicked top finally bottoms for the first time for both Josh and Joe Sport. "Fuck the good right out of him!" Josh scowls... Movie Starring: Colby Taylor Dean Monroe Erik Rhodes Joe Sport Roman Heart Kane O'Farrell

Heavy Hung Super-hung Allen shows receptive David that he knows how to use his giant dick. Tom, Dick and Harry give you a wild three-way with two leather guys ganging up on a friend. Solo Jerk has beautiful and hung Brian showin' it all. Finally, Shawn does "it"... just for you.

Heavy Industry Five hardcore sex scenes; 12 heavy duty men, explosive libido, throbbing heavy-duty dicks, rugged industrial duty shop of whores! Hard ass fucking, cock sucking, and explosive eruptions...just hard fought rough-cut mansex. Movie Starring: Jonathan Collins Akos Piros Leslie (m) Scott Portman Sergio Soldi Randy Jones

Hefner Ring's 1st Nude Photo Shoot Intimate moments with Hefner Ring during his first nude photo shoot. In cooperation with MJ Photography, Las Vegas. Enjoy posing scenes from the nude photo shoot, fluffing and grooming by the photographer, and showering. A real treat for all voyeurs behind the scenes! Movie Starring: Hefner Ring M.J.

Hello Mark Muscular uncut, masculine guys; finger fucking, kissing, rimming, three-ways, and dildo action. Disco patrons get into some heavy cruising in some very public places. Dance floor sex and bathroom sex! With Roman, Jaroslav, Josef, Jiri, David, Marek, Pavel, and Pavel Cvrcek, soundtrack in Czech! Movie Starring: Frank Sonntag Marcel Angel Pavel Cvrcek Rex Tabori Simon K. David (Ruzicka)

Helping Hands 3 This third installment of the Helping Hands series by legendary gay film director William Higgins features five young straight guys who have never experienced any sexual activity with another guy. Thinking they've been hired to do a quick solo jack off video, they strip down and get comfortable on the bed. No big deal, right? All straight dudes beat off, don't they? But when they hit the mattress a surprise awaits. "The Hands" manipulate bodybuilder Otto, a studly 19 year old, to a shuddering climax. Cute Stanley gets popped by an anal probe for the very first time. Cherubic Matej is on the receiving end of a sizzling blow job. These are guys who like girls, but when none are around the hand will do. But not just any hand. The helping hands. Movie Starring: Ruslan Karpov Stanley Matej

Helping Hands 4 There comes a time in every guys life when he needs a bit of assistance from a more experienced friend. See it all here in this the fourth installment of Helping Hands.¯ Movie Starring: Tadeusz

Helping Hands 7 William Higgins continues in his quest to convince sexually curious Czech guys to experiment with every part of their anatomy. You never know what reaction you'll get out of these guys until you slip a finger or something else into them! In this seventh installment of the popular Helping Hands series watch their reactions as they get a blow job from a guy and take it anally for the very firs time! Movie Starring: Alois Rak Olda Koruna Mr. Vazba Misha (M) Roman

Here A Fuck There A Fuck Shot by world famous director Alberto Rey, Raging Stallion brings you the next hit film!! The raw footage was so hot, we didn't even need to edit it! Sit back and watch these studs go at it in real time. This is non-stop, ass-to-mouth action! Movie Starring: Enrico Belagio Sebastian Bronco Paolo Ramatti Raul James Jordan Rick Bauer

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